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Ryan Kerrigan: Possibly the Best DE in This Draft?

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    Kerrigan reminds me of Grant Wistrom who went top 10 to the Rams in 1998. Pretty much the same size and similar use of quickness and leverage. Probably wont go as high in this draft but i dont think he'll have too long to wait.


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      I don't remember Winstrom being as good of a pass rusher as Kerrigan


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        Originally posted by batsandgats View Post
        I don't remember Winstrom being as good of a pass rusher as Kerrigan
        Patrick Kerney.
        Kaepernick is this years pat white. Thin, gimmick offense and doesn't possess an nfl arm. The ncaa constantly regurgitates clones of past players and amazingly enough, tricks some people into thinking they're better than their cloned half. Kaepernick was a complete waste of a senior bowl qb spot. A better qb will come from the east/west shrine or whatever they're calling it now...count on it

        - Genius


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          Kerrigan. Kerney. Here we go.

          You know who Kerrigan really reminds me of??
          Michael Strahan.

          Yeah, I said it. He can beat you face up, or with his quickness/athleticism.


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            Originally posted by bitonti View Post
            +1 JJ Watt has Mario Williams type of measurables and is just as "safe" as Kerrigan. Ryan Kerrigan has very good but not elite measurables.
            Watt is a good athlete but he doesn't touch Mario's comhine numbers.

            6'7" 290 - 4.66 40, 35 reps on the bench, 42" vertical.



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