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Greg Romeus, DE, Pittsburgh

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  • Greg Romeus, DE, Pittsburgh

    Where do you guys put him? He could be a bigtime pickup in the 4thish round maybe up to the 3rd. Could he play 3-4 OLB? Or is he strictly a DE, and does his his Knee injury affect him in the versatility department.

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    huge Pitt fan here and I love Romeus because the guy gave his all on the field for the Panthers but I really dont think he goes before the mid 5th to early 6th. It isnt just the ACL knee injury that has been a problem for him, he also has had a back injury that required surgery (a disc issue IIRC) that nagged at him when he came back from it so you have to worry about recurring issues with it. He has a ton of potential when healthy but another thing to keep in mind is that he has also not been playing football for very long as he only played one year in HS.

    In the NFL I think he is strictly a 4-3 DE and I am really rooting for him.


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      i like him as a conversion guy personally and i still think he'll be better than sheard


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        im quite partial to him being playing 4-3 DE but he will be a steal between the 4th and 6th rounds



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