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    Haven't seen a favorite overall sleepers thread yet. Looking for some DEEP sleepers, the kind of guys that are off the mainstream radar and are the ones that get drafted and cause most people to go...who? In other words, not looking for small schoolers like Rackley, Fusco, Taiwan Jones, and Edmond Gates because they are pretty popular among most draftniks and have good chances of going on day 2. These are the 6th-7th round picks that you always hear stories about scouts screaming to grab player X.

    These are guys like Sean Lissemore, Marc Mariani, and J'Marcus Webb from last year. Or even some 'big school sleepers' like Austin Spitler, Dedrick Epps, or Terrence Austin.

    Here are some of mine:
    Frank Kearse, DT, Alabama A&M - Kearse was recruited by a few big schools but didn't qualify academically initially and they backed off and once he qualified it was too late and he stuck with A&M. His weight fluctuated early in his career but he had back-to-back big seasons. Weighed in at 6'4", 315 at his pro day and is scheme versatile.

    Brett Brackett, TE, Penn State - For someone who was a team captain at a major program, he doesn't seem to be on many radars. Brackett started his career as a QB, moved to WR, and played his senior season as a WR/TE. He's also the holder for field goals. Brackett runs great routes, has solid hands, and is a great blocker. He's the kind of player that coaches love.

    Tommie Campbell, FS, California (PA) - Campbell was a WR in high school and then went to Pitt as a S/LB initially. Campbell failed out of Pitt after two year and then spent a year at Edinboro and finally found a permanent home at Cal (PA). Campbell played CB as a Vulcan and had a huge season, leading the team in interceptions. Campbell has the kind of freakish athleticism that scouts love, running in the low 4.3s at 6'2.5" and 208 pounds and has experience at CB, FS, SS, and OLB.

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    I really like Ben Chappell from Indiana. Wright does not even have him ranked on his QB list some draft sites do. He really produced on a Indiana team that did not have a lot of talent. Especially his senior season. I think he could be a solid spot starter or backup on a team maybe even a decent starter.

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      Does Darren Evans count? I've seen tons of sites that don't even list him as draft eligible or as a potential UDFA.
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        Tommie Campbell is a very good athlete and player. Question is if his character will hold up. He no doubt has the talent, but i'm not sure he will last with those character issues.


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          Brad Jefferson MLB from Georgia Tech and Chris Matthews WR from Kentucky are the only guys that I can think of that qualify.

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            Big school sleeper:

            Cliff Matthews - Savvy South Carolina DE with pass rushing skills basically...good size and doesn't waste movement...might have starter potential one day, maybe.


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              I'm really curious about this guy, and he may be a sleeper, or may not, but Johnny White is rated as a mid 3rd rounder on ESPN, does anyone know more about this kid? I've never seen him play before, but they give him crazy reviews and i wanted to know more about him. I couldn't really think of a great place to put this and didn't want to start a new thread, so i guess here would be the best place.


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                Kris Durham, WR, Georgia - He's 6'5 with 4.4 speed and he really helped fill the void that A.J. Green left for the first 4 games of the season for Georgia. He was the leading receiver with 324 yards on only 17 catches. He's a legit burner and his size only adds to his potential, not to mention the kid can jump and he's got some pretty good hands. He does have a bit of an injury concern, which is why he hasn't been talked about as much, but I don't think Aaron Murray could have played so well early on into the season without having Kris Durham as his number 1 receiver. I think Durham has a slight chance of pushing himself into the 6th-7th round area, but there is a good chance that he'll go undrafted, but I have a good feeling that he'll make some team's roster when this season rolls around.


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                    I was going to mention Durham.

                    I also like:
                    Willie Smith- OT East Carolina. Has all the ability you look for in an OT. Has the measurables. Doesn't have the experience or the competition level.

                    DJ Young- OT Michigan St. Only 2 years at OL, after being converted from NT and transferring from Bowling Green. RT on a line that gave up 14 sacks n 2009, and only 20 in 2010 when he was at LT. Has the pedigree as his father was an NFL TE. Very raw, but a good coach can make him an NFL RT in a couple years.

                    Jason Teague- CB TCU. Good height for a CB at nearly 6'2". Well coached on an elite college defense, which I value a lot. Doesn't do anything exceptionally well, but solid all the way around.

                    Keith Williams- OG Nebraska. Strictly a run-blocker, but does it very well as he was a key part of a top 10 rushing team in the nation. Raw in pass protection, because I don't know that they even coach that at Nebraska.

                    Chris Dieker- QB Southern Illinois. 6'5" with a big arm. Talked about after the Manning passing camp for that arm. Also has decent mobility. Had issues with decision making in college, has all the tools, but needs a really good QB coach.


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                      Not exactly a true sleeper, but a small school prospect from my area that I've watched for a couple of years now is Kendrick Ellis, DT from Hampton. A little tall for my taste at NT, but I believe he could transition to 5-Tech & be a manster.
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                        Originally posted by Calubflower View Post
                        There has been a lot of pub on Jernigan, but Addison would've made more noise this past season if he hadn't broken his hand the 3rd game of the season...still double digit sacks and TFLs...he'll make someone's roster even if he goes undrafted.

                        I still think TeBarius Gill will be a great possession receiver for some team.

                        "I like it when people underestimate us," Addison said. "I feel real confident in the guys we have back there. The guys we lost are no better than the guys we have now. The guys we have now are more sound. We're a faster defense, we just have to get a little more physical. I know we'll get the job done and we're going to prove we can get the job done."


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                          Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
                          Coples is that dude.
                          Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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                            depending on your definition of "Sleeper" but i give it to Marvin Austin. hes going to fall but seems to be a guy that learned his lesson with all the time off and took his anger out on the east-west shrine bowl and the combine. whoever gets him just stole a starting 3-tech. bengals pick him at the top of the 2nd guarunteed.


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                              Josh Victorian, CB, Louisiana Tech

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