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The Northeast Conference prospects are finished...

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  • The Northeast Conference prospects are finished...

    Omar Johnson, RB, Sr. (60/215 lbs.)
    Colin Disch, LB, Sr. (61/220 lbs.)
    Tom Pandolf, DT, Jr. (60/260 lbs.)
    Dave Nicomini, S, Jr. (63/230 lbs.)
    Dan Barnes, LB, Sr. (510/220 lbs.)

    Central Connecticut State
    Chris Stimmel, LB, Sr. (62/210 lbs.)
    Ernie Greywacz, DE, Jr. (63/215 lbs.)

    Daivd Sinisi, RB, R-Soph. (510/200 lbs.)
    Ayo Faye, CB, Sr. (60/200 lbs.)

    Robert Morris
    Erik Cwalinski, QB, Jr. (63/210 lbs.)
    Chad Wegnert, LB, Sr. (60/240 lbs.)
    Jordan Howard, LB, Sr. (510/210 lbs.)

    Sacred Heart
    Corey Bundy, WR, Jr. (62/190 lbs.)
    Jon Wilson, CB, Sr. (61/200 lbs.)
    Rich Marrone, LB, Jr. (511/220 lbs.)
    Steve Young, S, Jr. (62/190 lbs.)

    Antoine Rivera, WR, Jr. (63/175 lbs.)
    Andrew Ardestani, S, Jr. (510/175 lbs.)
    Fehi Sevelo, LB, Sr. (60/255 lbs.)
    Louis Beninato, LB, Sr. (60/220 lbs.)

    Jason Butler, RB, Sr. (61/190 lbs.)
    Aliga Betts, RB, Sr. (511/200 lbs.)
    Bryan Brand, LB, Sr. (61/215 lbs.)
    Al Phillips, CB, Sr. (511/195 lbs.)

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    Just curious...

    I appreciate you doing all this stuff, but I think we are all curious to know your sources

    Have you ever actually intensely scouted a junior linebacker from Sacred Heart or a senior cornerback from Monmouth or anyone else on these lists for that matter?

    Is this purely based on stats and measurables or do you actually have film on these guys?

    I'm just feeling a little suspect here because even a website like (Not trying to promote or anything) which lists every prospect for the next 3 drafts doesn't even list these guys from Robert Morris, Sacred Heart, La Salle, Delaware State etc...

    Again, I am not trying to criticize your work, I appreciate it and I bet it took alot of effort, but I am just curious to know where your getting this information from


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      I have looked at measurables and past stats for the players that I have listed, along with suggestions by other posters that I may have missed. Most of the 1-AA guys are just the better players on their teams who have a slim to no shot at making it to the NFL. I just made the lists to give people and myself the idea of who to look for during the games no matter what level it be.

      Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig



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