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Andy Dalton to the Colts?

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    I don't think the 1st round is worth burning a pick, but the 2nd round is definitely more feasible.

    Peyton Manning has yet to sign his new contract, which from my understanding would've made him the highest paid player in the NFL. So, there is a tiny bit of speculation about that surfacing around.

    Also, he just turned 35. He's probably got a good 3-5 years left, with 5 years being less feasible. But just knowing that he could play for 3 more years and retire will put me at unease if I'm the Colts.

    Basically, all I'm saying is that now is a perfect time to start looking for Manning's successor.


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      Kaepernick in round 2, if he's available, would be the only wise choice to succeed Manning in this draft. High Character, strong armed talented QB. Might be the best QB in this draft that no one talks about.



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