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  • Jordan White WR

    I think I found my mid round gem/guy to pull for.

    140 catches and 1911 yards in 1 season. He isn't a burner, supposedly a 4.55 guy, but he does the little things right and slips by defenders.

    At 6-0, 215, he just has something about him. He still put up good numbers against better teams that knew he was the only option. Did good vs Michigan and illy, even killed it in the bowl game vs Purdue.

    He is one of those tricky, slippery guys, that makes you scratch your head and wonder how he just did that.

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      Would love for the Pats to pick him up, I doubt he lasts past the third. Could maybe even go in the second I think he will be very succesful in the NFL if he lands in the right situation. Wouldn't even mind if we took him with our late second rounder.


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        He's good.


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          Caught glimpses of him throughout the season. I think he could be a very good slot receiver at the next level.


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            = Greg Salas.


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              Originally posted by norcalgsr View Post
              = Greg Salas.
              Salas was my #3 overall WR last year - but I don't have White as high, although I do agree he does have some Salas about him.

              White had a few more drops than Salas (plus I seem to recall two fumbles in one game?) - plus he also has two ACL tears in his past - one on each knee (the 2011 season was a medical hardship year).

              So, there's a lot to like - but not quite as good as Salas for me.


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                Saw this guy play in his bowl game, runs routes VERY well, more quick than fast, I could see him being a very could SWR a few years down the line.


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                  ACL tear ohh man that raises a flag. I don't know why but he reminds me of Hines Ward, minus the blocks and jaw breaking.

                  Just a slippery guy finding the right spot in the zone.


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                    He had a couple of huge games this year vs. decent opponents too. I think he's a mid round guy and if he's put in the slot, I think he'll contribute right away.

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