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B.J. Coleman, QB, UT-Chattanooga

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    Maybe true...most projections have him 5-6th round, some a bit higher, most have him number 7 in qb lists.

    Here is the response tweet I metioned on how Coleman ranked amongst Senior Bowl qbs:

    GREAT question.4th after Weeden, Wilson, Cousins RT @gomocs57 After watching Senior Bowl QBs, where'd you rate BJ Coleman in amongst them?


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      I don't know. Foles and Lindley are really bad. And Wilson and Cousins don't seem to have much upside...
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        Originally posted by gpngc View Post
        I don't know. Foles and Lindley are really bad. And Wilson and Cousins don't seem to have much upside...
        Foles much higher thought of by NFL teams than draftniks I guess. He hasn't pulled away, but he is considered far and away better than Coleman as a prospect. Cousins has some upside, likely goes in the 3rd. You think Coleman goes above him?

        And who exactly is the tweet from?

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          The tweet was from Eric Galko
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            I'll heavily disagree with him in that aspect then. Coleman's arm may be a bit more live, but doesn't quite make him a better prospect.

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              As I posted earlier, here is a link to a thread where BJ Coleman's journey to the NFL is being followed. It has scouting comments, video links, articles, etc.

              Lots of info there, some of it is repetitive, but articles from all over.


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                Originally posted by GoMocs View Post
                Hello, I am the admin of, fan based forum for UT Chattanooga, where BJ Coleman played. I got to see him play his three years at UTC. Some info on him: four star qb out of high school, ranked number 10 pro style QB in nation out of high school. He signed with his childhood fave team, UTennessee. He redshirted his frosh year, then played a bit his first season behind a senior qb.

                Going into his sophmore year UT fired Fulmer and hired Lane Kiffin. They went into the spring practice under Kiffin and the general consensus was that he won the starting job, however, Kiffin prounounced that a senior would start. Word was that Coleman wasn't given the starting job because there was some 5 Star qb that Kiffin was recruiting and having a sophmore as a starting qb would hurt the recruiting of him as he would think he would have to wait for a couple years. After this came out, BJ was blown off three times with appointments with Kiffin to discuss it and got to the point that Kiffin wouldn't even talk to him.

                BJ then transferred home to Chattanooga, where he grew up and his dad played.

                With respect to his senior season, not only did he miss a bunch of games due to an injury, he was playing behind an OL that had three freshmen and two sophmores starting most of the time. He would drop back and have to throw before even setting up much of the time. Other teams exploited the OL by blitzing. It was ugly. I keep the defensive stats for the team so I was watching closely. To get a better picture of him you need to look at his junior year stats.

                He measured out at 6-3 and 235 lbs at the Shrine Bowl. He is a good student in class and is supposedly a film junkie, watching upwards of 20 hours of film during season on his own. He is literally the "Eagle Scout" type guy. Crew cut, no tats, says "yes maam" and "yes sir". I have met him, that is who he is.

                We have a thread on him here

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                  Coleman is from Chatt-town.

                  Because of that...well, you know that Andrew Luck guy? Near sighted armless person with an inner ear problem compared to Coleman.

                  These are just factual facts. And on another note, Jacques Smith is from Ooltewah, so therefore he is not only a good person who smells nice, but is also a future 1st RD pick. Fun fact: Smith came out of Mama Smith's womb with a full beard.
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