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  • Darkhorse 1st Round Picks

    Who are your picks of players that could really shock people when they go in the 1st round?

    Every year there is a couple of players that sneak in that have not been discussed as 1st round picks.

    WR Randall Cobb

    OG Orlando Franklin

    DE Jabaal Sheard

    DT Marvin Austin

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    There are a couple of guys I could see some teams falling in love with and taking a little earlier than expected. Kendall Hunter, Mason Foster, and Drake Nevis would fit that bill for me.


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      Christian Ballard, DL - Iowa


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        Ben Ijalana, Kyle Rudolph, Danny Watkins, Mason Foster


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          Christian Ballard would be mine as well. It also wouldn't surprise me if one of the Browns from Texas sneaked into the late 1st round as well.


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            Originally posted by fenikz View Post
            Ben Ijalana, Kyle Rudolph, Danny Watkins, Mason Foster
            I approve of this list. Jabaal Sheard would be the other name I'd throw in there.


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              Brooks Reed is a good call that guy is channeling some serious Clay Matthews right now.

              I think their is so much parity in the OL class that most of the surprises are going to come out of that position.


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                Guys I think could go in the first round, but who aren't usually mocked there:

                QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas*

                WR Titus Young, Boise St.

                TE Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame*

                OT Ben Ijalana, Villanova

                OG Danny Watkins, Baylor

                DT Christian Ballard, Iowa

                DT Drake Nevis, Louisiana St.

                DT Phil Taylor, Baylor

                LB Martez Wilson, Illinois*


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                  Christian Ponder
                  Jon Baldwin
                  Danny Watkins
                  Kris Odowd


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                    Brooks Reed was the first person I thought of.

                    Martez Wilson is another guy as well.


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                      Originally posted by Babylon View Post
                      Christian Ponder
                      Jon Baldwin
                      Danny Watkins
                      Kris Odowd
                      First 3 are decent but Kris O'Dowd, no way, he has no lower body strength and simply cannot handle a bull rush.
                      And proud of it!!!


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                        Originally posted by Iamcanadian View Post
                        First 3 are decent but Kris O'Dowd, no way, he has no lower body strength and simply cannot handle a bull rush.
                        He always looked good in the 10 or so SC games i saw this year, injuries would probably concern me more but i like the guy. Wouldnt mind him in Seattle if he drops to the second.


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                          Stefen Wisniewski
                          Christian Ballard
                          Leonard Hankerson

                          Ijalana, Taylor, and Watkins aren't really darkhorse picks anymore.


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                            I'll throw one out that no one else will say, Kelvin Sheppard. More of a 3rd/4th round player but he is that kind of solid player that a team in the late first looking for an instant starting ILB might take. Curtis Brown or some other not talked about corner might sneak into the first.

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                              I'm sure I haven't seen more of Kelvin Sheppard than scouts have. But from the 8 or so games of LSU that I watched I thought he was an stud. If I needed an inside linebacker/MLB, and I was picking in that 20-30 range I'd take him. Maybe someone does feel that way even though it is unlikely, most likely even if someone feels like he is worth a 1st, they might just wait to take him in the second to optimize value.

                              Some guys that might go in the first...
                              -Jordan Toddman
                              I really like this guy, he's got a lot of things I look for in a running back and I feel like some team just might take a shot at him as a feature back or a compliment to a guy who is a bit more of a power runner. I could see maybe Green Bay going after him, or even the Ravens.
                              -Marvin Austin
                              Well this guy is a "top 10" talent, and he was ranked as the #1/#2 DT before this year, so some team might really like that potential that he has, and feel he is a steal.
                              -Mason Foster
                              One of the most impressive linebackers I've seen. I think he'll be a great LB in this league, and I'm sure some team might feel the same way. Has a lot of versatility, and I feel like someone might just want his talent/intangibles in the first.
                              -Quinton Carter
                              Personally I like Carter more than Rahim Moore, because I think Carter is a bit more versatile. He covers very well, but I'd say Moore is better. But on the other hand, I think Carter can play well in the box, and there are plenty of teams that would love a safety that can do all the things Carter can do.
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                              If you love a QB you take a QB wherever. Who knows right? Tebow happened last year. If someone falls in love with the kid and it is possible given his potential/intangibles, why not right?



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