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    1- Cam Newton QB Auburn
    Though I do not like Newtonís off the field shenanigans on the field he is a very good QB. He has a nice throwing motion, good accuracy, and an above average arm. He does need time to develop but he has the skill set to be an elite QB. His ceiling is very high but his floor is lower than some of the other QBís in this draft. Top 10 pick.
    2- Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas
    Mallett has a great arm, awareness, and probably the best accuracy in the draft. With his height he can see the field and he throws where the receiver should be or will be. He was in the running for Heisman and top pick after last year and all he did is improve on all his numbers. He has the highest floor of all QBís. Top 10 pick.
    3- Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
    Gabert has the ideal size and arm to be a franchise QB. He put up decent numbers this year but nothing eye popping. In fact his best year is pretty average. But with his impressive size and arm people will over draft him. I feel he is at least three years from a starting QB so who ever drafts him better have a starter in front of him and a coach not on the hot seat. So unfortunately he will be drafted too early, started too early, and get his coach fired and probably never find another starting job. Gabbert has a very high ceiling and very low floor. First Round pick.
    4- Colin Kaepernick QB Nevado
    Colin is one of the most intriguing prospects at the QB position in a long time. He is a poor mans Cam Newton. But unlike Newton this kid should get a few seasons on the bench to refine his throwing motions and understanding of the game. I think for a team with an older starter that has the ability to take a chance he will be a steal in the second round. He has happy feet and will run a little soon but he does keep his eyes down field and can throw on the run. Low floor but High ceiling. Second Round pick.
    5- Jake Locker QB Washington
    Locker reminds me of Kyle Boller. He has all the tools with a rocket for an arm but is not accurate and is inconsistent. For a team that has time he would be an ideal second round pick to develop but I feel someone will take him too early and expect too much too soon and like Boller he will never develop a true understanding of the game. Very high ceiling but very low floor. Second Round pick.
    6- Christian Ponder QB FSU
    Ponder is a very smart QB with a great knowledge of the Xís and Oís. He can move in the pocket and has good accuracy and touch on the ball. He does not have a cannon for an arm and is better suited in a west coast offense. If the right team drafts him he can develop into a very solid starter. He does have some questions about durability. High floor with marginal high ceiling. Third Round pick.
    7- Greg McElroy QB Alabama
    McElroy is a very accurate and smart QB. He does not have a great arm but makes up with knowing where to throw the ball on almost every play. I think in a west coast offense he might be a Matt Schaub type player. He will at the very least be a great back-up for a team. Will come in move the offense and not make a bad throw. He wonít win the game but wonít lose it for you either. In the right offense a very good starter. High floor with marginal ceiling. Late Round Three pick.
    8- Tyrod Taylor QB VT
    Taylor is a developmental project but what I like is he has a lot of potential with a big arm and has gotten better every single year. He also is very experienced at the college level. He reminds me of a bigger, stronger, better passing Michael Vick. Vick could not throw a ball to save his life at VT and in his first decade in the NFL really was learning to be a QB. I think Taylor is a minimum of a three year project. But if you have a starter and maybe a doable back-up stick this kid at the #3 spot and cross your fingers he gets to sit a season or two then push for the back-up spot and maybe a starting spot. He has a very high ceiling and very low floor. Fourth Round Pick.
    9- Pat Devlin QB Delaware
    Devlin has an above average arm with better accuracy. I feel the comparisons to Flacco are not warranted. Delvin has better accuracy and better wheels but Flacco had an elite NFL arm. That is not Devlinís game. I think with some experience, coaching, and in the right system Devlin can be a starter in the NFL. But he most likely is a back-up. He has a marginal floor with an average ceiling. Fourth Round Pick.
    10- Ricky Stanzi QB Iowa
    Stanzi has a ton of experience and put together a great senior season after marginal years before. He has good size, arm, and accuracy. He does throw the ball late and in the NFL if you wait until the receiver is open it is too late. He is smart though and if he can grasp the concept of throwing where the receiver will be open at I think he can become an NFL starter. Most likely he is a solid NFL back-up. High floor with below average ceiling. Fifth round pick.


    1- Mark Ingram RB Alabama
    Ingram is a power back with a nice burst. He does not have game changing speed but has enough to get the job done. He looks better on film than in shorts but make no doubt it is a down year at the RB position. The Phins might over reach and take Ingram with #15 but Ingram is not an elite RB and should not go higher than 28 to New England. 1s t or 2nd Round Grade.
    2- Kendall Hunter RB Oklahoma St.
    Hunter is a very quick back with good vision and deceptive power. He has soft hands and is a very instinctive football player. If he was two inches taller and 20lbs heavier heíd be a top 15 pick. Should be a great value for someone in the early to mid second round.
    3- Ryan Williams RB VT
    Williams is a risk reward prospect. He has the highest ceiling of all the back but could fall flat as a pancake too. Williams has a burst and has hips to make every cut. He could be a game changer like Ahmad Bradshaw. Should be a mid second round pick and could be a steal.
    4- Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois
    Is not Rashard Mendenhall but is a good power back. Mendenhall has elite speed (but no offensive line) and Leshoure is more of a bruiser and grinder. For a team looking for a power run game this would be a nice fit. I see him going early to mid third round.
    5- Jordan Todman RB Uconn
    I think Todman is a better prospect than Donald Brown. Brown has no speed and very little wiggle while Rodman has wheels and decent hips. That being said Todman is a mid to late third round prospect. I graded Brown as a 5th round pick.
    6- DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma
    If Murray could stay healthy he would be a top prospect. He has a high ceiling with a basement for a floor. I say someone should take a chance in the 4th round on him.
    7- Derrick Locke RB Kentucky
    Locke could be a starter in the right system. He can run between the tackles with power for such a small back and has speed to bounce it to the outside. He most likely will find a home as a third down back. 4th round pick.
    8- Roy Helu Jr. RB Nebraska
    I am probably in the minority here but I think Helu could be a starter in a one cut running system. If the Skins or Texans draft him I think he would be successful. He will likely serve as a back-up for a few seasons and be out of the league though. 5th round pick.
    9- Bilal Powell RB Louisville
    Powell is a north south runner that will lower his pad level and fight for extra yards. He is good at following blockers and letting the play develop. Again probably nothing more than a career back-up but he does have a pro running style. 5th round pick.
    10- Delone Carter RB Syracuse
    Carter has great athleticism and speed. Not sure he has the hips to be an NFL back but again he runs with power and down hill and that is what works in the NFL. 5th round pick.


    1- Julio Jones WR Alabama
    Elite size, speed, and fluidity. He is a pure pass catching athlete. Is a fierce competitor and as displayed at the combine will play through pain and shine. A very rare athlete and football player. Reminds me of Andre Johnson. I donít see him getting out of the top five.
    2- AJ Green WR Georgia
    Again a freak combination of size and speed. Reminds me of Larry Fitzgerald in athleticism and size but is not quite as polished of a pass catcher. Again I do not see him getting out of the five. If he does Cleveland will jump at the chance to get him.
    3- Leonard Hankerson WR Miami
    A very pure pass catcher. He understands how to find soft spots in the defense and he gives his QB a nice target to throw at. Has banana hands. Can separate and has long speed. I think San Diego should jump on him in the middle of the first round.
    4- Jonathan Baldwin WR Pitt
    Reminds me a lot of Plaxico Burress and like Plaxico will take two or three years for him to develop. So whoever drafts him will not get what they paid for and when he starts playing up to his talent you will have to sign him to a long term big money deal. Baldwin has freakish size and is a match up nightmare. I think Chicago will be a nice fit for him at the end of the first or one of those teams that passed on Jones or Green will snag him early second.
    5- Titus Young WR Boise St.
    Is a poor mans Santonio Holmes with more character concerns coming out of College. Doesnít have large hands but they are soft. He finds holes in the defense and is good at adjusting to the ball. Thereís a high demand for smallish quick elusive receivers and Young fits the bill. Early to mid second round.
    6- Torrey Smith WR Maryand
    Smith has elite speed but has hard small hands and unless someone teaches him to be a pass catcher it doesnít matter if he can run by everyone. He does have value as a return man and you canít teach speed so someone will snag him in the mid to late second round.
    7- Randall Cobb WR Kentucky
    Cobb is a great athlete without a true position. I think heíll end up as a slot receiver and return man. His ability to be on the field for many different downs and positions will make him an intriguing prospect so someone will fall in love with him and snag him at the end of the 2nd or early 3rd round.
    8- Dwayne Harris WR East Carolina
    Harris looks like a natural receiver and I really like him as a receiver. He has soft hands, catches the ball away from the body, finds soft spots in the defense and plays big in big games. That being said he might not be fast enough to only be 5-10 in the NFL. Mid 3rd round pick.
    9- Edmund Gates WR Abilene Christian
    Gates is so tempting with his speed and big play ability and from the video I saw he looks to be a man playing amongst boys. How that translates to the NFL is anyoneís guess. But you canít teach speed and someone will jump at him in the mid third.
    10- Jerrel Jernigan WR Troy
    He blew it up against Arkansas St for 10 catches and 209 yards but failed to produce another 100 yard game or thousand yard season. Reminds me of Troy Edwards. Troy threw for over 3,800 yards so Jernigan accounting for 1/5 of the passing game. He is fast and elusive but needs to be drafted by the right team in order to be successful. Heíll be taken at the end of the 3rd maybe the Patriots.


    1- Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame
    Rudolph is a sure fire starting NFL TE. He has a very high floor with a high ceiling. He is tall, athletic, has speed and soft hands. He will also help in the running game. He is a first round TE. I think Miami would be foolish not to grab him at 15 but if they donít heíll be a steal for a team picking later in the first.
    2- Luke Stocker TE Tennessee
    I think Stocker is a pretty safe pick. He will never wow you with his pass catching skills like Gonzo or Gates but he will make blocks, get open on third downs, and be a nice safety net for your QB and wonít drop passes. A solid starter in round two.
    3- DJ Williams TE Arkansas
    Williams is a great athlete with great hands and if he was 2 inches taller would be a first round pick. Now he needs to find a good system like Indy or Philly and heíll be a very good starter. If he goes to a wrong team heíll never make it on the field. Someone will grab him in round two.
    4- Julius Thomas TE Portland St.
    I probably have him higher than most do but Thomas is such a fluid athlete and natural pass catcher and with all the success basketball players have going to the NFL I think he is just the next in line. He wonít give you much in the blocking game but if you have a good TE coach the world in the limit with this kid. Take a chance at the end of the second someone!
    5- Virgil Green TE Nevada
    Again I probably have Green higher than most but he is such an elite athlete and from the film I saw he has good hands. He will need refinement in blocking and might need to add a few pounds but you canít teach someone to be 6-3 250lbs and run a 4.54 forty.


    1- Tyron Smith OT USC
    Long armed natural athlete. He is a top five pick in my book unless he runs a 2 second 10 yard but he will most likely run like a TE in the body of a mountain of a man. He is a perfect LT as he has great feet, long arms, and can keep up with the speed rushers and has strength to hold up against the bull rushers. If Buffalo doesnít take him at three they are nuts.
    2- Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
    Carimi isnít going to blow you over with his athleticism but he is a better athlete than given credit for. He is a huge OT that can keep up with speed rushers and has the strength to hand the bull rush. I truly believe he is a LT in the NFL and should go in the top half of the draft.
    3- Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College
    Castonzo is a very solid tackle prospect that is very intelligent and pretty shifty for a 310lb man. I think he still needs work on speed rushers but does have the feet to play LT in the NFL. Someone will take him the middle of round one.
    4- Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St.
    Sherrod has all the physical tools to play LT in the NFL. He does lose concentration at times and gets beat by players he shouldnít. If he gets coached up or someone lights a fire under his belly he could be the best value in the draft. Mid to end first round pick.
    5- Nate Soldier OT Colorado
    Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane. Soldier has elite athleticism and that will likely get him over drafted. He is a very solid second round pick because he has the potential to be a LT but with his skill set I see him being a RT in the NFL. He really needs someone to help him with the inside move he gets beat every time.
    6- Joseph Barksdale OT LSU
    Is one of the best technicians in the draft. I really think he starts day on at RT in the NFL with an outside chance at LT. He isnít fast but has adequate feet, has long arms, great power and a ton of experience. He might have limited upside but for a team that needs a RT he will be a great pick in the second round.
    7- Benjamin Ijalana OT Villanova
    It is hard to judge a small school prospect so when thereís so much depth at a position I normally will push them down my board. Ijalana has long arms, good feet, and power. He also has a lot of experience, albeit against inferior competition. I think round two is a good place for him because if you miss and he is a bust it wonít make or break your draft but if you hit with him it could turn a good draft into a great draft.
    8- James Brewer OT Indiana
    I like Brewer a lot more than most. I think he is probably a RT in the NFL but he is sneaky athletic with long arms. He lacks a mean streak but should come in a push for a starting job day one. A nice value in the third round.
    9- Orlando Franklin OT Miami
    I think Franklin is a big nasty that is willing to play hard until the whistle stops. Probably nothing more than a RT but worse case scenario he kicks it inside and is your starting RG for a decade. Mid third rounder.
    10- DeMarcus Love OT Arkansas
    Love has the feet but not the technique to be a LT and because of this he is too much a risk to take early and pay the high dollars to. I think if you start him off as an interior lineman he has a chance to kick it outside. But you canít teach someone to be big and athletic so he is worth a late third round pick.


    1- Mike Pouncey OG/OC Florida
    Pouncey will not amaze anyone with his athleticism but his smarts and knowledge of the game is what sets him apart. He does try to get off the snap too quick and that will cause the occasional fumbled snap but what he does after the snap sets him apart. Like his brother he always is where he needs to be whether he is pulling for the running game and taking on a LB or passing his man along and picking up a stunt he just knows what he needs to do. Top fifteen pick.
    2- Marcus Cannon OG TCU
    Cannon is a mountain of a man. He has the feet of a person half his size. I think for a power run team he will come in and start day one at RG or maybe LG and never look back. Late first round pick.
    3- Rodney Hudson OG FSU
    Hudson has the mentality that he doesnít want to block his man he wants to block him to death! I love his little man syndrome especially from someone pushing three bills. Heíll go early second and be a solid starter.
    4- Stefen Wisniewski OG/OC PSU
    Like Pouncey is a smart player that wonít blow you away when you see him in shorts. But when you turn on the game film that is when you take not. Mid second round pick.
    5- Danny Watkins OG Baylor
    Watkins is an intriguing player with all his athleticism he looks to be a tackle especially looking at his frame but with his lack of experience and his age I think it is best to focus on him staying at guard. Player with a ton of potential mid second.
    6- Clint Boling OG Georgia
    A jack of all trade but master of none. He will bring depth to your team and should become a very good starter in the NFL. Third round pick.
    7- John Moffitt OG Wisconsin
    Moffitt is a strong kid that works hard and should turn into a starter in the NFL. Arms a little on the short side, and he is not the most nimble of feet. But he has the mindset you look for.
    8- Andrew Jackson OG Fresno St.
    And the 7th President of the United StatesÖ. Ha ha. Jackson is a quality guard that reminds me of a poor mans Logan Mankins. A late third round pick.
    9- James Carpenter OG Alabama
    Does not have the feet to play tackle but does have enough footwork to play guard. He would be higher if he wasnít switching positions. Late third round pick.
    10- Will Rackley OG Lehigh
    Dominated his competition but not sure if he can when he suits up against the big boys.

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