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Toledo OT prospects - Nick Kaczur (2004) vs. John Greco (2008)

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  • Toledo OT prospects - Nick Kaczur (2004) vs. John Greco (2008)

    someone asked me this question and i really couldn't come up with a good answer. Nick Kaczur was drafted in 2004 in the 3rd round by the Patriots. He was first team all MAC four years straight. John Greco is a prospect this year, and seems to be fairly highly rated. He is 2 time 1st team all mac and barring injury 3 time.

    anyone who follows draft rankings closely, how does John Greco compare as a prospect this year vs. how Nick Kaczur was as a prospect a few years back.

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    They're not too similar. Greco is a lot more athletic.


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      Kaczur was a Canadian and extremely raw when he entered college as Canadian kids are way behind Americans when it comes to being trained as football players. He also played Canadian high school football which is a completely different game than the American game and the adjustment to the American game is huge.
      When New England drafted Kaczur, they saw a kid who had immense upside as he had only scratched the surface of his talent and was nowhere near being a finished product, hence he was a 3rd round pick which is quite an accomplishment for a Canadian player.
      Greco doesn't have the upside of Kaczur, he's a decent prospect but nothing special.
      And proud of it!!!



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