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    I am winding down on finals week so I have some time. Today I will start with the ACC and list players who I think may be NFL prospects if they are either Juniors or Seniors for the upcoming season. Please feel free to recommend any players who will be draft eligible, and I will add them to the list. Also is there any way to sticky this thread to keep it up near the top while I work on the other conferences.

    Boston College
    Matt Ryan, QB, Sr. (6'5"/218 lbs.)
    Brandon Robinson, WR, Jr. (5'10"/195 lbs.)
    DeJuan Tribble, CB, Sr. (5'9"/190 lbs.)
    Jolonn Dunbar, LB, Sr. (6'0"/233 lbs.)
    Gosder Cherilus, OT, Sr. (6'7"/318 lbs.)
    L.V. Whitworth, RB, Sr. (5'11"/216 lbs.)
    Ryan Thompson, TE, Sr. (6'4"/259 lbs.)
    Brian Toal, LB, Sr. (6'0"/232 lbs.)
    Andre Callender, RB, Sr. (5'11"/204 lbs.)
    B.J. Raji, DT, Sr. (6'1"/340 lbs.)
    Jamie Silva, S, Sr. (5'11"/208 lbs.)

    James Davis, RB, Jr. (5'11"/205 lbs.)
    Nick Watkins, LB, Sr. (6'2"/220 lbs.)
    Chris Clemons, S, Jr. (6'1"/205 lbs.)
    Michael Hamlin, S, Jr. (6'3"/200 lbs.)
    Antonio Clay, LB, Jr. (6'0"/220 lbs.)
    Barry Richardson, OT, Sr. (6'7"/330 lbs.)

    Mike Tauilili, LB, Jr. (5'11"/235 lbs.)

    Florida State
    Antone Smith, RB, Jr. (5'9"/188 lbs.)
    De'Cody Fagg, WR, Sr. (6'3"/221 lbs.)
    Greg Carr, WR, Jr. (6'6"/203 lbs.)
    Roger Williams, S, Sr. (6'0"/200 lbs.)
    Geno Hayes, LB, Jr. (6'2"/215 lbs.)
    Dumaka Atkins, C, Jr. (6'4"/310 lbs.)
    Shannon Boatman, OT, Sr. (6'7"/309 lbs.)
    Andre Fluellen, DE, Sr. (6'4"/286 lbs.)
    Alex Boston, DE, Sr. (6'3"/264 lbs.)
    Derek Nicholson, LB, Jr. (6'2"/232 lbs.)
    Neefy Moffett, LB, Jr. (6'1"/245 lbs.)
    Drew Weatherford, QB, Jr. (6'3"/220 lbs.)
    Tony Carter, CB, Jr. (5'9"/160 lbs.)
    Paul Griffin, DT, Sr. (6'1"/278 lbs.)
    Xavier Lee, QB, Jr. (6'4"/228 lbs.)

    Georgia Tech
    Taylor Bennett, QB, Jr. (6'3"/215 lbs.)
    Tashard Choice, RB, Sr. (6'1"/205 lbs.)
    James Johnson, WR, Jr. (6'0"/190 lbs.)
    Djay Jones, S, Sr. (6'1"/200 lbs.)
    Jamal Lewis, S, Sr. (6'0"/199 lbs.)
    Phillip Wheeler, LB, Sr. (6'2"/230 lbs.)
    Darrell Robertson, DE, Sr. (6'5"/240 lbs.)
    Adamm Oliver, DE, Sr. (6'4"/265 lbs.)
    Andrew Gardner, OT, Jr. (6'6"/298 lbs.)

    Keon Lattimore, RB, Sr. (5'11"/223 lbs.)
    Jared Gaither, OT, Jr. (6'9"/350 lbs.)
    Erin Henderson, LB, Jr. (6'3"/236 lbs.)
    Wesley Jefferson, LB, Sr. (6'2/233 lbs.)
    Isaiah Gardner, CB, Sr. (5'11"/197 lbs.)
    Andrew Crummey, OG, (6'5"/301 lbs.)
    Joey Haynos, TE, Sr. (6'8"/260 lbs.)
    Lance Ball, RB, Sr. (5'9"/223 lbs.)
    Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, R-Soph. (6'2"/206 lbs.)
    Dre Moore, DT, Sr. (6'4"/311 lbs.)
    Christian Varner, CB, Sr. (5'11"/204 lbs.)

    Andrew Bain, OG, Sr. (6'3"/330 lbs.)
    Calais Campbell, DE, Jr. (6'8"/282 lbs.)
    Tavares Gooden, LB, Sr. (6'2"/238 lbs.)
    Lance Leggett, WR, Sr. (6'3"/188 lbs.)
    Kenny Phillips, S, Jr. (6'2"/202 lbs.)
    Anthony Reddick, S, Jr. (6'0"/200 lbs.)
    Glenn Sharpe, CB, Sr. (6'0"/187 lbs.)
    Kyle Wright, QB, Sr. (6'4"/220 lbs.)
    Derek Morse, OG, Sr. (6'4"/326 lbs.)
    Darnell Jenkins, WR, Sr. (5'10"/190 lbs.)
    Teraz McCray, DT, Sr. (6'1"/300 lbs.)

    North Carolina
    Durell Mapp, LB, Sr. (6'2"/225 lbs.)
    Brooks Foster, WR, Sr. (6'3"/200 lbs.)

    North Carolina State
    Andre Brown, RB, Jr. (6'0"/232 lbs.)
    DeMario Pressley, DE, SR. (6'3"/295 lbs.)
    Anthony Hill, TE, Sr. (6'6"/265 lbs.)
    Martrel Brown, DT, Sr. (6'2"/290 lbs.)
    Miguel Scott, FS, Sr. (6'0'/205 lbs.)
    Darrell Blackman, WR, Sr. (5'11"/210 lbs.)
    John Dunlap, WR, Sr. (6'2"/210 lbs.)
    Jimmy Sutton, CB, Sr. (5'11"/185 lbs.)
    DaJuan Morgan, SS, Jr. (6'2"/210 lbs.)
    Toney Baker, RB, Jr. (5'10"/220 lbs.)
    Curtis Crouch, OG, Jr. (6'5"/320 lbs.)
    Willie Young, DE, R-Soph. (6'5"/230 lbs.)

    Kevin Ogletree, WR, Jr. (6'2"/189 lbs.)
    Jon Copper, LB, Jr. (6'0"/232 lbs.)
    Clint Sintim, LB, Jr. (6'3"/256 lbs.)
    Nate Lyles, S, Sr. (6'0"/203 lbs.)
    Chris Long, DE, Sr. (6'4"/284 lbs.)
    Tom Santi, TE, Sr. (6'5"/250 lbs.)

    Virginia Tech
    Sean Glennon, QB, Jr. (6'4"/221 lbs.)
    Branden Ore, RB, Jr. (5'11"/202 lbs.)
    Eddie Royal, WR, Sr. (5'10"/181 lbs.)
    Victor Harris, CB, Jr. (6'0"/200 lbs.)
    Xavier Adibi, LB, Sr. (6'2"/226 lbs.)
    Vince Hall, LB, Sr. (6'0"/240 lbs.)
    Chris Ellis, DE, Sr. (6'5"/260 lbs.)
    Carlton Powell, DT, Sr. (6'2"/294 lbs.)
    Chris Gould, K, Sr. (6'1"/210 lbs.)
    Duane Brown, OT, Sr. (6'5"/290 lbs.)
    Brandon Flowers, CB, Jr. (5'10"/190 lbs.)

    Wake Forest
    Aaron Curry, LB, Jr. (6'3"/240 lbs.)
    Rich Belton, FB, Jr. (6'1"/259 lbs.)
    Kenneth Moore, WR, Sr. (6'0"/204 lbs.)
    Stanley Arnoux, LB, Jr. (6'1"/245 lbs.)
    Steve Justice, C, Sr. (6'4"/284 lbs.)
    Micah Andrews, RB, Sr. (5'10"/212 lbs.)

    Tomorrow I will do the Big East
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    Cool man. That must take a lot of time to do. Thanks for taking the time to do it.


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      Originally posted by Acreboy View Post
      Cool man. That must take a lot of time to do. Thanks for taking the time to do it.
      Thanks man, it actually only took a little more than an hour.

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        you missed a lot on Florida St

        Florida State - DT Andre Fluellen, DE Alex Boston, LB Derek Nicholson, DE Neefy Moffett, CB Tony Carter, QB Drew Weatherford, and DT Paul Griffin


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          Can someone give me a review on Matt Ryan from BC. I've heard some people talk of him as a 2nd rounder at the moment, but being from the UK i haven't had a chance to watch anything of him


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            Some other guys for Miami. Derrick Morse-OG/C, Darnell Jenkins-WR, Teraz McCray-DT, and I think you mixed Sharpton up with Cook or Davis, he is only a sophomore.

            That is correct comahan
            I ******* LOVE YOU DG
            <3 dg


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              Add Darius Heyward Bey for Maryland he is a Redshirt Sophmore.

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                Guys a freakin beast.


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                  What about OT Barry Richardson from Clemson?


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                    Pretty good list for BC, but I would probably take out Thompson and add RB Andre Callender (5-11, 205). He is probably going to get the bulk of the carries over Whitworth in Jag's system.

                    edit-good call Solomon, Raji should probably be on their for BC
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                      Originally posted by skinzzfan25 View Post
                      Guys a freakin beast.
                      Derrius Heyward Bey is my fave receiver in the country top 10 pick in the making. At 6-3" and a track star, ran low 4.3's coming into college after a couple years in Maryland has a legit chance of running under 4.3. A mix of Ted Ginn JR., and Sidney Rice. He is a world class sprinter and at 6-3" that's crazy.

             you watch this clip simply stunning for a football player, if you watch the clock, play starts at 9:09 he gets into the endzone at 8:59. That is a 96 Yard TD Pass in 10 Seconds!!!!

             Miami again, that is a Miami DB he is burning twice in a game for long gains, you can't say that often.

             of Direction Speed.

             the shoulder like they teach you.
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                        Everyones additions have been added up to this post.

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                          i heard Matt Ryan is top 10

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                            Dre Moore - DT - Maryland


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                              some names for Rutgers for when you do the BE

                              RB Ray Rice (Jr)
                              OT Pedro Sosa
                              OL Jeremy Zuttah
                              OL Mike Fladell
                              DE Jamaal Westerman (Jr)
                              DL Eric Foster
                              SS Courtney Greene (Jr)
                              K Jeremy Ito



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