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    Originally posted by ElectricEye View Post
    Number of posts about the who will start for Notre Dame:0
    Number of posts either saying something negative, or generally just being whiny:Every single one of them.

    Seriously, save face, and just GTFO out of the thread. If you're as disinterested as you say in Notre Dame(and as your posts are saying), that shouldn't be much of a problem.
    time spent reading my pointless post- too much

    time spent doing something productive- none

    post in this thread about who will be starting for ND- 1

    post in this thread that have zero to do with ND- 4

    whats ur point?


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      Originally posted by Acreboy View Post
      This guy

      Well now we know that *** quarterbacks go to Notre Dame...


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        Originally posted by njx9
        do you not see the difference? jesus.

        post one: "i'm sick of pacman being in the news"
        post two: "i'm sick of people posting about notre dame"

        can you tell me the difference between those two posts? somehow i'm sure you'll try to say they're the same thing. in that case, i'd suggest re-enrolling in a few basic reading comprehension courses, rather than wasting your time posting on a message board. *shrug*
        ive seen post saying that ppl are sick of hearing about pacman in the pacman thread...nice job tryin to reword what i said to prove a point tho....and in responce to ur other post i have put many insightful post on this board...mabe u should do some research on my post b4 u not all of my post are serious and insightful but i doubt anyone can make that claim



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