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    How much do they matter to you?

    The guy who specifically has me asking this question is Anthony Castanzo...I don't get how anyone can watch the guys in the trenches that BC has put into the NFL over years and wonder whether this guy will be a legit LT...a school like that gives excellent coaching to excellent student athletes and then throw in Castanzo's natural size and are there so many questions about him at LT?

    There are certain schools that do an excellent job of prepping guys for the NFL...BC seems to be great for the trenches...Miami tends to produce very good, uber competitive athletes at playmaker you value that? Does it depend on the player? Does that not come down to pedigree then?

    This isn't a very well organized thought (most of mine aren't), but I'd like some ideas or thoughts or anything.

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    On the flipside of your post I tend to de-value defensive players from Ohio State. But yeah overall I think the program a guy comes from should factor into the scouting process. You would expect a starting OLman from Wisconsin to be able to run block, for example.


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      I think I probably look more at the conference a guy plays in than his particular school. Or the level of competition in general. For example, I was throwing Mario Addison's name around a bit a month or so ago, and he's from Troy, but he played well against big schools from the SEC and Big 12, even though Troy lost as a team. I'm more intrigued by that kind of performance than, say, taking a player from a historically good school who has a lot of production to his name. If a guy's getting all that help from his teammates, he's going to be in a lot o situations that make him look good. Good players on bad teams have to really play well to get noticed a lot of the time, for the simple fact that they don't get as much help; teams focus on them.


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        Interesting question. I buy into it somewhat. Like if a kid from Notre Dame, Stanford, or a really good academic school can hold his own athletically, I boost his value based on his obvious intelligence and the fact that I know he had to put in hard work academically in college.

        I also value guys that are the sons of coaches, not so much ex-players. I value guys that were highly recruited coming out of HS even if they didn't live up to hype in college.

        As for the BC OL, Miami DB thing. I value that some. But a lot of that reputation is built on guys that played 15 years ago. And just because BC has put out good linemen doesn't mean that the next one will be any good simply because he went to BC. Damn Josh Beekman.


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          Everybody rags on Ivy League players, but look at Ryan Fitzpatrick from Harvard with Buffalo. He waited for his chance to start for 4 yrs, then led one of the least talented teams in the NFL to upset wins last yr.

          Ivy Leaguers are rare, granted, but sometimes can play at the NFL level. And when they do, every announcer in every game on every network always mentions where they went to school


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            I've always wondered how important a relationship with the college coaching staff is.

            For example, would a guy like Bob Stoops be honest if a GM or head coach asked him what he thought about Jeremy Beal's pro future? I feel like that type of information could be extremely important, especially since veteran coaches from big-time programs have seen A LOT of guys go through their program and become excellent pros and A LOT of guys go through their program and become busts.

            I'd imagine some or most coaches are biased but I've always wondered if those conversations took place ("what's his work ethic like? how do you think he'll respond to the speed change? how does he deal with adversity? flat-out, you've coached him for three years - is he a good kid?") and how much weight the NFL people put on college coaches opinions of their own kids (if any).

            Clearly Urban Meyer and Belichick have a relationship...

            I've always thought that might be a useful tool in the draft process.
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              Head coaches at schools who have been in the job for awhile, create a track record of where they tend to put their best freshmen/athletes. Scouts and GM's take their track record very seriously although occasionally they prove to be wrong.
              Tedford had a terrible track record for QB's and it caused Rodgers to drop significantly on draft day.
              Spurrier had a terrible track record at Florida for WR's and a terrific record for DB's.
              Believe me scouts and GM's take these things seriously and prospects get pushed up or down based on them all the time. It is just common sense that HC's have tendencies about where they put their best freshmen. i.e. WR vs DB, OL vs DL, TE vs LBer, RB vs DB.
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