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  • Miscellaneous Brief Scouting Reports

    Just watched two or three games from each of these guys (hence the shorter reports), my thoughts are below:


    59 187 lbs. 4.61/6.90*/4.15/35.5 (* indicates pro day)

    Undersized cornerback who usually played on the boundaries in Purdues defense. Exhibits an impressive closing burst to supplement his aggressive on-field temperament. Willing run supporter who occasionally lines up as an in-the-box option; sometimes closes a bit too fast and misses tackles because he didnt break down effectively. In coverage, is a bit of a gambler who will sit on short routes and can occasionally be caught with his eyes in the opposing backfield. Has the movement skills to play either man or zone coverages, but may be a bit too small to match up in man coverage at the next level, at least on the boundaries; also more explosive in a short area and can be victimized by deep routes. Times his jumps well, but doesnt possess great hands for the interception. Poor Combine showing will likely relegate him to a slot/special-teams option who comes off the board on the drafts third day, but has the mental makeup to succeed in that capacity.


    511 194 lbs. 4.52/6.80/4.34/37

    Primarily played on the outside for the Bears. Has worked in both press-man and off-man coverages at Baylor, with solid man-coverage skills. Has the reaction times, agility, speed, technique, and physicality to fit a man scheme at the pro level. Not as polished in zone coverage and instincts may not be ready for that sort of role. Occasionally gets a bit too physical and could be penalized for pass interference down the field at the next level. Works hard to disengage from blocks in the run game, although he doesnt have the strength to dig in and anchor when blocked. More of a hitter than a tackler, but explodes into contact. Does a better job on the shorter routes than while defending down the field, so teams may consider him as a candidate to shift into the slot. Outstanding Combine showing, combined with desirable temperament and toughness, will likely earn him a spot in the draft; biggest question will be whether he can rein in his game without sacrificing some of his most appealing qualities.


    510 196 lbs. 4.47/6.84/4.18/37 (Pro Day)

    Missed most of 2013 after sustaining a season-ending shoulder injury which required surgery, but was able to hold a pro day workout prior to the draft. Has lined up on both sides of the field, typically in zone coverage; will also be limited to playing in zones in the pros; too small to man up on pro receivers, with poor weight distribution and balance in his backpedal. However, possesses above-average quickness and speed, which could convince teams that its worth giving him an opportunity to develop into a slot defender. Gets overwhelmed by blockers, and lacks the size or strength to go high; more likely to try and cut out a runners legs, or hold them up until teammates can help finish the tackle. Feisty, competitive on-field temperament, impressive pro day, and work as a core member of his teams special-teams units should get him selected, assuming he checks out medically. Long-term durability could be a concern due to his small frame.


    60 194 lbs. 4.43/6.95/4.23/38.5 (Pro Day)

    Tall right cornerback with a wiry build; looks the part of a boundary cornerback. Has experience playing both man and zone coverages. Backpedal looks technically sound, especially for a bigger cornerback. Deep speed is adequate for the outside; however, may be better-suited to zone coverages, as he is not very quick to close after planting his foot; consequently, gives up too much separation, especially on quick breaking routes. When he is in position, however, demonstrates quality ball skills. Awareness in zone a bit lacking as well. Willing run supporter, but doesnt take great angles to the ball and is not a forceful hitter; can get stuck on blocks when targeted in the screen game. Looks more comfortable when hes allowed to use the sideline for help. Potential late-round pick based on his frame and workout numbers; however, doesnt play up to them on the field. Could also get some looks as a possible safety conversion candidate. UCLA transfer.


    510 183 lbs. 4.53/6.90/4.20/37 (Pro Day)

    Tall, long-limbed defender who primarily played on the outside but also lined up inside and at safety on occasion. Short-strider who looks fast and explosive, whether in coverage or when playing downhill. Not very technically sound in terms of his footwork or weight distribution when backpedaling, but makes more sense as a man-coverage corner. Willing run supporter, but doesnt always take the best angles and can be neutralized by misdirection; needs to do a better job of protecting his legs. More of a hitter than a tackler. A bit of a freelancer who can be victimized as a result of his aggressiveness. Workout numbers could earn him late-round consideration, but is more likely to be signed following the draft due to the lack of mental and technical discipline in his game. Missed some time last year due to a shoulder injury, but was able to participate fully at the Rebels pro day. Character must be investigated as well after being arrested for driving under the influence last September.

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