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Taiwan Jones. RB, Eastern Washington

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  • Taiwan Jones. RB, Eastern Washington

    Anyone think this runner is being incredibly overlooked so far? I hardly hear a peep about him.

    I think he'll be a terrific returner in the NFL and a very good back. He has elite speed, agility, and acceleration; arguably the best combination of those qualities in this draft class.

    What really makes me excited about this kid is that he's not your everyday Jahvid Best/CJ Spiller/Darren McFadden. Speed is not the only thing going for him. He has excellent balance and elusiveness. He can bounce/spin off people just like Mark Ingram does and might as well be just as good as Ingram in that area. He can also shed tackles despite having somewhat skinny legs.

    I think he can overall be one of the best sleepers in this draft class. Can't wait to see what Scott says about him

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    I am personally a huge fan of him. I'm looking forward to see how well he runs at the combine. Probably much better than the 4.5 that Scott lists. From the clips I've seen of him, it looks like he has outstanding change of direction, great acceleration, and very good vision. He's a little small, about the same size of Reggie Bush. That is my only real concern for him. Unfortunately, neither the Bears or Jaguars have a need at running back, so I won't have the pleasure of watching him on my favorite teams.

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      I really, really like the way he runs. He needs to add a bit of weight to his frame, but I agree with everything you mentioned. Thing that stands out to me is his vision. He weaves through traffic really well without making huge cuts and doesn't really stray too far away from being a north/south runner. Should be drafted in the fourth round.

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        I'm going on record as also being a fan of Taiwan Jones. He has good speed and vision.
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          Might be the top RB in this class as far as I'm concerned.


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            BIG FAN. Watched him play against NEVADA at the beginning of this last year and he was unstoppable. When was at NEVADA's bowl game in January the group I was with went through the best position players NEVADA's D had to defend this past year and he came in second to Titus Young at Boise State.


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              Really like the speed and vision I saw against North Dakota State. Don't really know a ton about him but competition and size are going to be hard for him to overcome.

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                Originally posted by ChiFan24 View Post
                Might be the top RB in this class as far as I'm concerned.
                After tweaking my rankings a bit I have moved him into the #2 slot behind Mikel Leshoure in this class

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                  I guess you aren't following all the draftniks on twitter. They all praise him and talk about him like he's a top ten pick.

                  He's got great speed and vision but he doesn't break any tackles and he's got a laundry list of an injury history. I think if he wasn't hurt so much, we'd be talking about him in the mix at the top of the draft but he's going to need to check out medically and then prove at his pro day that he has added weight and not lost speed to really be in the mix for the 2nd round. I think he'll probably end up late day 2.

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                    I think he's being overrated by many here. Sure he has all the ability in the world, but he has some major concerns.

                    - Injury concerns (Broken foot, broken leg, sports hernia, various nicks) in the last 2 years. He can't even run at the combine because he's not 100% from the foot injury.
                    - At about 6'1" he has good height, but he's only 200lbs. He has a thinner lower body and runs too tall.
                    - Looks to bounce it outside too often. Probably won't be too effective inside the tackles.

                    He does have some Chris Johnson features about him, but isn't as low to the ground as Johnson. Also doesn't quite have the speed of Johnson (nobody does). Throw in the injury history, against lesser competition, and he's severely overrated by some.


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                      The perfect comparison for Taiwan Jones is Jerious Norwood.

                      Same. Player.

                      Norwood probably had another gear on Jones, though.
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                        Am I the only one seeing him making a shift to receiver in the NFL? He has really skinny legs, I just don't see him being a successful RB in the NFL..

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                          The key think about Taiwan is explosiveness though. He goes from 0 to 50 so ridiculously quickly, it can't be matched by many in this class or even the NFL. He may end up hurt every year and not work out, but if not, he'll find a role.

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                            Originally posted by BamaFalcon59 View Post
                            The perfect comparison for Taiwan Jones is Jerious Norwood.

                            Same. Player.

                            Norwood probably had another gear on Jones, though.
                            Jerious Norwood is probably a good comparison. Explosive, outside the tackles runner. Good-to-great receiver out of the backfield. But Jones is even thinner than Norwood. He's also taller and runs higher. Norwood has only played 16 games once and has only played in 12 in the last 2 years.


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                              Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                              After tweaking my rankings a bit I have moved him into the #2 slot behind Mikel Leshoure in this class
                              As an Illini fan, I think I'd rank him right above LeShoure. For me it's between Jones and Ingram, and it's a tough call.



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