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  • Oklahoma expectations?

    Ive seen alot of people predict OU to go to the Nat. Champ. this year, some winning some losing, im wondering what you guys think about their team this year, and how far do you see them going...They do have a new qb and new rb coming in starting, but a great defense and a great coach, Ive rarely seen a team with 2 new key starters get predicted to go to teh BCS title game, but ive seen OU's name get thrown out there alot, what do you guys think?

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    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.

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    i think a BCS bowl game is possible for them but id be suprised to see them at the national championship game. i think they will atleast lose to Texas. Possibly Texas A&M too


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      Well, any time a solid team like that plays such a soft schedule, there's always a legitimate chance of going undefeated and playing for the title. Catching both Miami and Texas at home means the Sooners will almost certainly be favored in all 12 regular season games. So, according to the odds, they're almost expected to be in the title game. Then they just have the Big12 title game to get through. But according to recent history, they wouldn't even need to show up and they'd still be granted a spot in the Championship game if they were already 12-0. So, yes, I do believe this team could be a serious contender this year. But do I think they are one of the 3 or 4 very best teams in the country this year? No. Not at this point anyway. There are a lot of teams across the nation who really only have to get past 2 or 3 tests over the course of the entire season, and they could be in the title game if they are successful in that. Especially a few of the Big East, Big-10 and Big-12 teams. We may have to wait until November or December just to find out how good some of these teams really are because you need to see a team face adversity on multiple occasions before you can really judge them, imo.


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        If they lose more than one game it is a terrible disappointment. The only team that should be even with them is texas, unless Shannon is a miracle worker at Miami.


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          They definitely have a lot of talent across the board, especially on defense. Malcolm Kelly and Allen Patrick should be the biggest stars on offense, but the QB situation is still iffy. They have 2 talented safeties which lead what looks to be a solid secondary, a good LB corps, and a deep and talented DL (especially DY). They definitely have a shot at taking the Big 12, Texas looks to be the only team that can match up.

          On a side note, one of their safety recruits for 2008, Herman Mitchell (Westfield ,Texas), was shot 3 times and killed on the way to his high school practice.


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            Funny stat about OU: They were undefeated last year without Adrian Peterson


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              I think a BCS game isn't out of the picture, but to say National Championship, you may be a little overboard. First of all, I don't think they're a better team than Texas and they'll lose that game, and Texas will go on and win the Big XII. When you lose an Adrian Peterson, very rarely can you come even close to replacing him, and Oklahoma will have to find a new identity on offense without Thompson or Peterson.

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                RB may be easy to solve but replacing a QB is very tough. Their schedule may be easy but they won't even smell the NC game. Inexperienced QB's almost always equates to a few upset losses. They'll struggle to win their Division and will be very, very happy to make it into the top 10. Even that will be a reach.
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