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Mohamed Sanu - 2012 Prospect

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  • Mohamed Sanu - 2012 Prospect

    What's the deal with him? Love the guy's size, speed and overall athleticism, but I'm reading that he's moving back to safety potentially (Link)?

    Can anyone confirm that? Not sure I understand why Schiano would make the move after two years at WR.

    I know he struggled last year at WR, but his freshman year was solid and he could easily bounce back in 2011.

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    Moving him would be a huge mistake. He struggled a little bit last year because they ran the Wildcat so damn much and I think that really messed up the rhythm of the offense. Also, Rutgers had terrible QB play last year. Maybe Scotty or GF1080 could expand on that a little bit.

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      I liked what I saw from him at wideout, very impressive athlete.


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        Nothing is set in stone at this point but it is a possibility. Sanu was set to be a safety when he first came in but when Schiano realized we had nothing at WR he moved Sanu immediately. He had a great freshman year with Savage and then last year happened. He was continually banged up from taking to many hits plus our O-Line and QB play was abysmal. We still had other WR's step up last year and it's actually our strongest position now. With that said the coaching staff feels like we lack depth at S so now they might want to move Sanu back. I personally think it's a mistake and in the end I don't see it happening. With Rutgers going back to more of a pro style offense this year plus hopefully a much improvedf O-Line Sanu will find himself back in the mix to be a first round selection. He has everything you ask for with ideal height, hands, and speed.

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          Bump... anyone have any update here?


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            He is expected to stay at WR and if he gets consistent QB play, he could very well be a first round pick.

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