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Fairley's Draft Stock Falling

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  • Fairley's Draft Stock Falling

    per this CBS Sportsline article.


    One of the blog posters there said he's "haynesworth II ......Teams that draft fairly may be getting another albert haynesworth---he'll show up on day 1 with an attitude, thinking only about money and partying." Hayensworth is the classic case of retired on the job after a big contract with his new team, the Redskins, & he ended up suspended by Shanahan. Compared to Haynesworth is the last thing Fairley wants.

    Auburn never allowed him to be interviewed last season, apparently NFL scouts found out why in his Combine interviews.

    Bad interviews + showing up weighing only 291 are having a negative effect.

    If the story emerging from his interviews about "limited understanding of defensive schemes" is true, looking "soft" in his workout & being underweight then he's not the no. 1 overall pick material everyone (myself included) thought he was.
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    He's not getting $100 million in his first contract. The dude might have been a moron, but he was the most dominating defensive player in the country last year and he was usually unblockable.

    Fall right on down to 6, big man.


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      I can't say i didnt see this coming, he was talking trash on the field during the national championship. I mocked him to minnesota.


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        Ridiculous not to expect a defensive player to talk trash during a game.
        Most of them do anyway IMO.

        Fairley like most of the top prospects dropped about 10# to run a great 40 at the combine. Take all the top DT prospects and add about 10 pounds to get their actual playing weight.

        Haynesworth showed up at Redskins Park in 2009 after Danny boy signed him to $40 mil guaranteed weighing roughly 30# over his ideal playing weight. Still that year he was the Skins most disruptive interior Dlineman.

        Enter Shanahan and Haslett, who want Haynesworth to play 34 NT(!!) and absorb blockers, when AH explicitly stated before signing with the Skins he was seeking out a team that played a 43 base and would allow him to get upfield.

        Any HC that tries to play a guy like Haynesworth at nose is gonna have a very unhappy DT on their hands. Now AH is doing anything he can to be cut or traded, which is why his trade value drops by the day.

        Not all Skins fans agree, but IMO when your organization signs a talent like Haynesworth, you mold your base defense around what he does best, you don't make him conform to a scheme.

        AH IMO is certifiably mental. Fairley may have issues, but they won't ever become apparent like Haynesworth's did until he's up for that potentially huge 2nd contract after his rookie contract expires.

        Not every DT prospect can be a 'gentleman-psychopath' like Suh; most these elite defensive talents are abnormal psych personalities anyway and borderline sadists.

        Former Skins Doc Walker has a mantra that says roughly, 'you need a few thugs on your football team to win a SB.'

        I agree 100%.

        You don't want a roster full of Haynesworths/Fairleys, but one or two of them can give your D an edge that wins Lombardis.


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          How is showing up at "only" 291 pounds a negative? I dont understand what the claim is here? It cant be that he is "lazy"; linemen that are "lazy" come in overweight, not underweight.

          He weighed a whopping 4 pounds less than McCoy did BTW.


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            Fairley is a beast. I hope he falls all the way to #13 because of his weight and interviews, when I saw him play this year he dominated mofo's.


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              Since when is talking **** a bad thing in football?

              Sapp was the master of the **** spew and getting under players' skin.


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                i still believe he goes top 5 kids an unblockable freak


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                  If he gets past 8, a certain GM has some explaining to do.


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                    Nick Fairley =


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                      he's warren sapp (who also fell in the draft despite being considered an elite, top 3 talent).


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                        When he's on his game, Fairley is nearly in Suh's class.

                        I think most teams would take that on 75% of the snaps from Fairley.


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                          No, no, no. Suh was miles and miles away from Fairley as a prospect.

                          I bet the farm on him going to Tennessee at #8. Maybe Minnesota or St. Louis, too.


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                            I think he's more like Suh than Haynesworth, for what it's worth. Definitely a 4-3 tackle. Putting him at nose would be a total waste, as would trying to play him as a 3-4 end, even though he looks like he could play it. His specialty is collapsing the pocket straight up the middle, and in another scheme he's simply not asked to do that. In fact, a lot of the time he'd be asked not to, instead being required to hold a spot while others blitz. I don't think you draft Fairley if you're a 3-4 team; you'd be better off taking one of the pass rushers, because if you're going to take a big name, you better be taking them with the intention of letting them do what they did to make that name.


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                              Hard to see him falling past Tennessee, especially considering Tracy Rocker, his DL Coach he broke out under at Auburn, is now the Titans's DL Coach.

                              Unless this is a "His college coaches know something negative about him that we don't" situation.
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