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Some Notes About the Draft

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  • Some Notes About the Draft

    The 2011 draft is very deep in some areas but weak in others. Particularly, offensive tackles, wide receivers, defensive lineman, and defensive backs are very strong this year. But this draft is quite weak in quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, linebackers, guards, and centers.

    The exception for LBs is edge rushers. Von Miller (TAMU), and Justin Houston (UG) played OLB in 3-4 defenses, while Akeem Ayers played the same position in UCLA's 4-3 under defense. But solid LBs in 4-3 defenses are few and far between. On my draft board, Bruce Carter (UNC) is the top "regular" OLB and is only #73 overall, and #1 ILB Martez Wilson (Ill) is #74 (who I had much higher until he reportedly had a bad workout). Mason Foster (Wsh), at #71, played WLB in a 4-3 under, which makes him a good candidate for ILB in a 3-4 (or for Seattle in the same 4-3U). Those 4-3 under defenses can be tricky to catch because of the "4-3" in the name; a couple of NFL teams used it and scrapped it before I even knew about it. (The internet is vast, like the universe.) Those useless TV guys will never tell you anything.

    There are about 150 to 200 prospects who are supposed to go in the first three rounds, according to various so-called draft experts on their websites. There are only about 100 spots in the first three rounds -- the math doesn't work. Mostly this happens because somebody had a good workout but they didn't do much during actual games. I would be wary of those players. Overall, this seems to be a draft high in quantity but weak in quality.

    Not only is Alabama-Auburn the best rivalry in sports, and not only are they the last two national champions, but their players make up five spots in my top 25 prospects.

    It seems like the top quarterbacks have been shoved up draft boards just because it bothers people that they weren't near the top naturally and legitimately. I don't think any of them are first round worthy. But Blaine Gabbert (Msr), Cam Newton (Aub), Jake Locker (Wsh), and Ryan Mallett (Ark) could all go in or just after Round 1. Gabbert and Newton are now candidates for pick #1, when before they were both lower than spot #10. I don't see a reason for their sudden rise other than that they are quarterbacks.

    Sorry for the wordiness, and thank you for reading. What are your thoughts about my post and/or the draft in general?

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