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  • 2011 All-Prospect Team

    *Captains (top 6 prospects)
    1 = first team
    2 = second team
    (note, no repeats - IE saying that Dareus is the #1 DT and #1 DE)

    I have to say that OG, S, ILB, and QB are by far my least favorite positions in this draft. Some of them have elite players at that position but lack great depth and others have no top players but have great depth. This class is slam full of DL (from rushing OLBs to DTs). Some had to be left off - and I have zero intention of doing a 3rd team.

    Some players are ranked higher than I think they should be because I don't feel all that strongly about them and others here do, so I put them high. However, I think I know where the debate will be focused. . .

    ----- QB -----
    1. Jake Locker, Washington
    Analysis: see below

    2. Christian Ponder, Florida State
    Analysis: see below

    Below: There is a huge amount of debate about this QB class, but quite frankly, I could see no one succeeding from it. Gabbert isn't special on actual game film. Newton and Kapernick are athletes who have to develop at QB - of which zero have ever succeeded (excluding Vick who gets by on being the best athlete to ever lace up). Mallett is a coke addicted jerk. Locker didn't win anything in college and struggles with accuracy (a major red flag). Ponder lacks arm strength and decision making, but overall is better at being a QB than almost everyone above. Don't be shocked if Jacksonville 'reaches' for a guy like Ponder. After that, I wonder if the rest are not career backups. Every few years, a draft fails to produce a starting QB. Is this that year?

    In case you are wondering, if there was a 3rd team, the QB would be Cam Newton. I'll leave the pistol QB, coke addict, 0 year wonder for later.

    ----- RB -----
    1. Mark Ingram*, Alabama
    Analysis: Ingram has the best vision, power, hands, and explosion in the class. What else do you need? If someone with a good OL gets him, watch out. He will be a top 5 RB in the NFL within a year.

    2. Mikel LeShoure, Illinois
    Analysis: If Mark Ingram is like Emmitt Smith, then Mikel LeShoure is like Chris Johnson. He's a fast 1 cut back who has good size for his speed.

    ----- WR -----
    1. AJ Green*, Georgia
    Analysis: The best WR in this class. Best hands. Best Body Control. Best Route Running. He may not be the elite deep threat, but he will be enough of a deep threat that it will affect the safety. I agree with the Larry Fitzgerald talk.

    1. Julio Jones*, Alabama
    Analysis: The best deep threat in the draft. At 6'4", he can run the vertical route almost as fast as guys 3-4 inches shorter and quite a few pounds lighter. He's physical. He's more athletic than AJ Green. If he gets it, people will wonder why he was behind Green. He's not quite Randy Moss, but I see Randy Moss lite.

    1. Jon Baldwin, Pittsburgh
    Analysis: If anyone in this draft deserves the title "Mr Disrespected" It's Jon Baldwin. 6'5", fast, big hands. A nightmare matchup on the outside, this guy's best player comparison could be a future hall of famer, even if that guy is Terrell Owens - and I mean it in all the ways you might think.

    2. Torrey Smith, Maryland
    Analysis: After Baldwin, I don't really think any one player is a sure fire guarantee to be on an NFL roster as more than a #2 ever. Torrey Smith has deep speed but like Darius Heyward Bey (another Maryland player), he struggles to catch the ball with his hands and struggles to run routes.

    2. Titus Young, Boise State
    Analysis: With a little more deep speed, Titus Young would be another DeSean Jackson. I love the explosion. I just wonder about his long term health.

    2. Leonard Hankerson, Miami
    Analysis: Biggest hands in the draft. I think he has lots of potential to be a much better WR than he was at Miami. He has good speed but seems to lack concentration and football IQ. Hakeem Nicks is a vague player comparison because of body size and hand size.

    ----- TE -----
    1. Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame
    Analysis: Kyle Rudolph is a strong all around TE who has missed time due to an injury but has great hands and decent athleticism for his size. Most people give him the player comparison of Rob Gronkowski... arguably last years best TE.

    2. DJ Williams, Arkansas
    Analysis: I think the best player comparison for DJ Williams is Aaron Hernandez. He's small but a great receiving TE. Quick enough to beat linebackers, big enough to be a nightmare for a safety to cover.

    ----- OT -----
    1. Tyron Smith, USC
    Analysis: Why would I have a right tackle as my top OT? Let's look at why he was a RT: Matt Kalil. Enough said. Smith was a starter at RT when the LT spot came open. USC had a choice: Move Smith (and have him learn LT as well as Kalil learn RT) or have Kalil learn LT and let Smith continue his excellence at RT. The choice is obvious. Smith dominated guys like Cam Jordan at 280 LBs. Imagine what he will do at 320. He's built like a TE but strong like an OT. In a world of freaks, he's even rarer. Great pass blocker, strong run defender - will need technique work in the NFL though. Slightly vulnerable to speed rushers.

    1. Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin
    Analysis: I start my list with a RT I am projecting to LT and next go to a LT who I am projecting as a RT. Why does Carimi merit this spot? Because he's a shutdown blocker. I just don't love his feet or his athleticism... and NFL scouts (some, not all) agree with me.

    2. Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State
    Analysis: Who is the biggest OT in this class? Derek Sherrod. Maybe not the tallest - Sherrod not only has left tackle athleticism but he has a wide, strong frame. He isn't the most technically sound, but is top 3 OT in terms of upside in this class. Smith and Nate Solder are the other 2. I just don't love Nate Solder though. I see the guy as a future turn-style for OLB blitzes.

    2. Anthony Costanzo, Boston College
    Analysis: Sorry Mike Mayock - I'm not a BC homer. Costanzo (who's name I frequently mis-spell Castonzo) has left tackle athleticism and technique. I just don't get that elite presence from him. He may be very good for his career, but I doubt he will ever merit that high first draft pick.

    ----- OG -----
    1. Mike Pouncey, Florida
    Analysis: Twin brother Maurkice is a stud in the NFL. Both brothers are highly competitive. While Mike didn't look the best snapping the ball in 2010, he still fired of his blocks and dominated competition at the POA. The Steelers would love to have this guy in the late first.

    1. Marcus Cannon, TCU
    Analysis: At 350 LBs, most people would think weight was a problem for Marcus Cannon. On the contrary - it's a problem for anyone who has to hold him at the point of attack. If he were a little nastier, this guy would be a mid first round pick at guard. He's got potential to play RT, but his physical size and ability make him a monster to hold or get by.

    2. Danny Watkins, Baylor
    Analysis: At 26.5, I can see NFL teams wondering if he has enough value to go in round 1. That said, he's definitely an elite guard prospect. If he were 22, he'd be first team easy. He has only been playing football for 4 years, so there will be a development period but he definitely is a physical guard that is NFL ready.

    2. DeMarcus Love, Arkansas
    Analysis: Love is a physically talented player who played LT at Arkansas but is viewed by some as someone who may have to kick inside. With no clear guard after Danny Watkins, I believe Love will not only likely play guard in the NFL but will make a better guard prospect than anyone remaining.

    ----- OC -----
    1. Rodney Hudson, Florida State
    Analysis: One of the most technically sound prospects to come out in a while, I am a little turned off by Hudson's size and how he carries weight. That said, he's arguably the best center prospect of this decade. How many ACC 4 time OL have there been? One. Rodney Hudson (who made second team his freshman year). I'll defer to people smarter than I. Hudson did play guard in college, but has practiced at center and reportedly should have no trouble making the transition - which is good, because I doubt he's a guard in the NFL.

    2. Stefan Wisniewski, Penn State
    Analysis: Another technically sound guy, Stefan has NFL bloodlines that will attract general managers from all teams. He's strong and has experience playing center.

    ----- DE -----
    1. DaQuan Bowers, Clemson
    Analysis: I watched a lot of Clemson play and I can't say I ever really loved DaQuan Bowers from what I saw. I think he's physically talented and does a good job against the run, but in spite of his NCAA leading sack total, most of the sacks I saw were poor QB play. I think everyone should understand when I say that he's a LDE that he's not the best pass rusher in this class - and rushing the passer is vital today. Still, I think he's good enough to be a first team DE.

    1. JJ Watt, Wisconsin
    Analysis: Mike Mayock called him the best 34 DE prospect ever. Warren Sapp called him Mike Mamula. I definitely tend to agree more with Mayock here than Sapp, but I think he's a great pass rusher who may struggle a bit in the run. I watched him get pushed around against Ohio State in the run game - against Mike Adams.

    2. Cameron Jordan, California
    Analysis: How crazy of an athlete is Cam Jordan? Recently quite a few NFL scouts (and TV GMs) have said they think Jordan could play 43 NT, UT, 34 DE, 43 DE, or even 34 OLB. Yes, at 285 LBs, 34 OLB. He had amazing combine numbers (like JJ Watt). He was a force at the senior bowl. It's amazing to me that he's a second team DE... but this class on the DL is insane.

    2. Justin Houston, Georgia
    Analysis: Why is Justin Houston a DE and not a 34 OLB? He's stiff and 270 LBs. He's still a dynamic pass rusher and a solid guy at the POA. I haven't seen him play at his current weight, but I feel he will be good in the NFL.

    ----- DT -----
    1. Marcell Dareus*, Alabama
    Analysis: Marcell Dareus is a rare athlete. At 320 LBs, he did what Nick Fairley did 30 LBs lighter. With all of this recent talk of Fairley's pro day, I can't wait to see scouts drooling over the better prospect in Dareus. Sapp said it and so will I. Dareus can play almost any position on the line in almost any scheme. He's a nightmare match-up where ever he plays.

    1. Nick Fairley, Auburn
    Analysis: For better or for worse, this guy screams Albert Haynesworth 2.0. That's all I'll say.

    2. Corey Luiget, Illinois
    Analysis: A 1-gap penetrator who gets into the opponents backfield by being quicker to the gap than the lineman. He causes havoc for the offense and often can blow plays up. That said, he also plays a little to wild for me which could hurt him in the NFL.

    2. Phil Taylor, Baylor (NT)
    Analysis: It's hard to be a big guy like Phil Taylor and not have weight problems, but Taylor definitely has made a name for himself as the only true NT in this class worth sniffing on day 1. He plugs lanes as good as anyone in this draft.

    ----- ILB -----
    1. Martez Wilson, Illinois
    Analysis: Can he touch his toes? Probably not. Does he have poor instincts? Probably. But there aren't many people who could claim they can fly like this kid... 250 LBs 4.44. He has some things to work on, but he will likely be a force in the NFL at some point in his career.

    1. Akeem Ayers, UCLA
    Analysis: One of my least favorite players, I strongly considered not including him on this list. He's a talented player who seems to lack instincts and physicality (He's a ***** for a linebacker... buyer beware). That said, if he's a Tampa 2 WLB, I could see how some might think he would be successful. I'm only listing him as a first teamer because this ILB class is anemic.

    2. Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina
    Analysis: Sturdivant is a versatile tackling machine with good athleticism. He can play all of the interior LB positions. That said, I can see him as a late second rounder... which is hard to believe the guy could be a first team All-Prospect member. This ILB class is just weak.

    2. Sam Acho, Texas (OLB)
    Analysis: Personally, this ILB class does nothing for me. I'm listing an DE/OLB here because I feel he'd be a better ILB than anyone remaining. Sam Acho has wiggle, explosion, and instincts to be a very good LB at the NFL level. Don't be shocked if he goes very high second or late first. If it weren't for Acho, I'd put Casey Matthews here.

    ----- OLB -----
    1. Von Miller*, Texas A&M
    Analysis: He's a freak. He's done everything NFL scouts have asked him to do so far (like bulk up). I don't love what I saw on film from him, but I can completely see this guy just wants it too much. He's going to be a nightmare saturday nights for all QBs and then sunday and monday and tuesday. . . How freakish is Von Miller's athleticism? (look through youtube at the other LBs doing this drill... he blows them away)

    1. Robert Quinn, North Carolina
    Analysis: Even though he didn't play for a year because he was too interested in cashing out instead of playing, he's too physically talented to ignore (unlike his fellow money lover - Marvin Austin). Arguably the most perfect fit at 34 OLB of any one in this draft class (including Von Miller) because of his size, instincts, pass rush ability, etc.

    2. Aldon Smith, Missouri
    Analysis: Aldon Smith is a long player with good burst and athleticism with good technique to get to the QB. I question his ability to play the run, but he's definitely a force off the edge while running the bend.

    2. Brooks Reed, Arizona
    Analysis: He can flat get after the QB. He isn't quite Clay Matthews athletic, but I could completely see him having a better pro career than college. He gave Riley Reiff all he could handle.

    ----- CB -----
    1. Patrick Peterson*, LSU
    Analysis: The Easter Bunny says to Patrick Peterson, "So let me get this straight, you want me to believe you are a 220 pound, 6'1" cornerback with 4.3 speed. . . hahahahah." Yes, he is real. He will need to learn to play CB in the NFL, but clearly all of the tools are here to be a day 1 contributor in the NFL.

    1. Jimmy Smith, Colorado
    Analysis: Where is Prince Amukamara? On the second team where he belongs. Jimmy Smith may be an idiot who lies to NFL teams about minor offenses, but he is a shut down corner. People are afraid to throw in his direction. He has better corner skills than Peterson (even if Peterson has better football athleticism). The only questions you should have on this guy is how dumb is he (and how stiff is he???)? Because he may be ruining his chance before he takes a snap. He needs to be a bit more aggressive, but his lack of aggression also causes him not to get burned. Easily the best thing about watching Colorado games...

    2. Prince Amukamara, Nebraska
    Analysis: Lacks elite body control and instincts, Amukamara came into this year with high expectations because of what his DL was able to do for him. He still has great skills... but he may have to be in a certain scheme to merit being a high first round pick. He may need safety help to cover the best WRs in the NFL... but he's a physical corner, so I will give him some slack.

    2. Brandon Harris, Miami
    Analysis: Harris is the first guy I think I adamantly disagree with the NFL scouts opinion on. First, I think he definitely is a guy who tackles like a linebacker while covers like a corner. Physical, but can get beat. Body control isn't elite and he did get burned by an elite WR in Michael Floyd (even after QB god Jimmy Clausen left... just a joke for those of you still reading). I think Harris' first assignment may have to be at nickel corner.

    ----- S -----
    1. Ras-I Dowling, Virginia
    Analysis: A corner prospect who may have to play safety, he has measurables of a corner but lacks the technique to make a list like this at CB. I think he's still a top 5 DB, so he will be my #1 safety.

    1. Rahim Moore, UCLA
    Analysis: Rahim Moore is an athletic ballhawk who looked a lot better at UCLA last year than this year because of the graduation of basically their pass rush. He's the #1 pure safety prospect in this class - whatever that means.

    2. Quinton Carter, Oklahoma
    Analysis: A physical, strong free safety who can get interceptions. Can be too aggressive at times.

    2. DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson
    Analysis: A great run support safety that can tackle and likes to hit guys hard. Just not very good in pass coverage (zone or man, stiff, bad instincts, bad angles...)
    **** her in da *****!

  • #2
    Cool thread...

    This has as much to do with my opinions on guys and next to nothing with draft stock, plenty of them I can see being useless if they end up in the wrong system.


    1. Blaine Gabbert

    I'm not a fan of any of the QBs in this draft but if I had to pick the one I think is most likely to succeed in any system it is Gabbert.

    2. Ryan Mallett

    I'm not a fan but with the right team he could be very good. Think he needs a veteran team where he won't be asked or expected to lead because I feel his leadership is very poor, as is his maturity. I don't like Locker's skills and Newton has his own concerns. Ponder is the safe pick, worst case on him is a nice backup but just not blown away. This is basically a potential pick...


    1. Mark Ingram

    Not going to be a game changer but should be a good steady back. I personally wouldn't touch any of the RBs in this draft in the first round as I don't think any have that really special ability but no reason that Ingram can't be a Shaun Alexander type behind a very strong line.

    2. DeMarco Murray

    Perhaps the opposite of Ingram, think he has some game breaking ability but also a great overall skillset. Just edges Hunter for this spot for mine. I just like Murray, has a similar feel to Jamaal Charles coming out to me. He will also need a good line, I don't think there is a Peterson type who can consistently get yards behind a very average line but Murray should make some things happen.


    1. AJ Green

    Outstanding prospect. Can do it all and should be a great #1 receiver for a long time. Really there is nothing wrong with him as a prospect.

    1. Julio Jones

    Similar to Green, perhaps not quite as good at anything but still should be a consistent #1 threat at the next level.

    2. Leonard Hankerson

    He is just a good solid player and will continue to be so. Hasn't got the boom or bust of a lot of the other guys but should be a very productive NFL receiver.

    2. Austin Pettis

    Could have gone the boom types like Baldwin but I just expect Pettis to be a rock solid receiver and the team that gets him in a latter round will be pretty happy. Just so reliable.


    1. Kyle Rudolph

    Pretty sure this will be a consistent placement. Is the top TE prospect for a reason and should be a very productive TE in the NFL.

    2. DJ Williams

    Be interesting to see if he sticks at TE or if his less than ideal height gets him moved out of it. I see a better than expected blocker who is possibly the best receiving option in this draft and who should find ways to contribute.


    1. Gabe Carimi

    I don't get the lack of respect for him as a prospect. I see a guy who is a franchise RT at worst and a franchise LT at best. Really he just screams Jake Long to me only he might have been even better at college level! I will stand by my belief that he will be the best tackle taken in this draft, from day one till the end.

    1. Derek Sherrod

    Another guy who is just rock solid. In the right scheme he will be a great LT, basically if you don't put him in front of a guy like Roethlisberger you will be fine. Would be a great fit for the Colts, imo.

    2. Tyron Smith

    Boom or bust type but do like the work he has put in in the offseason. Has a lot of potential but there haven't been many successful OTs in the league picked on potential, it seems to be perhaps the most translatable position from NCAA to NFL. Gives me concerns.

    2. Anthony Castonzo

    Really not pushing too far with these gradings, I like the top prospects so no need to reach. Castonzo is another safe type. There are basically 4 safe OTs for mine and a bunch of potential guys. It's pretty obvious at this point that I lean heavily to the safe type.


    1. Orlando Franklin

    I love him at LG. Think he can be a really productive guy there. I would adore my Vikes if they picked Carimi and Franklin up in the first couple of rounds, can ship off McKinnie and put Franklin at RG until Hutch is done then have our left side for a long time.

    1. Danny Watkins

    Late bloomer, super talented and ready to start from day 1. Be interested to see how much impact his age has on his draft stock. Any team that picks him is getting a good player with some rock solid intangibles.

    2. Rodney Hudson

    May be schematically limited but his technique is excellent. I'm not entirely sold on the idea of adding weight, his quickness and technique gives him an outstanding foundation to block bigger players and I wouldn't sacrifice either so he can weigh a bit more.

    2. Marcus Cannon

    I might actually like him more at OT as really does move his feet well regardless of his size. Is actually a guy who could probably lose some more weight, regardless of how well he carries it, but he has a lot going for him and has the ability to be a long time starter. Could be more dominant, but a good block doesn't need to be a massacre and he has plenty of good blocks.


    1. Kris O'Dowd

    Going to be a good solid anchor. I think there is very little difference between the top 2 for mine. The only other guy I'd consider would be the athletic abilities of Bartholomew but just doesn't have the video support.

    2. Stefen Wisniewski

    Same as O'Dowd, should just be a rock solid anchor for a long time. I quite like the pair, not on the Mack level but not many are but should be good solid centers.


    1. Cameron Jordan

    Love his athletic ability. Love the pass rush ability, like the scheme versatility. May be the safest DE for mine from a "potential to be the best" whilst also being safe type.

    1. Adrian Clayborn

    More of a 3-4 guy, have tried to pick guys that could fit in both though. Clayborn should be a great 3-4 end and again is a safe type of pick.

    2. Da'Quan Bowers

    I love his name but he just screams "money chaser" to me. I'd rather guys who were stupid productive in their freshman years and fail to really progress than a guy who doesn't do a lot and then goes boom in the last rookie scale free season. Still, undeniable physical tools and potential.

    2. Robert Quinn

    See the last line of Bowers. His potential is just too much to pass up at some point. His cash chasing behaviour and his immaturity/stupidity is off the charts but so is the potential. Almost a Randy Moss type at DE where you start getting to a point where there is just too much potential to consider the glaring negatives.

    This DE class is just plain loaded!


    1. Marcell Dareus

    Big game player with some serious physical ability. Hell of a lot to like and just doesn't feel like a bust.

    1. Nick Fairley

    On the other hand feels like a guy that you will have to put in the right scheme and make him a star and really work him hard. Plenty of bust potential but is as scary a physical specimen as you will see.

    2. Stephen Paea

    Can be a great space eating DT, like what he brings to the table and seems to have a strong desire to get better. Think he will be a great consolation prize for someone.

    2. Marvin Austin

    His combine really impressed me, more because it showed that he wants to be in the NFL, was a guy who could easily have eaten himself out of the league before he even made it and whilst he also has the great stupidity/maturity question mark he also has the limitless potential. If he is there in the 3rd then a 4-3 team just has to think about it.


    1. Brooks Reed

    I'm a big fan. Reminds me of perhaps my favourite prospect ever in Lamar Woodley and has some serious upside as a 3-4 OLB who can play run or pass. Just feels like a beast.

    1. Von Miller

    I'm not a huge fan but this is a seriously limited OLB class and he has serious potential. Those two combine to make him a top prospect. Has scheme versatility but is best suited as a blitzbacker.

    2. Akeem Ayers

    Almost by default. Plays faster than he is and is a good solid prospect who I'd be surprised if he is an All-Pro but also surprised if he doesn't give 8 good years of service.

    2. Mark Herzlich

    Similar to Ayers, I can't see him letting himself fail, just seems ultra determined and I imagine cancer is like an ACL on steroids, it's going to take a couple of years to get it back and Herzlich strikes me as the kind of guy that is going to do absolutely everything he can to get that back!


    1. Quan Sturdivant

    Big fan of him. I don't know why, I just am. Has that vibe to him that he can be a beast. Plus he has the best linebacker name in this draft and that means a lot!

    2. Casey Matthews

    Don't bet against the bloodlines! Seriously though I've always been impressed by him, not a great physical specimen but rock solid, seems to make plays when they are needed and finds the football. ILB is another underwhelming position in this draft.


    1. Patrick Peterson

    Beast. Versatile as all hell and going to be a great one. I think the ideal team will be one who doesn't look at him as a CB or a S, similar to how Capers has used Woodson and revitalised his career.

    1. Prince Amukamara

    May actually be my favourite pure CB prospect. I just have an unreasonable man crush on his abilities and have to hold my back from making Revis comparisons. I just really like him, would love him with the Vikings, though would be overkill given our propensity to run the Tampa 2 BS...

    2. Brandon Harris

    Rock solid player. Basically the Hankerson of CBs. Never going to be a star but should be a rock solid CB for a long time.

    2. Ras-I Dowling

    It may be the cool name and really his film doesn't support it greatly but I just like him and think he will be a good one. There really isn't anything he does that is special or awful for mine and think that will hold him in good stead as a solid #2 corner.


    1. Ahmad Black

    Safety in this draft is pathetic, thought I'd get that out of the way and it hurts given the Vikes need about 5 of them... Black has good skills though and if he was a better physical specimen would be the easy top safety for mine. As it is he is a schematic fit that should produce in the right system. Unfortunately is not the modern do everything type at safety and will need to be schematically relevant.

    1. DeAndre McDaniel

    The idea that he could be the top safety after last years class is scary. Another schematic guy who will fit teams that need some run support and may have a bit of Adrian Wilson type playmaker ability but just don't trust his coverage skills.

    2. Quinton Carter

    Basically the same as McDaniel. Again in the right scheme he can be productive but is never going to really set the league alight.

    2. Rahim Moore

    I just don't like this safety class. I think it's a bit of a crapshoot at the top and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the 2 best safeties are 5+ round guys. No one I'm sold on, it seems they can either tackle or cover but none can do both. Moore is probably the best ball hawk of the bunch so if that's what you need he is your guy!

    We were spoilt last year with Berry and Thomas and maybe that is getting me unreasonably down on the safeties, or maybe it's that my team really needs a safety and I can't see any of these guys actually helping...

    Props to BK on the sig!



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