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Your Favorite Team's 2007 Record?

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  • Your Favorite Team's 2007 Record?

    My team is the Gophers, im very sorry to admit. If I had to guess I would say 5-6 with the possibility of going 6-5. Nothing over 6 wins. Most mags have us at around 10th in the conference, but thats basically the case every year, Pinnix should be a stud this year, and hey, Tony Mortenson can't be worse than Cupito, right?

    So yeah, I would be happy with a 6-5 record, but realistically I'd guess somewhere in the 4-7 or 5-6 range. Although I have some high hopes for this team in the next 5 years, looks like Tim Brewster actually gives a **** about this team. Unlike that P.O.S Glen Mason.
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    iowa hawkeyes: 10-2.

    very realistic as we have an amazingly easy schedule...with only losses to PSU and Wisconsin foreseeable...although, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa State I can see giving us a scare and possibly an upset

    We have to break in a new QB in Christensen who, with more experience, looks like he has the same winning character as Tate, only less flamboyant. we also break in basically a whole new OL, there are a handful of players with experience but no outstanding OL. we have potentially a top big ten 1-2 combo backfield with Young and Sims and a lot of potential with a young WR core.

    We return what should be the best DL in all of the Big 10, but is by far the most experienced, although often injured and underachieving...our only question marks are in the secondary, which can cause alot of problems if we can't improve from last year

    overall...10-2 is definately not out of the question for this year's team, but we might get caught overlooking teams who have been bottom dwellers for in recent memory (Illinois, Indiana) and could easily fall to 8-4 or 7-5...but the Hawkeye fans are expecting big things this year


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      9-3 or 10-2, ACC Champs.


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        Originally posted by BigJohn98 View Post
        9-3 or 10-2, ACC Champs.
        never mind.


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          Alabama: 7-5, 8-4

          A favorable in-conference schedule leads to a substantial improvement over last year's win-total, and pulls the team into a more well-known Bowl Game then the PetroSun Independence Bowl.

          Still, it'll take a while for Saban to really establish his system. If he's smart, he'll give more free reign to Major Applewhite then he did to Jimbo Fisher while he was in LSU--- he got away with being conservative because of the absurd talent that he had, but he's building from the ground-up now.
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            Originally posted by BigJohn98 View Post
            9-3 or 10-2, ACC Champs.

            For Florida State? Thats some wishful thinking. Best case scenario imo for you guys is about 8-4, maybe 7-5. You guys have a brutal schedule. You have to go to Florida, Wake Forest, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and Boston College.


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              11-1 SEC Champs

              NC contenders


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                LSU should go 10-2 at the very worst, with 11-1 or 12-0 distinctly possible.

                All the tough games are at home except for Alabama. If they can get by Virginia Tech in week 2 the season could be special.


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                  I feel Vandy going anywhere from 8-4 to 4-8. If we could get some luck(arkansas game last year) i think we will get our first bowl since.....i dont know


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                    6-6, 7-5, hopefully that'll lead to a winnable bowl bid.

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                      Clemson 10-2

                      Hard games at home. We could easily just go 7-5.


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                        Ole Miss 5-6 at best, probably 4-7. It is tough to do much in this conference, plus they are going to be relying a lot on young talent this year.


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                          I don't know who my favorite college team is, probably OSU or Miami but I'm not sure...

                          I don't know enough about either team right now to predict either, so they'll go both undefeated and play for it all...

                          Ya, right.


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                            7-5/8-4 thanks to the 4th easiest schedule in the nation.

                            vs Indiana State - W
                            @ Western Michigan - W
                            vs Akron - W
                            vs Illinois - W
                            @ Iowa - L
                            vs Minnesota - L
                            @ Michigan State - W
                            vs Penn State - L
                            @ Wisconsin - L
                            vs Ball State - W
                            @ Northwestern - W
                            vs Purdue - W

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                              Texas - 11-1.

                              Alabama -8-4



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