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    What really shocks me is how the 2007 QB class panned out. JaMarcus Russell had every physical quality NFL teams look for; arguably one of the strongest arms in NFL history, excellent size, and proven winner at the college level. Brady Quinn epitomized everything "intangible" characteristic an NFL team looks for; he was incredibly intelligent (honors student, dual major, Dean's List), also a proven winner, hard worker, an excellent leader, and defined "Notre Dame" character.

    Even the QB's that followed had minimal success at best (Drew Stanton, Kevin Kolb, Jon Beck, Trent Edwards). Its pretty shocking how difficult it is to scout a quarterback. I'm sure there wasn't a single analyst or scout that predicted that not a single QB from this class wouldn't be talented NFL starter (Jury is still out on Kolb).


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      Here's a better idea. Let's never revisit this draft again, ever.


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        2 4 (36) Kevin Kolb QB Houston
        2 25 (57) Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame
        3 23 (87) Stewart Bradley OLB Nebraska
        3 26 (90) Tony Hunt RB Penn State
        5 22 (159) C.J. Gaddis S Clemson
        5 25 (162) Brent Celek TE University of Cincinnati
        6 27 (201) Rashad Barksdale DB University at Albany
        7 26 (236) Nate Ilaoa RB Hawaii

        Wow. Kolb was just baffling when it happened and trust me, no matter what anyone says, he never showed anything in Philly. We laughed all the way to the bank in the trade with Arizona and the fact that he's already on the hot seat isn't surprising at all. If we end up picking a promising player with Arizona's 2nd this year I'll consider the '07 draft a long-term success but obviously who knew for this reason at the time.
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          Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds View Post
          Here's a better idea. Let's never revisit this draft again, ever.
          Haha, sorry if I brought you bad memories


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            Originally posted by GaMeTiMe View Post
            2 25 (57) Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame
            As a Notre Dame fan, I never understood how Abiamiri managed to get drafted in the second round.


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              This is weird to me. Isn't the normal period of time in which to judge a draft either 3 or 4 years? So why are we talking about 2007 instead of 2008 or 2009?


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                Originally posted by PossibleCabbage View Post
                This is weird to me. Isn't the normal period of time in which to judge a draft either 3 or 4 years? So why are we talking about 2007 instead of 2008 or 2009?
                Honestly, I feel like this class as a whole never comes up outside of JaMarcus and maybe Calvin/Peterson. And we now all have definitive results of what these guys have turned into a good portion into most of their careers..
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                  Originally posted by jbooshey View Post
                  1/16 Justin Harrell Defensive Tackle Tennessee
                  Maybe the biggest bust of the draft...hard to argue Jamarcus, but at least he saw the field.

                  2/63 Brandon Jackson Running Back Nebraska
                  Had some moments as a 3rd down back, but couldn't break a tackle to save his life.

                  3/78 James Jones Wide Receiver San Jose State
                  Still with the team and a nice receiver. He would probably produce more if on a different team.

                  3/89 Aaron Rouse Safety Virginia Tech
                  He was actually a pretty good safety that fooled a lot of people into thinking he could be a very good starter. That didn't happen though.

                  4/119 Allen Barbre Offensive lineman Missouri Southern St.
                  He was horrible and a total project.

                  5/157 David Clowney Wide Receiver Virginia Tech
                  Never did anything as a Packer, but I believe he is still with the Jets.

                  6/191 Korey Hall Inside linebacker Boise State
                  He played a number of years in GB as a FB and a nice special teamer. He was pretty good, but GB had 3 FB's and he lost out to John Kuhn.

                  6/192 Desmond Bishop Inside linebacker Cal
                  A starting ILB for us now. Took him awhile to crack the lineup but I don't think that was his fault. Good pick.

                  6/193 Mason Crosby Kicker Colorado
                  He has turned into a great kicker. He battle some inconsistency, but was outstanding last year. Capped off one of the better 6th rounds I can remember.

                  7/228 DeShawn Wynn Running Back Florida
                  He became the RB that was given too many chances. I'm not sure I ever saw the potential, but the coaches wasted a lot of time hoping he'd stay healthy.

                  7/243 (compensatory) Clark Harris Tight end Rutgers
                  I don't think he made the team that year.
                  I think Crosby is the only K prospect in memory that I was pissed didn't become a Jet. Big leg coming out of of the better K prospects to come out in a while.


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                    Where are the dipsh*ts at now that passed up Patrick Willis for Ted Ginn Jr.?

                    That's just brutal. Sorry for any of you Fin Fans out there that had to witness that.


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                      ...or Brady Quinn. As it turns out, BQ was pretty much the only guy who could have turned out worse for them. At least Ginn had that monster game against the Jets.

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                        Originally posted by Vox Populi View Post
                        1. Marshawn Lynch - Good pick, not with the Bills though
                        2. Paul Posluszny - Good pick, not with the Bills though
                        3. Trent Edwards - Good pick, until Adrian Wilson
                        4. Dwayne Wright - Didn't do anything
                        6. John Wendling - Really solid special teamer
                        7. Derek Schouman - Athletic TE that never did anything
                        7. C.J. Ah You - Never did anything

                        The Bills first three picks looked fantastic for a while. Then Marshawn hit a lady with his car, then had weapons in his car, and then Fred Jackson proved to be a better player for less money and without the head aches. Posluszny was solid but not amazing, left for a contract in Jacksonville. Trent Edwards was great until Adrian Wilson concussed the **** out of him and turned him into captain check down.

                        If the Bills match Jacksonville's offer last year, and Marshawn wasn't an idiot, the Bills basically would have had an extra 1st round pick in the 2010 draft and a 2nd round pick in the 2011 draft to use on positons that weren't RB or ILB.
                        Very well said, very well said... Dont forget Poz was our best LB, and was constantly asked to man up on faster more athletic TE's and RB's, because our OLB's and Donte Whitner couldnt. The only LB's left on the team are Arthur Moats who was a rooke DE conversion, and Chris Kelsey who never was a LB.
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                          1 24 Brandon Meriweather Safety Miami (FL)
                          4 127 Kareem Brown Defensive end Miami (FL)
                          5 171 Clint Oldenburg Offensive tackle Colorado State
                          6 180 Justin Rogers Linebacker SMU
                          6 202 Mike Richardson Cornerback Notre Dame
                          6 208 Justise Hairston Running back Central Connecticut State
                          6 209 Corey Hilliard Offensive guard Oklahoma State
                          7 211 Oscar Lua Linebacker USC
                          7 247 Mike Elgin Center Iowa


                          They did trade for Welker and Moss though so that softens the blow a little bit. Adalius Thomas was their big free agent pickup as well.

                          The Patriots were a veteran heavy team at the time and there wasn't a lot of room on the roster for some young blood. Meriweather was the only player who made it through the end of the year on the roster I believe. Looking back I don't think there was a prospect that the team could have realistically traded up to grab and so this year was the year that started the tradition of trading out of spots to pick up additional picks in the next draft. They traded Seattle's pick to San Fran so San Fran could grab Joe Staley.
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