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    Originally posted by VY10 View Post
    Michigan.... a team who claimed they deserved to be in the NC lost their bowl game to USC by 2 TDs....

    OSU.... lost to Florida very badly.
    Auburn who was the only team to beat florida?
    LSU who whooped ND?
    Arkansas Barely lost against Wisconsin and lost to Florida in the SEC championship only by 10 as opposed to OSU's 27.

    The SEC is by far the hardest conference to play in. Every team can have its day...except vandy and mississippi state
    LSU who whooped ND? Michigan says hi. On the road.

    God we KNOW the SEC is the best conference, let it go. Can we go a day without some dumbass SEC guy saying "The SEC is the greatest thing since sliced bread" when everyone agrees?

    Auburn looked solid against UGA btw.


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      Originally posted by JBond93 View Post
      Are? Make sure you say were.

      Anyways, OSU was the 2nd best team in the country. Are you saying Oklahoma was terrible because they lost to USC by so much in the NC a few years back? USC was just dominant that day, and most of the season, but Oklahoma was still the 2nd (or 3rd,) best team in football.
      yeah oklahoma was definately the 3rd best that year. Im a USC fan and wouldve have much rather seen them play Auburn. WOulda been a better game.


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        Wow guy cracks a joke and this turns into the 2007 NC game thread all over again. OSU played it's worst game of the season on January 8th and their gameplan and offensive line play was God-awful. Just a team with a horrible game playing a team with a great game. Florida was a better team, Let's get over it.


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          BYU who WALLOPED Oregon beat Stanford who beat Washington who beat Washington State who beat Oregon State who beat USC who beat Michigan who beat Penn State who beat Tennessee who beat South Carolina who beat Kentucky who beat Georgia who beat Auburn who beat Florida.



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            So BYU and Ohio State should have a playoff for the title right? :)



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