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Vertical Jump?

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  • Vertical Jump?

    I went to sleep the day before the combine and just woke up, so I forgot to ask this question of the people who know these things, which is how is a player's vertical jump measured? I seem to recall someone saying they'd put their hands up just standing, and then measure the difference between that and when they jump, but then couldn't you just have a really small guy with like a 45" vertical, and a very tall guy who could reach higher just standing?

    This has very quickly turned into a ramble, so if someone could just set me straight on this I'd appreciate it.

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    Vert is measured using this device:

    Basically you measure a player's standing reach, then they jump and swat at the colored arms, if they can touch them, they will move. Each arm is a half inch on most set ups.


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      they stand with their hands in the air...which for arguements sake equals 7'9'' of player A. then he leaps into the air marking as high as he can reach. we will say again for arguements sake that the highest point reached is 10'9''. so you subtract the 93 inches (standing height) from the 129 (top jumping height) to get a vertical of 36''. being you subtract the standing height, the height of the player becomes irrellevent. if player B has numbers of 6'9'' and 9'9''. he is a whole foot shorter and still has a vertical of 36''.



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