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  • Best 3rd Round ILB

    I'm going to say Martez Wilson and Quan Sturdivant will both be gone in Rds1 and 2. So who is the best ILB besides those two.

    Greg Jones - Mich St - 6'0 242 - 4.75 40 - 21 BP
    Colin McCarthy - Miami - 6'1 238 - 4.59 40 - 23 BP
    Kelvin Sheppard - LSU - 6'2 250 - 4.64 40 - 22 BP
    Nate Irving - N.C. St - 6'1 240 - 4.68 40 - ?? BP

    So if you were going to draft an ILB in the 3rd round, who would you take and why?

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    1. Sheppard
    2. Irving
    3. Jones
    4. McCarthy

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      My personal preference would go Greg Jones, Nate Irving, Kelvin Sheppard, and finally Colin McCarthy dragging up the rear in the 5th Round.
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        Irving (no homer... not much anyways)
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          Irving is the class of that round as far as MLB's go and probably one of the real prizes of the third.

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            Nate Irving = Stud


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              Depends what I need:

              If I'm running a 3-4, I'll take Kelvin Sheppard. He's got ideal size/speed/strength/skillset for that formation.

              If I'm running the 4-3 and need a pure MLB, I'd probably go with Greg Jones. Being a Big Ten fan, I already knew he wasn't near the athlete everyone was dubbing him to be but he's still got the production, experience, instincts and intelligence that I want from my MLB.

              If I'm running a 4-3 and currently have a tweener MLB/WLB on my team and need another versatile guy then I'd look at McCarthy and Irving but I'd lean McCarthy due to Irving's injury history.

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                This is an interesting question. I like all 4 guys, and have some different opinions than the others who have posted here.

                I'd probably rate them: Sheppard, McCarthy, Irving, Jones. But they are all pretty close.

                I think Sheppard is the most capable of playing 4-3 MLB. I think he has the leadership ability and best best ability to take on blocks and be a force in the run game. I think he can also play inside in the 3-4 and SLB in 4-3.

                I really like McCarthy. I think he is the most versatile of the bunch. I don't see him as a MLB right away (maybe ever), but he can play inside in 3-4, and both OLB spots in 4-3. Worst case scenario, he's going to be a beast on special teams and a solid nickel LB right away.

                Irving is a really good football player. I think he's more of a WLB, but anywhere you put him, he's going to play well. Seems like a guy like London Fletcher that will always be undervalued, but will come to play every week.

                Jones, to me, has the best tape of the 3. He made a lot of plays at Michigan St. But he looks more like a WILL LB than Irving. He just doesn't seem strong enough to me to take on a lot of blockers and is better turning and running after the ball. He could play in the middle for a Cover 2 team that is strong upfront, I guess though.


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                  ILB in a 3-4 give me Mark Herzlich.


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                    Nate Irving will be a steal in the later rounds of this draft... IMO


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                      depents on the scheme but in general

                      1 Jones
                      2 Irving
                      3 Sheppard
                      78 McCarthey

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                        I would draft Josh Bynes in the 5th-7th range before Kelvin Sheppard in the 3rd (which would be my first choice out of that 4 players bunch)

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                          This really depends on scheme

                          but Quan in rd 1-2 ? I doubt see it IMO
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                            Either one of the two main UNC LBs....that said of the 4 there I'll go with Sheppard for "my" 3-4.


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                              Kelvin has the best instincts in this draft and is one of the best leaders as well. Great NFL size, excellent tackling technique, and decent speed.
                              Irving is a worker, and while he won't stand out physically, he is a leader and can make all the tackles out there.
                              McCarthy is the most physical prospect of them all, but his tape is pretty lackkuster, but he still has pretty nice upside.
                              Jones has great tape but has absolutely bombed this offseason.
                              I could see Jones dropping past the 3rd.

                              Josh Bynes is pretty bad. I don't think he even cracks an NFL roster.



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