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Pryor to the Supplemental Draft?

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  • Pryor to the Supplemental Draft?

    I love rumors!

    If he does enter the supplemental, I could see a team using a speculative 3rd or a 4th on him.

    But could Pryor actually be done in Columbus? The dual-threat signal caller has not dismissed the idea of going the NFL Supplemental Draft route. According to a source, the odds of Pryor staying for his senior season are about 60-40, but Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd coming out and declaring for the supplemental draft would have a direct effect on his decision. Of course, Floyd dodged suspension by the school’s Residence Life committee after being arrested for DUI. However, head coach Brian Kelly suspended his star receiver for the foreseeable future.

    The Supplemental Draft would be held after the traditional NFL Draft and before the 2011 season begins. However, there will be no supplemental draft unless a new CBA is agreed upon. Essentially after the last pick of April's draft is made, all football business would end until there is a new CBA. There would be no college free agency after the draft either.

    Pryor's situation is certainly something to keep an eye on in Columbus as the program continues to endure a very trying offseason.

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    There is no supplemental draft.

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      Originally posted by Shane P. Hallam View Post
      There is no supplemental draft.
      There could be one, July is a long way away. In the case either that forced mediation results in a deal or the NFLPA* wins the injunction and the league is forced or chooses to play under the same terms as the 2010 league year then there would be one. Right now, there's not one scheduled though.


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        Floyd would go the supplementary route before Pryor would

        Originally Posted by JoeJoeBrown
        The most important thing, however, is how strong their swagger factors are.
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        Total Swagger: 62
        ATL College Park Zone 3* +20 swagger Bonus pts


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          Another link:



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