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ESPN's NFL Draft Highlight Music

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  • ESPN's NFL Draft Highlight Music

    I have no idea if ESPN produced their own song for the college prospects highlights (when Mel Kiper analyzes them) or if it is a "real song"...can anyone help me out here?

    It is played on Sportscenter really close to the draft when Mel Kiper talks about college players and their highlight reel comes on and when the are selected in the draft and their highlights come up.

    I have been searching for this song for quite a while and I just realized I should ask my fellow draftniks.

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    If you have no idea what I am talking about then you can hear it when AJ Hawk was selected by the Pack back in starts at :35.


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      no offence but why the hell would you even want that song?
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        Originally posted by heavyduty View Post
        no offence but why the hell would you even want that song?
        Idk, I just think it is a cool song. Hater! lol


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          Hell, I might want it myself. Rip it to the Xbox and add it to ESPN NFL 2K8 (updated rosters of course) and be good to go.
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            It's probably just a Stock song. There's whole CD's you can buy and just use however you want, without worrying about licensing and all that.. Say, $100 per CD, and all the music on there is yours.


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              That's the music that they used to play on NFL Primetime (I forgot what the show is called now). I have that song and all the other songs they used to use. To be honest, sometimes I listen to the music when I play Madden or NCAA and I listen to it when I work out, it pumps me up. If I can find a way to host it I can get you that one song or all of them if you want.


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                That was a good day.

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