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Colarado LB, Akarika Dawn

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  • Colarado LB, Akarika Dawn

    I woke up this morning to read in one of the major Syndey (Australian) newspapers that Colarado LB, Akarika Dawn will be flying to Sydney to have a tryout with a Rugby League team in the area. I found it pretty interesting and havent seen anything like this before. Im as big of a Rugby League fan that i am an NFL fan and it would be intriguiging to see how a guy would go living League a try.

    Its alot faster than the NFL and is far less structured and judging by the comparison of injuries id say the physicality is very similiar. I say good luck to him.

    What can you tell me about the player, was he any good?
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    hes 6 feet tall, 242 lbs

    4.7 speed

    not sure how good he is..havent seen him but he played a little bit of arena football as a FB


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      he was a pretty good player, he was part of a Good lB corpes w/ Thad Washington, Brian Iwuh, and himself....

      i hope he can succeed in the Rugby league.,... i was disapointed that he didnt make it into the NFL


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        I can't see him succeeding in such a short period of time. NRL is a different game to NFL and him making the transition will be just as hard as an NRL player trying to play in the NFL.


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          njx9.....i just try to keep it positive


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            Originally posted by njx9
            your CU homerism is amazing. i often wonder if you ever watched the team play.

            he was an average linebacker on a decent lb corps. he had no business in the NFL. and unless his athleticism has improved, i don't think he makes it in rugby as anything more than a sideshow.
            Completely agree. His skill set will not suit the NRL. After he plays in the minor leagues for 2-3 years then maybe but going up against guys who have played the game their whole lives is going to be tough. How many Aussies do you see in the NFL at positions other than Punter?



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