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Teams That Would Draft a QB in Round 1

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    None of those teams would draft a QB to replace what they have. Not even Andrew Luck ( who I think is overrated a bit by the media in just how elite of a QB prospect he is, but that's for another thread on another day ). Luck is a guy who you hope turns out as good as Big Ben, Ryan, Stafford, etc....but is not a known commodity. Why start over at a position that you already have a total stud at when you are ready RIGHT NOW to start competing for championships? No offense, but I don't think your friend knows much about how the NFL works.

    Now I could see those teams actually drafting a QB in the first round - but they would only draft them in order to trade them immediately for multiple top picks.


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      Well I agree. As a general rule of thumb, you only draft a QB in the first round if you expect him to be your starter within four years max. If you already have a QB like Stafford who is 24 and can probably play at a high level for the next ten years, and then bring in another first round QB for what purpose? To be his backup for the next 10 years? Seems crazy to me. Plus that QB would leave for a starting position after his contract was up anyway and you would have to replace him. Drafting a 1st round QB to be your long term backup makes about as much sense or less as drafting a Punter in the first round.
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        Originally posted by cmarq83 View Post
        If he lasted until 28 he wouldn't have enough perceived value around the league, so in they certainly wouldn't get a king's ransom for him under that scenario.
        Well, just because a team passes on a player doesn't mean they don't have significant interest in him, it just means that when that team was picking there was someone else available when they picked.

        I mean in 2007 the Browns were high on Brady Quinn, they were just higher on Joe Thomas. In 2008 the Falcons were high on Sam Baker, they were just higher on Matt Ryan. In 2009 the Packers were high on Clay Matthews, they were just higher on B.J. Raji. In 2010 the Lions were high on Jahvid Best, they were just higher on Ndamukong Suh. Et cetera.



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