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My Mock Season and Bowl Predictions

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  • My Mock Season and Bowl Predictions

    LSU 10-2 (6-2) (5-1)

    1. @ Miss State 30-3 Win

    2. Virginia Tech 21-10 Win

    3. Middle Tenn 55-7 Win

    4. South Carolina 30-20 win

    5. @ Tulae 48-6 Win

    6. Florida 17-20 Loss

    7. @ Kentucky 28-24 Win

    8. Auburn 17-0 Win

    9. @ Alabama 14-17 Loss

    Louisiana Tech 45-14 Win

    11. @ Ole Miss 27-13 Win

    12. Arkansas 30-24 Win

    The Tigers are easily the USC of the South as they have accumulated some of the most talent of any program the past four to five years. This years team will be no different, even with the lost of three first rounders on offense and the lost of offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher. Les Miles brought in the coordinator behind the high powered offense of Oregon to replace Fisher, and there are more than few former mega recruits waiting to fill the shoes of Davis, Bowe, and Russell. I expect Flynn to be a more than capable QB, and he should be mistake free. The running game will flourish if Keiland Williams plays like he did at the end of the year. Iím projecting two very close losses, which could go either way. But in the end, I still believe they win the SEC. The National spotlight will be on LSU against Virginia Tech and I expect LSU to throughrouly handle Tech. The defense led by the best Defensive Line in America should stifle the running game and force Glennon into some bad situations. The offense wont put up a whole lot of yards against the Tech defense, but they should have a few short fields to work with after turnovers. At Kentucky will be a naibiter as will be the last game against Arkansas. I believe the Auburn offense will struggle and LSU will win the game pretty easily in front of the home crowd.

    Alabama 7-5 (4-4) (3-2)

    1. Western Carolina 35-12 Win

    2. @ Vandy 14-16 Loss

    3. Arkansas 17-28 Loss

    4. Georgia 21-18 Win

    5. Florida State* 10-23 Loss

    6. Houston 28-26 Win

    7. @ Ole Miss 14-7 Win

    8. Ten 21-24 Loss

    9. LSU 17-14 Win

    10. @ Miss State 24-16 Win

    11. ULM 42-13 Win

    12. @ Auburn 27-30 Loss

    Fans in Tuscaloosa expect greatness right away from coach Nick Saban and while it will come in recruiting wars in the SEC, donít expect it on the field right away. Remember, as good of a recruiter Saban is, he has never started off particularly strong in his first seasons at Michigan State and LSU. He did not turn them around RIGHT AWAY, it took a little bit of time. The Bama only averaged 23 points a game last season, but I do expect a better overall output from the Tide. John Parker Wilson should be ready to become All SEC, and the running game should see more than the 123 yards its unit averaged last year. Early on, I exect some criticism with a 2-3 start including a shocking lost against perennial cellar dweller Vanderbilt. But The Tide will get better, and will be in games with Ten and LSU, and I expect an upset over one of them in the back to back home games. The game against Auburn should be the measuring stick for a succesful season or not, the game is at Auburn, but Auburn is not as good as they were the past few seasons.

    Auburn 8-4 (4-4) (3-2)

    1. Kansas State 27-10 Win

    2. USF 30-26 Win

    3. Miss State 45-7 Win

    4. NM State 35-0 Win

    5. @ Florida 13-31 Loss

    6. Vandy 27-13 Win

    7. @ Arkansas 13-21 Loss

    8. @ LSU 0-17 Loss

    9. Ole Miss 27-20 Win

    10. Ten Tech 55-0 Win

    11. @ Georgia 17-20 Loss

    12. Alabama 30-27 Win

    Auburn had a great season last year and carry a lot of expectation to duplicate double digit victories. With a tough scheduel that includes games at Georgia, LSU, Arkansas, and Florida I donít expect that to happen. Cox still has not become a big time QB, and needs to throw for more than 14 TDís this season. He struggled mightily at times (Georgia). The running game should continue to thrive and the defense is still quick and strong, but overall, unless Cox becomes big time, I expect Auburn to have a slightly disappointing season, which would be even disappointing if they lost the Iron Bowl, which should be a close one.

    Arkansas 9-3 (5-3) (4-1)

    1. Troy 31-20 Win

    2. @ Alabama 28-17 Win

    3. Kentucky 35-31 Win

    4. North Texas 45-10 Win

    5. Chattanooga 60-3 Win

    6. Auburn 21-13 Win

    7. @ LSU 24-30 Loss

    8. @ Ole Miss 21-20 Win

    9. FIU 42-17 Win

    10. South Carolina 20-27 Loss

    11. @ Ten 7-13 Loss

    12. Miss State 35-21 Win

    Darren Mcfadden will carry this team, but even he canít get them back to the SEC Title game by himself. With the transfer of some standout potentials including QB Mustain, Casey Dick will have to prove he is capable of leading the Razorbacks through an entire season, and do it effectively. He completed less than 50% of his passes, which can not happen this year if they want to be in Atlanta in December. They should start off strong, and even with a loss at LSU will have a strong chance at doing some damage in the SEC pecking order. I do believe that the offense will struggle down the stretch if Dick canít become more of a complete passer and get the ball to guys like Marcus Monk, this will be evident against teams like South Carolina and Tennessee. Felix Jones and McFadden should repeat as combo 1,000 yard rushers, but with a strong offensive line returning.

    Ole Miss 6-6 (2-6)(1-4)

    1. @ Memphis 20-10 Win

    2. Missouri 21-17 Win

    3. @ Vandy 35-27 Win

    4. Florida 7-35 Loss

    5. @ Georgia 13-22 Loss

    6. Louisiana Tech 42-16 Win

    7. Alabama 7-14 Loss

    8. Arkansas 20-21 Loss

    9. @ Auburn 20-27 Loss

    10.NW State 42-10 Win

    11. LSU 13-27 Loss

    12. @ Miss State 37-31 Win

    Schaffer was suppose to be the awnser to bring the Rebels back, but he struggled last season, now he and Seth Adams should both see time at QB this season. Luckily, there are some very good players on offense, which starts up front with dominating Olineman Mike Oher. The running game wears opponents down with Green-Ellis who ran for 1,000 yards last season. The Rebels are very young, and will start a lot of freshman and sophomores which will hinder them in SEC play. WR Dexter McCluster was outstanding as a true freshman before his injury, and he and fellow Sophomore Marshay Green present big downplay ability. If the Rebels can win three games in September, then they have a good shot at becoming bowl eligible

    Miss State 3-9 (0-8) (0-5)

    1. LSU 3-30 Loss

    2. @ Tulane 27-6 Win

    3. @ Auburn 7-45 Loss

    4. Gardner-Webb 38-10 Win

    5. @ South Carolina 20-35 Loss

    6. UAB 17-16 Win

    7. Ten 20-24 Loss

    8. @ West Virginia 16-42 Loss

    9. @ Kentucky 26-30 Loss

    10. Alabama 16-24 Loss

    11. @ Arkansas 21-35 Loss

    12. @ Ole Miss 31-37 Loss

    14 starters return, but I donít believe it will be enough to ensure that the Bulldogs (the west Dawgs) can even win a game in SEC play. They only have five home games and the home games includes matchups against top 25 teams Alabama, LSU, and Tenneesee. Sophomore RB Anthony Dixon is a load to bring down, and could be one of the few bright spots on offense.

    Florida 10-2 (7-1) (4-1)

    1. W. Kentucky 48-13 Win

    2. Troy 55-6 Win

    3. Ten 24-26 Loss

    4. @ Ole Miss 35-7 Loss

    5. Auburn 31-13 Win

    6. @ LSU 20-17 Win

    7. @ Kentucky 21-20 Win

    8. Georgia 38-34 Win

    9. Vandy 45-20 Win

    10. @ South Carolina 23-17 Win

    11. FAU 55-7 Win

    12. Florida State 27-31 Loss

    The returning National Champions are faster, and more athletic than last season. The only problem is, a great deal of that talent is young and inexperienced. The offense led by Tim Tebow should be explosive with a great deal of wealth at WR and some intriguing options at running back. The achiles heel of this team will be the run defense, as the front seven lacks a player over 280 pounds. Both ends are lighter than 245, and both starting tackles weigh less than 280. The linebackers are fast, but the strong side will most likely feature a freshman under 210 pounds. This will be a weakness against teams with good running games like Ten and LSU. The Gators will not have a bad season, they will just out-talent a lot of teams, but in crutch time, the inexperience of players will haunt them in some close games, which games for me is interchangeable, but I do see a two lost season.

    Georgia 9-3 (6-2) (4-1)

    1. Oklahoma State 23-22 Win

    2. South Carolina 34-30 Win

    3. West Virginia 45-13 Win

    4. @ Alabama 18-21 Loss

    5. Ole Miss 22-13 Win

    6. @ Ten 28-23 Win

    7. @ Vandy 31-20 Win

    8. Florida* 34-38 Loss

    9. Troy 40-10 Win

    10. Auburn 20-17 Win

    11. Kentucky 28-23 Win

    12. @ Georgia Tech 17-21 Loss

    The Bulldogs had a season to forget, until they grew up and played much better at the end of the season. The young guys grew up, and this should help them in close games this year. Matthew Stafford has all of the potential to be a game breaker at QB, but he needs his running game to help him out. The OL which was one a big question mark, was suprisingly a strong point in spring, and that should give the offense a strong foundation. Its now time for some WRís to step us, as Massaquoi had a disappointing season. The Bulldogs donít have the offense to go out and blowout every team, so there could be a lot of close games, a few of them will most likely be losses.

    Tennessee 9-3 (5-3) (2-3)

    1. @ Cal 28-26 Win

    2. S. Miss 47-20 Win

    3. @ Florida 26-24 Win

    4. Arkansas State 38-13 Win

    5. Georgia 23-28 Loss

    6. @ Miss State 24-20 Win

    7. @ Alabama 24-21 Win

    8. South Carolina 18-27 Loss

    9. Louisiana-Laf 30-6 Win

    10. Arkansas 13-7 Win

    11. Vandy 48-20 Win

    12. @ Kentucky 26-28 Loss

    The Volunteers have the talent on paper, to have a very good season and get back to a BCS Bowl, but there has to be concern all over on the offensive of side of the bowl. The suspension of last years leading rusher complicates things, but Arian Foster and Hardesty have both showed a lot of promise. It will most likely be a by-committee approach anyway. It also hurts to lose super DB Demetrice Morely, who had academic problems, but I have no doubts about the defense being one of the SECís best led by LBís Jered Mayo and Rico McCoy. A game in the Swamp will set the tone early, but the game that could send them into the top 10 is the opener at Cal. Win that one, and confidence will be high. Lose that one, and memories of past dissapointing seasons will enter before they each touch the conference schduel.

    South Carolina 7-5 (4-4) (2-3)

    1. Louisiana-Laf 42-12 Win

    2. @ Georgia 30-34 Loss

    3. S. Carolina State 20-45 Loss

    4. @ LSU 20-30 Loss

    5. Miss State 35-20 Win

    6. Kentucky 27-31 Loss

    7. @ North Carolina 38-22 Win

    8. Vandy 55-43 Win

    9. @ Ten 27-18 Win

    10. @ Arkansas 27-20 Win

    11. Florida 17-23 Loss

    12. Clemson 14-30 Loss

    The old ball Coach has a lot of expectation, but I still donít think they are quite there. Black Mitchell is being hyped as the next Spurrier SEC QB to become a prolific passer, but Iím not sold on that transformation.....yet at least.

    Kentucky 6-6 (2-6) (2-3)

    1. E. Kentucky 58-13 Win

    2. Kentucky St 55-0 Win

    3. Louisville 24-38 Loss

    4. @ Arkansas 31-35 Loss

    5. FAU 44-20 Win

    6. @ South Carolina 31-27 Win

    7. LSU 24-38 Loss

    8. Florida 20-21 Loss

    9. Miss State 30-26 Win

    10. @ Vandy 24-31 Loss

    11. @ Georgia 23-28 Loss

    12. Ten 28-26 Win

    Its almost unfair, that I believe Kentucky will become bowl eligible but not receive a bowl invitation. Everyone knows Andre Woodson is vying to be the best QB in the entire country and he should be a big reason why the Wildcat offense will be explosive. The defense will have to be better (they gave up more points than they scored last season) if they truly want to go bowling again. The early game at home against Louisville offers a great shot at bursting onto the national scene, and jump starting the Heisman campaign of Woodson

    Vanderbilt 5-7 (2-6) (1-4)

    1. Richmond 28-7 Win

    2. Alabama 16-14 Win

    3. Ole Miss 27-35 Loss

    4. E. Michigan 40-20 Win

    5. @ Auburn 13-27 Loss

    6. Georgia 20-31 Loss

    7. @ South Carolina 43-55 Loss

    8. Miami (OH) 28-20 Win

    9. @ Florida 20-45 Loss

    10. Kentucky 31-24 Win

    11. @ Ten 20-48 Loss

    12. Wake Forest 17-21 Loss

    The Commodores are on the brink, yes they are almost to the point of ending their bowl drought which dates back to 1982. Chris Nickerson is an exciting QB, throwing for 19 TDís, 2,000 yards and rushing for over 600 yards and 9 TDís. Heís only a junior, and continues to improve as a natural QB. The biggest playmaker on the team is WR Earl Bennett, who should become the SECís all time leading receiver this season as only a junior. Vandy has a golden chance, to upset Alabama the second week of the season, and I believe they will do it.. The four non conference games are all winneable, so they would need just one more win, which could be the Kentucky game at home. Either way, the team should be exciting to watch, and could play spoiler to a couple of teams this season and get another upset against a SEC team (beat Georgia in Athens last season)

    Michigan (11-1) (7-1)

    Sept. 1 Appalachian State 52-7 Win

    Sept. 8 Oregon 27-16 Win

    Sept. 15 Notre Dame 35-20 Win

    Sept. 22 Penn State 28-22 Win

    Sept. 29 at Northwestern 50-31 Win

    Oct. 6 Eastern Michigan 42-10 Win

    Oct. 13 Purdue 34-30 Win

    Oct. 20 at Illinois 20-17 Win

    Oct. 27 Minnesota 30-7 Win

    Nov. 3 at Michigan State 24-20 Win

    Nov. 10 at Wisconsin 14-27 Loss

    Nov. 17 Ohio State 28-24 Win

    Michigan is thinking National Championship with a lot of returning starters on offense and some capable replacements on defense. September will be a very revealing month, and if they end the month undefeated, there is no reason for them to not be undefeated going into mid November. Chad Henne, Mike Hart, and Mario Manningham form an outstanding trio of skill players, and OT Jake Long will one of the center pieces. All four could end up as All Americans. I think they will lose one game, the showdown at Wisconsin, in which I expect the Badgers to run and control the clock, keeping the Wolverines off the field. Wisconsin, and maybe Ohio State, are the only teams in my opinion, capable of doing that, since they have the OL and running game needed to beat Michigan up front.

    Wisconsin 10-2 (6-2)

    Sept. 1 Washington State 30-10 Win

    Sept. 8 at UNLV 21-17 Win

    Sept. 15 The Citadel 55-0 Win

    Sept. 22 Iowa 24-27 Loss

    Sept. 29 Michigan State 28-21 Win

    Oct. 6 at Illinois 23-14 Win

    Oct. 13 at Penn State 35-31 Win

    Oct. 20 Northern Illinois 42-17 Win

    Oct. 27 Indiana 31-20 Win

    Nov. 3 at Ohio State 20-21 Loss

    Nov. 10 Michigan 27-14 Win

    Nov. 17 at Minnesota 28-21 Win

    The Badgers have a lot of expectation after a n extremely satisfying 12 win season last year, the best in school history. The running game will be aggressive and dominant with PJ Hill being the focal point of the offense, but do not rule out the big 5 star recruit, John Clay, getting some carries, even as a true freshman. The big question mark for me is at QB, where Donovan is still inexperienced. He threw 4 TDís last year and got some work, but can he do it for an entire season, and do it as effectively as Stocco. My gut tells me, that in at least two close games, he will not.

    Penn State 9-3 (5-3)

    Sept. 1 FIU 38-3 Win

    Sept. 8 Notre Dame 27-6 Win

    Sept. 15 Buffalo 35-0 Win

    Sept. 22 at Michigan 22-28 Loss

    Sept. 29 at Illinois 20-21 Loss

    Oct. 6 Iowa 41-20 Win

    Oct. 13 Wisconsin 31-35 Loss

    Oct. 20 at Indiana 45-7 Win

    Oct. 27 Ohio State 28-10 Win

    Nov. 3 Purdue 38-14 Win

    Nov. 10 at Temple 42-6 Win

    Nov. 17 at Michigan State 21-13 Win

    The Nittany Lions are good enough to win the Big 10 this year, but the difference between a good season and a BCS type of season will be the play of senior QB Anthony Moreli. He is a big armed kid, and showed in spring and the Outback Bowl that he has the makings of a 1st round pick, but so far in his career he has been mediocre. The defense should be stellar and if some RBís can be found and a capable OL, then losses that I have predicted by Illinois and Wisconsin could be overcome.


    Ohio State 9-3 (5-3)

    Sept. 1 Youngstown State 55-0 Win

    Sept. 8 Akron 35-7 Win

    Sept. 15 at Washington 28-13 Win

    Sept. 22 Northwestern 35-30 Win

    Sept. 29 at Minnesota 28-21 Win

    Oct. 6 at Purdue 35-39 Loss

    Oct. 13 Kent State 42-10 Win

    Oct. 20 Michigan State 24-3 Win

    Oct. 27 at Penn State 10-28 Loss

    Nov. 3 Wisconsin 21-20 Win

    Nov. 10 Illinois 28-24 Win

    Nov. 17 at Michigan 24-28 Loss

    The Buckeyes lost some playmakers, and on offense it will be felt. But luckily, they have recruited well enough to not worry about having to "rebuild". They are still good enough to win the Big 10 if things break right, but they will most likely settle for a New Years Day Bowl in Florida. I still donít believe they will lose at anytime in Columbus, but away from home they could run into a few problems.

    Iowa 9-3 (5-3)

    Sept. 1 Northern Illinois (in Chic.) 24-20 Win

    Sept. 8 Syracuse 31-21 Win

    Sept. 15 at Iowa State 17-7 Win

    Sept. 22 at Wisconsin 27-24 Win

    Sept. 29 Indiana 31-20 Win

    Oct. 6 at Penn State 20-41 Loss

    Oct. 13 Illinois 35-20 Win

    Oct. 20 at Purdue 21-38 Loss

    Oct. 27 Michigan State 26-20 Win

    Nov. 3 at Northwestern 17-30 Loss

    Nov. 10 Minnesota 24-21 Win

    Nov. 17 Western Michigan 35-7 Win

    The Hawkeyeís have been the forgotten program, but do not count out coach Ferentz, as he should be in contention for another double digit season. Jake Christensen has a lot of potential at QB, and could be more of a playmaker then Drew Tate was going into his sophomore season. RB Albert Young is truly a fan favorite when he is healthy. He is a strong runner, who always manages to push the pile. There will be some test, and the defense will have to prove they can stop the pass after giving up 240 yards a game last year. Their ability to stop the pass will be key in games at Purdue and Northwestern, games which could be the difference between a New Years Day Bowl in Florida or California or a trip elsewhere.

    Purdue 7-5 (5-3)

    Sept. 1 at Toledo 21-27 Loss

    Sept. 8 Eastern Illinois 30-7 Win

    Sept. 15 Central Michigan 55-14 Win

    Sept. 22 at Minnesota 28-30 Loss

    Sept. 29 Notre Dame 23-27 Loss

    Oct. 6 Ohio State 38-35 Win

    Oct. 13 at Michigan 30-34 Loss

    Oct. 20 Iowa 38-21 Win

    Oct. 27 Northwestern 42-41 Win

    Nov. 3 at Penn State 14-38 Loss

    Nov. 10 Michigan State 27-21 Win

    Nov. 17 at Indiana 30-20 Win

    I donít see Purdue greatly improving their win total from last year, but I do see them at least matching it. The offense should be dynamite, returning one of the fastest WRís in the country in Dorian Bryant and Curtis Painter, who nearly threw for 4,000 yards last season. Itís the defense that will be the question mark. They got steamrolled last season, giving up nearly 200 yards rushing a game and over 240 through the air. If this continues, then expect Purdue to be in plenty of shootouts. That means a very fun team to watch, but usually doesnít translate into a high amount of victories.


    Minnesota 6-6 (2-6)

    Sept. 1 Bowling Green 24-13 Win

    Sept. 8 Miami University 30-16 Win

    Sept. 15 at Florida Atlantic 41-17 Win

    Sept. 22 Purdue 30-28 Win

    Sept. 29 Ohio State 21-28 Loss

    Oct. 6 at Indiana 24-22 Win

    Oct. 13 at Northwestern 14-34 Loss

    Oct. 20 North Dakota State 35-10 Win

    Oct. 27 at Michigan 7-30 Loss

    Nov. 3 Illinois 23-30 Loss

    Nov. 10 at Iowa 21-24 Loss

    Nov. 17 Wisconsin 21-28 Loss

    After a coaching change, Minnesoata is expecting to make the kind of transition teams like Iowa have in the past. It may come, but I just donít see it this season. They continue to crank out good rushers, and Amir Pinnix is the next in line. The Gophers have been to 5 straight bowl games, but unless QB Tony Mortenson can step right in and produce, they may miss out this year. I believe they will get off to a fast start, but I do predict a disastrous October and November.


    Illinois 6-6 (3-5)

    Sept. 1 Missouri (in St. Louis) 20-21 Loss

    Sept. 8 Western Illinois 38-3 Win

    Sept. 15 at Syracuse 27-20 Win

    Sept. 22 at Indiana 24-28 Loss

    Sept. 29 Penn State 21-20 Win

    Oct. 6 Wisconsin 14-23 Loss

    Oct. 13 at Iowa 20-35 Loss

    Oct. 20 Michigan 17-20 Loss

    Oct. 27 Ball State 41-10 Win

    Nov. 3 at Minnesota 30-23 Win

    Nov. 10 at Ohio State 24-38 Loss

    Nov. 17 Northwestern 35-30 Win

    Zook is installing so key pieces to the Illini program, and I think it pays dividends this year with a bowl appearance. Isiash "Juice" Williams, could become a serious playmaker this year, if he continues to progress as a passer, and get more comfortable in the pocket. The team is becoming much faster, and it should show early on. They may not have the experience or confidence to upset any of the mega powers, but do not be surprised to see them beat either Penn State or Wisconsin.


    Michigan State 3-9 (1-7)

    Sept. 1 UAB 28-12 Win

    Sept. 8 Bowling Green 35-31 Win

    Sept. 15 Pitt 24-26 Loss

    Sept. 22 at Notre Dame 20-31 Loss

    Sept. 29 at Wisconsin 21-38 Loss

    Oct. 6 Northwestern 17-31 Loss

    Oct. 13 Indiana 26-20 Win

    Oct. 20at Ohio State 3-24 Loss

    Oct. 27at Iowa 20-26 Loss

    Nov. 3Michigan 20-24 Loss

    Nov. 10 at Purdue 21-27 Loss

    Nov. 17 Penn State 13-21 Loss

    People can hate the way he handled situations, but losing a player like Standon does hurt, but the promise of Brian Hoyer could offset any worries. RB Javon Ringer is a fantastic talent, when healthy, and can be one of the Big 10's best. The pass game should be good, but the running game must be far more productive. The defense also has holes to fill, and will most likely struggle against the better offenses in the conference. This season all around looks to be one that will be a rebuilding year.


    Indiana 6-6 (2-6)

    Sept. 1 Indiana State 45-20 Win

    Sept. 8 at Western Michigan 37-14 Win

    Sept. 15 Akron 41-27 Win

    Sept. 22 Illinois 28-24 Win

    Sept. 29 at Iowa 20-21 Loss

    Oct. 6 Minnesota 24-22 Win

    Oct. 13 at Michigan State 20-26 Loss

    Oct. 20 Penn State 7-45 Loss

    Oct. 27 at Wisconsin 20-31 Loss

    Nov. 3 Ball State 35-13 Win

    Nov. 10 at Northwestern 20-40 Loss

    Nov. 17 Purdue 20-30 Loss

    Surprise surprise, I am predicting the Hoosiers to be bowl eligible for the first time since 1993. I think QB Kellen Lewis is very underated, or he at least will catch some shine this season. He is at this point, more polished than Juice Williams, and has already found an established receiver in James hardy (who may miss some time this season due to injury). September will be veyr important for Idiana, as they have a chance to get more than half way to six wins. Ball state should be another victory later on, if they can steal a game against a team like Purdue, Northwestern, or Minnesota, than they have a very realistic shot at going bowling.


    Northwestern 8-4 (4-4)

    Sept. 1 Northeastern 62-3 Win

    Sept.8 Nevada 45-30 Win

    Sept. 15 Duke 38-14 Win

    Sept. 22 at Ohio State 30-35 Loss

    Sept. 29 Michigan 31-50 Loss

    Oct. 6 at Michigan State 31-17 Win

    Oct. 13 Minnesota 34-14 Win

    Oct. 20 Eastern Michigan 45-20 Win

    Oct. 27 at Purdue 41-42 Loss

    Nov. 3 Iowa 30-17 Win

    Nov. 10 Indiana 40-20 Win

    Nov. 17 at Illinois 30-35 Loss

    Northwestern is one of my favorite teams going into this season, and their schedule sets them up for a surprising season. Ty Sutton is one of my favorite players in college football, he isnt very big, and isnt the absoluate fastest player on the field, but he is as game changing of a college back as you will find. Great hands out of the backfield, and good vision in the hole, he can put a team on his back as a Reggie Bush type playmaker. The player I believe will put this team over the top and back into bowl contention will be QB C.J Bacher. He went through a big learning curve last season, but he has the tools and mental makeup to become a very efficient passer in the 3 wide spread attack. If the run defense improves and the passing attack becomes what its capable of, then I see no reason why Northwestern cant win 7 or 8 games, even though most exerts expect a losing season.


    Florida State 10-2 (6-2) (4-1)

    Sept. 3 at Clemson 17-14 Win

    Sept. 8 UAB 38-9 Win

    Sept. 15 at Colorado 28-10 Win

    Sept. 29 Alabama (Jacksonville) 23-10 Win

    Oct. 6 NC State 35-17 Win

    Oct. 11 at Wake Forest 21-20 Win

    Oct. 20 Miami (FL) 31-28 Win

    Oct. 27 Duke 55-0 Win

    Nov. 3 at Boston College 10-20 Loss

    Nov. 10 at Virginia Tech 6-16 Loss

    Nov. 17 Maryland 41-14 Win

    Nov. 24 at Florida 31-27 Win

    The Noles made some much needed changes on the offensive side of the ball, and team should be much more disciplined. The battle at QB will be one to watch throughout the season, but neither will play up to potential unless the offensive line comes together. RB Antone Smith has game changing ability, and could be the Noles first 1,000 yard back since Warrick Dunn. The defense loses some players at linebacker, but good recruiting at the position should help minimize any dropoff. The team was young the past two years, and lost 5 games by 7 points or fewer, so the gained experience and better coaching should result in better play down the stretch. The nonconference scheduel will be extremely challenging, with two SEC powers, and on the road at a big 12 school, but the talent level at FSU should be enough for them to overcome many of the shortcomings the past few years.


    Clemson 10-2 (6-2) (3-2)

    Sept. 3 Florida State 14-17 Loss

    Sept. 8 UL Monroe 38-3 Win

    Sept. 15 Furman 62-0 Win

    Sept. 22 at NC State 45-20 Win

    Sept. 29 at Georgia Tech 24-20 Win

    Oct. 6 Virginia Tech 23-20 Win

    Oct. 20 Central Michigan 41-13 Win

    Oct. 27 at Maryland 24-27 Loss

    Nov. 3 at Duke 42-12 Win

    Nov. 10 Wake Forest 55-17 Win

    Nov. 17 Boston College 27-24 Win

    Nov. 24 at South Carolina 30-14 Win

    Clemson usually starts off slow, and finishes strong, but it was the exact opposite last year as they laid some eggs and blew a golden chance at winning the ACC with some horrible play late in the year after a great start. Their running game is dynamic with James Davis and CJ Spiller, but the passing game could struggle early on as they break in a new QB. The Labor Day game against FSU could be a must win if they want to win the Atlantic, but just surviving through September and October will be a challenge. Get to November with one lost, and they could make it to their first BCS title game.


    Boston College 7-5 (4-4) (3-2)

    Sept. 1 Wake Forest 27-20 Win

    Sept. 8 NC State 31-30 Win

    Sept. 15 at Georgia Tech 24-26 Loss

    Sept. 22 Army 40-13 Win

    Sept. 29 Massachusetts 55-3 Win

    Oct. 6 Bowling Green 48-21 Win

    Oct. 13 at Notre Dame 27-28 Loss

    Oct. 25 at Virginia Tech 26-28 Loss

    Nov. 3 Florida State 20-10 Win

    Nov. 10 at Maryland 28-24 Win

    Nov. 17 at Clemson 24-27 Loss

    Nov. 24 Miami (FL) 16-21 Loss

    Boston College has a lot of expectations this season, and rightfully so but I do not see them as a better team then they were last year, although they do retain much of the team. I think losing OíBrien will hurt more than people want to admit. Ryan is looking like everyone favorite to be an All ACC QB, and he has help in the backfield. They have an aggressive defense, highlighted by CB Dejuan Tribble. Boston College plays one of the tougher scheduels in the conference, with games against league foes FSU and Clemson as well as games against Coastal foes Miami and Virginia Tech. Playing at Notre Dame, Maryland, and Georgia Tech will also be challengeing.


    Wake Forest 6-6 (3-5) (2-3)

    Sept. 1 at Boston College 20-27 Loss

    Sept. 8 Nebraska 28-31 Loss

    Sept. 15 Army 42-17 Win

    Sept. 22 Maryland 28-24 Win

    Oct. 6 at Duke 31-13 Win

    Oct. 11 Florida State 20-21 Loss

    Oct. 20 at Navy 24-21 Win

    Oct. 27 North Carolina 24-30 Loss

    Nov. 3 at Virginia 17-26 Loss

    Nov. 10 at Clemson 17-55 Loss

    Nov. 17 NC State 21-16 Win

    Nov. 24 at Vanderbilt 21-17 Win

    The Deacons shocked everyone and not only shutout the Noles at home for the first time in Bobby Bowdens tenure, but they won the ACC. The 30,000 or so fans at the Wake Forest games swear up and down that the Demon Deacons are not getting the respect they deserve, but when really observing, it seems Wake was good enough just at the right time. With coaching changes coming within the ACC, and an expected improved play from division foes, you can expect Wake to come back down to earth. Can they still make a bowl game? With a QB like Riley Skinner, who has proven to be big game, and s stable of slashing running backs, yes. Will it come down to the last few weeks of the season to see if they are bowl eligible? Sadly for Wake fans, that is another yes.


    Maryland 8-4 (5-3) (2-3)

    Sept. 1 Villanova 45-13 Win

    Sept. 8 at FIU 28-13 Win

    Sept. 13 West Virginia 38-32 Win

    Sept. 22 at Wake Forest 24-28 Loss

    Sept. 29 at Rutgers 28-33 Loss

    Oct. 6 Georgia Tech 26-21 Win

    Oct. 20 Virginia 17-13 Win

    Oct. 27 Clemson 27-24 Win

    Nov. 3 at North Carolina 21-20 Win

    Nov. 10 Boston College 24-28 Loss

    Nov. 17 at Florida State 14-41 Loss

    Nov. 24 at NC State 23-20 Win

    Maryland under Fridegen has been hot and cold, with last year being one of his better seasons. To continue that, he will have to find a QB capable of playing at a high-competitive level. Josh Portis seeminly has the most potential, but Jordan Steffy did a good job in spring. The Terrapins have a good stable of running backs, and a potential game breaking WR in Heyward-Bey.The defense is good, but should be much better, especially if Dre Moore measures up to his enormous potential. Im predicting a shocker, a win against West Virginia, but to do that, a QB must be found, and in a hurry. They will be in contential for the Atlantic up until November, when the picture will be made clear with games against BC and FSU.


    North Carolina State 4-8 (2-6) (0-5)

    Sept. 1 UCF 17-21 Loss

    Sept. 8 at Boston College 30-31 Loss

    Sept. 15 Wofford 21-10 Win

    Sept. 22 Clemson 20-45 Loss

    Sept. 29 Louisville 17-31 Loss

    Oct. 6 at Florida State 17-35 Loss

    Oct. 20 at East Carolina 28-3 Win

    Oct. 27 Virginia 33-21 Win

    Nov. 3 at Miami (FL) 6-17 Loss

    Nov. 10 North Carolina 24-20 Win

    Nov. 17 at Wake Forest 16-21 Loss

    Nov. 24 Maryland 20-23 Loss

    The Pack felt they needed to make a change, after good recruiting classes but shallow results on the field. Even with the addition of a great football coach, I donít think it will translate into a lot of wins this season. I think the QB position is worrisome, and Daniels has a lot to prove. One thing they can rely on is a strong ground game, featuring the power combo of Toney Baker and Andre Brown. The defense played well at times last season, but they lose some playmakers and must try to replace them. I donít feel they have the talent needed, nor the experience to go bowling, but they should improve the quality of play and put themselves in position to bounce back in 2008.

    Virginia Tech 10-12 (7-1) (5-0)

    Sept. 1 East Carolina 35-7 Win

    Sept. 8 at LSU 10-21 Loss

    Sept. 15 Ohio 42-7 Win

    Sept. 22 William & Mary 55-0 Win

    Sept. 29 North Carolina 28-3 Win

    Oct. 6. at Clemson 20-23 Loss

    Oct. 13 at Duke 41-6 Win

    Oct. 25 Boston College 28-26 Win

    Nov. 1 at Georgia Tech 41-24 Win

    Nov. 10 Florida State 16-6 Win

    Nov. 17 Miami (FL) 14-13 Win

    Nov. 24 at Virginia 38-13 Win

    Virginia Tech would be a National Championship contender for me if they had a consistent QB. That seems to be the only thing keeping them from that type of season. The Hookies have had the number 1 defense, two years in a row and return a tremendous nucleus including two of the countries top LBís and a potential 1st round pick at CB. Brandon Ore is one of my favorite running back prospects, and plays with a lot of heart. The receivers have been hyped, but have yet to produce like game breakers, but that could be more-son on the QB. I donít think Glennon will be consistent enough to go into Baton Rouge and manage a win, but after that Tech could sweep the ACC and the rest of the schedule.


    Georgia Tech 6-6 (3-5) (2-3)

    Sept. 1 at Notre Dame 13-17 Loss

    Sept. 8 Samford 31-13 Win

    Sept. 15 Boston College 26-24 Win

    Sept. 22 at Virginia 17-21 Loss

    Sept. 29 Clemson 20-24 Loss

    Oct. 6 at Maryland 21-26 Loss

    Oct. 13 at Miami (FL) 13-24 Loss

    Oct. 20 Army 41-13 Win

    Nov. 1 Virginia Tech 24-31 Loss

    Nov. 10 at Duke 41-13 Win

    Nov. 17 North Carolina 28-10 Win

    Nov. 24 Georgia 21-17 Win

    Georgia Tech won the Coastal divison, but it seemed like they still have a very average and disappointing season. Maybe its because they blew a big lead in the Gator Bowl, or could not do anything in the ACC title game, or maybe because they had one of the best WRís to ever play college football and still struggled in the passing game as a whole. The good news is they have a new QB to replace the inconsistent Reggie Ball, and he looked good in the Gator Bowl. Tashard Choice gets the job done at RB and they have some good players on the OL, 4 starters returning. The defense is fast and Wheeler is a beast at the linebacking spot. Even so, I donít think Tech will match their win total of 9, but I do feel like they will have a chance to upset someone this year.


    Miami (Fl) 10-2 (6-2) (4-1)

    Sept. 1 Marshall 10-2 (6-2) (4-1)

    Sept. 8 at Oklahoma 20-18 Win

    Sept. 15 FIU 35-13 Win

    Sept. 20 Texas A&M 28-21 Win

    Sept. 29 Duke 42-6 Win

    Oct. 6 at North Carolina 28-7 Win

    Oct. 13 Georgia Tech 24-13 Win

    Oct. 20 at Florida State 28-31 Loss

    Nov. 3 NC State 17-6 Win

    Nov. 10 Virginia 16-10 Win

    Nov. 17 at Virginia Tech 13-14 Loss

    Nov. 24 at Boston College 21-16 Win

    The Canes had a season to forget, on and off the field, but made necessary changes. Coach Randy Shannon has brought a more disciplined and under control environment, in hoping the team translates that attitude into on-field success. The QB position needs to be straighten out, as well as better OL and WR play, but the defense should be one of the best in America. Javaris James looks like a next level runner, and newcomer Craig Cooper has been getting raves. Kenny Phillips and Calias Campbell are the best two players at their respective position, and could be the best two defensive players in the country. An early date at Oklahoma will tell a lot about this team, but I am predicting an upset, low scoring type game but with some big plays late from the defense. I truly believe the defense will carry this team into a New Years Day Bowl, and big bounce back season.


    Virginia 7-5 (3-5) (2-3)

    Sept. 1 at Wyoming 28-3 Win

    Sept. 8 Duke 27-10 Win

    Sept. 15 at North Carolina 24-28 Loss

    Sept. 22 Georgia Tech 21-17 Win

    Sept. 29 Pitt 20-17 Win

    Oct. 6 at Middle Tenn 35-27 Win

    Oct. 13 Connecticut 24-21 Win

    Oct. 20 at Maryland 13-17 Loss

    Oct. 27 at NC State 21-33 Loss

    Nov. 3 Wake Forest 26-17 Win

    Nov. 10 at Miami (FL) 10-16 Loss

    Nov. 24 Virginia Tech 13-38 Loss

    Virginia took some lumps last season, but they should be one of the most improved teams in the conference. QB Jameel Sewell showed flashes as a freshman and he should become a far more steady QB. The OL looks rock solid and should help put the running game, which will most likely be by-committee. The defense is the strength of the team as they trturn 10 starters from a unit that was top 15 in the country. Chris Long is a dominant DE, and the entire unit feeds off his energy and competitive nature. The scheduele sets up very nice for them as they miss the top teams from the Atlantic (no FSU, BC, or Clemson). Its no reason why this team should not win at least 7 games, with better QB play, they could reach 8 or 9.


    North Carolina 5-7 (3-5) (2-3)

    Sept. 1 James Madison 27-13 Win

    Sept. 8 at East Carolina 13-7 Win

    Sept. 15 Virginia 28-24 Win

    Sept. 22 at South Florida 13-23 Loss

    Sept. 29 at Virginia Tech 3-28 Loss

    Oct. 6 Miami (FL) 7-28 Loss

    Oct. 13 South Carolina 22-38 Loss

    Oct. 27 at Wake Forest 30-24 Win

    Nov. 3 Maryland 20-21 Loss

    Nov. 10 at NC State 20-24 Loss

    Nov. 17 at Georgia Tech 10-28 Loss

    Nov. 24 Duke 24-16 Win

    Butch Davis has brought excitement to Chapel Hill, and fans are hoping he brings them a bowl game. Its not entirely unrealistic, but with the way this team played last season just getting to five wins would be a great improvement. A QB must be groomed, because its not likly either of the freshman or soph QBís are ready to become big time this season. The running game is suspect and so is the other skill positions. Fortunately they have a soft non-conference schedule and should be able to improve on the three wins they had last year.


    Duke 1-11 (0-8) (0-5)

    Sept. 1 Connecticut 13-12 Win

    Sept.8 at Virginia 10-27 Loss

    Sept. 15 at Northwestern 14-38 Loss

    Sept. 22 at Navy 20-40 Loss

    Sept. 29 at Miami (FL) 6-42 Loss

    Oct. 6 Wake Forest 13-31 Loss

    Oct. 13 Virginia Tech 6-41 Loss

    Oct. 27 at Florida State 0-55 Loss

    Nov. 3 Clemson 12-42 Loss

    Nov. 10 Georgia Tech 13-41 Loss

    Nov. 17 at Notre Dame 21-38 Loss

    Nov. 24 at North Carolina 16-24 Loss

    What else can I say, their Duke? Avoiding a winless season for a consecutive year would be an accomplishment.


    Nebraska 9-3 (6-2) (5-0)

    Sept. 1 Nevada 38-17 Win

    Sept. 8 at Wake Forest 31-28 Win

    Sept. 15 USC 24-30 Loss

    Sept. 22 Ball State 45-7 Win

    Sept. 29 Iowa State 27-10 Win

    Oct. 6 at Missouri 24-20 Win

    Oct. 13 Oklahoma State 31-26 Win

    Oct. 20 Texas A&M 28-31 Loss

    Oct. 27 at Texas 13-24 Loss

    Nov. 3 at Kansas 38-35 O/T Win

    Nov. 10 Kansas State 35-21 Win

    Nov. 23 at Colorado 45-13 Win

    Bill Callahan has slowly, but surely transformed Nebraska with the West Coast offense and it produced a 9-3 football team last season, before two losses in championship games. QB Sam Keller should thrive in the offense, and there are more than a handful of skill players that should continue to progress including RBís Marlon Lucky and Cody Glenn. I like the WRís as they are big and physical, and the OL should be another bright spot. The secondary could be the bets in the Big 12 when at full strength and the DL should receover, even with the losses of Carriker and Moore. I do not see Nebraska losing a game in their side of the conference, but now its time to see if they can beat Texas or Oklahoma. An early game against USC will be a chance at early spotlight


    Missouri 8-4 (4-4)

    Sept. 1 Illinois (in St. Louis) 21-20 Win

    Sept. 8 at Ole Miss 21-17 Win

    Sept. 15 Western Michigan 35-10 Win

    Sept. 22 Illinois State 42-7 Win

    Oct. 6 Nebraska 20-24 Loss

    Oct. 13 at Oklahoma 17-21 Loss

    Oct. 20 Texas Tech 28-41 Loss

    Oct. 27 Iowa State 30-20 Win

    Nov. 3 at Colorado 42-21 Win

    Nov. 10 Texas A&M 24-37 Loss

    Nov. 17 at Kansas State 31-22 Win

    Nov. 24 Kansas (in KC) 48-42 O/T Win

    Missouri lost a nail biter in their bowl game, but it gave a lot of hope for the next season. QB Chase Daniel was outstanding last season and should be even better as a junior. Big things are expected from RB Tony Temple, a 1,000 yard back from last season that has big play ability. Missouri has the offense to outsocore Nebraska, which will be essential if they want to win the Big 12. They have Nebraska at home, which is a key, and they should be 4-0 going into that first of October game. Those three weeks with games against Oklahoma and Texas Tech could decide how far this team will go. Its essential that they win at least a third of those games.


    Kansas 7-5 (3-5) (2-3)

    Sept. 1 Central Michigan 27-10 Win

    Sept. 8 SE Louisiana 35-7 Win

    Sept. 15 Toledo 42-23 Win

    Sept. 22 FIU 44-20 Win

    Oct. 6 at Kansas State 24-31 Loss

    Oct. 13 Baylor 27-17 Win

    Oct. 20 at Colorado 31-20 Win

    Oct. 27 at Texas A&M 17-30 Loss

    Nov. 3 Nebraska 35-28 O/T Loss

    Nov. 10 at Oklahoma State 20-27 Loss

    Nov. 17 Iowa State 28-21 Win

    Nov. 24 Missouri (in KC) 42-48 O/T Loss

    Kansas were bowl eligible, but did not receive a bid in 2006. This year they will try to finish the job, and with a strong core of players, that should be possible. QB Kerry Meier showed that he is going to be something special, as he was efficient and smart in the pocket as just a freshman. CB Aqib Talib is one of the best in the country, and he gives the defense a true impact player. A 4-0 start is what is expected, but it will be interesting to see if the program makes another step in the right direction, or settles for close losses and moral victories.


    Kansas State 6-6 (4-4) (3-2)

    Sept. 1 at Auburn 10-27 Loss

    Sept. 8 San Jose State 31-20 Win

    Sept. 15 Missouri State 44-13 Win

    Sept. 29 at Texas 14-35 Loss

    Oct. 6 Kansas 31-24 Win

    Oct. 13 Colorado 27-13 Win

    Oct. 20 at Oklahoma State 21-24 Loss

    Oct. 27 Baylor 31-17 Win

    Nov. 3 at Iowa State 28-10 Win

    Nov. 10 at Nebraska 21-25 Loss

    Nov. 17 Missouri 22-31 Loss

    Nov. 24 at Fresno State 21-27 Loss

    Remember when Kansas State was the most hyped team in the Big 12? Seems like centuries ago, but it was only four years ago. Since then, they have settled into average. They have some good talent, but its scattered about. I like Freeman as a QB and a future NFL prospect, but he still has some progression to do.Kansas State will have some tough road games at Texas and Nebraska, and even non conference games at Auburn and Fresno State, but they should be competitive. The Big 12 North is still not a dominant division, so if the Wildcats are out of contention before November, then it will be a disappointing season.


    Colorado 3-9 (2-6) (1-4)

    Sept. 1 Colorado State 28-21 Win

    Sept. 8 at Arizona State 23-45 Loss

    Sept. 15 Florida State 10-28 Loss

    Sept. 22 Miami Univ. 23-31 Loss

    Sept. 29 Oklahoma 20-30 Loss

    Oct. 6 at Baylor 24-20 Win

    Oct. 13 at Kansas State 13-27 Loss

    Oct. 20 Kansas 20-31 Loss

    Oct. 27 at Texas Tech 13-42 Loss

    Nov. 3 Missouri 21-42 Loss

    Nov. 10 at Iowa State 28-24 Win

    Nov. 22 Nebraska 13-45 Loss

    The Bufs in my opinion are in a rebuilding mode. They just donít have the athletes or even the blue collar workhorses to go out and beat any good quality teams. They need to find a QB, a RB, and some capable WR. The scheduel is not all that bad, they get Oklahoma and Nebraska at home and donít have to play Texas or A&M. But non conference games against FSU and Arizona State should prove to be too much for them to try and get bowl eligible. Its essential that they improve on the 2 wins they had last season.


    Iowa State 2-10 (0-8) (0-5)

    Aug. 30 Kent State 26-21 Win

    Sept. 8 Northern Iowa 35-12 Win

    Sept. 15 Iowa 7-17 Loss

    Sept. 22 at Toledo 20-31 Loss

    Sept. 29 at Nebraska 10-27 Loss

    Oct. 6 at Texas Tech 13-50 Loss

    Oct. 13 Texas 0-48 Loss

    Oct. 20 Oklahoma 14-31 Loss

    Oct. 27 at Missouri 20-38 Loss

    Nov. 3 Kansas State 10-28 Loss

    Nov. 10 Colorado 24-28 Loss

    Nov. 17 at Kansas 21-28 Loss

    Bret Meyer has had a lot of hype and so has the Cyclone team. But this years bunch lacks the talent and experience of years past. Winning a game in the conference will be an accomplishment.


    Texas 11-1 (7-1) (4-1)

    Sept. 1 Arkansas State 56-3 Win

    Sept. 8 TCU 41-28 Win

    Sept. 15 at UCF 31-17 Win

    Sept. 22 Rice 62-10 Win

    Sept. 29 Kansas State 35-14 Win

    Oct. 6 vs. Oklahoma 24-17 Win

    Oct. 13 at Iowa State 48-0 Win

    Oct. 20 at Baylor 38-13 Win

    Oct. 27 Nebraska 24-13 Win

    Nov. 3 at Oklahoma State 35-27 Win

    Nov. 10 Texas Tech 45-34 LWin

    Nov. 23 at Texas A&M 17-24 Loss

    The Longhorns lost three games last season, but notched another ten win season. But it was still a dissapointment that they did not represent the South in the ig 12 Championship even though they beat Oklahoma. They found a QB, and seem to be stacked on offense all over again. Jammal Charles is one of the fastest RBís in the country and he has bulked up, so hopefully he can live up to his potential. They had some problems in the off-season with discipline and players getting arrested, so it could be something to watch on the field. The offensive line looks very good, with Tony Hills looking like the next Longhorn top draft pick. TCU and UCF could be more difficult than expected, but they still should beat both by double digits. Nebraska and Texas Tech come to Austin, but I think it will be an end of the season game at the 12th man stadium that will cost Texas an undefeated regular season and knock them out of the National Championship, similar to UCLA/USC last season.


    Oklahoma 9-3 (6-2) (3-2)

    Sept. 1 North Texas 45-10 Win

    Sept. 8 Miami (FL) 18-20 Loss

    Sept. 15 Utah State 35-3 Win

    Sept. 21 at Tulsa 45-17 Win

    Sept. 29 at Colorado 30-20 Win

    Oct. 6 vs. Texas 17-24 Loss

    Oct. 13 Missouri 21-17 Win

    Oct. 20 at Iowa State 31-14 Win

    Nov. 3 Texas A&M 28-21 Win

    Nov. 10 Baylor 55-6 Win

    Nov. 17 at Texas Tech 27-35 Loss

    Nov. 24 Oklahoma State 45-38 Win

    Most see the Sooners as a National title contender, but until a QB emerges, I think they are still a year away. The OL looks to be very good as well as the running game (even without AD). Patrick proved he can be an every down back and Chris Brown averaged 5 yards a carry and scored 6 TDís last season. The entire front 7 is inexperienced and could struggle early on but the speed and athleticism you expect from a Bob Stoops defense is there. My gut is telling me they lose to Miami, which will shock a lot of people, but they will rebound. I believe they also have a great shot at taking down Texas, and although Iím not predicting it, I know this team will be one of the better playing teams by the end of the year. Malcom Kelly is in my opinion the best wide receiver in the country, and once a QB is found and can get him the ball, watch out. This should be a pre-season top 5 team going into next season and one hell of a team this year.


    Texas Tech 9-3 (5-3) (2-3)

    Sept. 1 at SMU 48-10 Win

    Sept. 8 UTEP 35-10 Win

    Sept. 15 at Rice 42-20 Win

    Sept. 22 at Oklahoma State 27-38 Loss

    Sept. 29 NW State 65-13 Win

    Oct. 6 Iowa State 50-13 Win

    Oct. 13 Texas A&M 13-17 Loss

    Oct. 20 at Missouri 48-21 Win

    Oct. 27 Colorado 42-13 Win

    Nov. 3 at Baylor 35-10 Win

    Nov. 10 at Texas 34-45 Loss

    Nov. 17 Oklahoma 35-27 Win

    Tech continues to be one of the Big 12's most consistent teams and that most likely will not change this year. This will be the best chance they have had at winning a Big 12 title, since the conference was formed. Graham Harrell is another in a long list of record shattering QBís for the Red Raiders, and he has a great group of WRís to get the ball to. The schedule sets up nicely for Tech, and its very possible for them to be 9-1 or even 10-0 going into the game in Austin. Beat Texas or Oklahoma, and they could represent the South in the Championship game.


    Texas A&M 10-2 (7-1) (4-1)

    Sept. 1 Montana State 42-7 Win

    Sept. 8 Fresno State 31-27 Win

    Sept. 15 UL Monroe 45-16 Win

    Sept. 20 at Miami 21-38 Loss

    Sept. 29 Baylor 24-3 Win

    Oct. 6 Oklahoma State 27-20 Win

    Oct. 13 at Texas Tech 17-13 Win

    Oct. 20 at Nebraska 31-28 Win

    Oct. 27 Kansas 30-17 Win

    Nov. 3 at Oklahoma 21-28 Loss

    Nov. 10 at Missouri 27-24 Win

    Nov. 23 Texas 24-17 Win

    Although they laid an egg in the Holiday Bowl, this is a team with a chip on its shoulder, and one of my surprise teams. I like their entire running game, consisting of a great thunder and lighting combo and the pass/run option of QB Stephen McGee. They averaged 207 yards rushing last season, and its no reason they should not average over 250 this year. If McGee can continue to progress as a passer, and some of their defensive guys can play up to their talent (**cough Eed Bryant cough**) then its possible that A&M is the team from Texas representing the south. Getting the Horns at home is a big advantage.


    Oklahoma State 7-5 (4-4) (2-3)

    Sept. 1 at Georgia 22-23 Loss

    Sept. 8 Florida Atlantic 31-14 Win

    Sept. 14 at Troy 27-20 Win

    Sept. 22 Texas Tech 28-27 Win

    Sept. 29 Sam Houston State 35-6 Win

    Oct. 6 at Texas A&M 20-27 Loss

    Oct. 13 at Nebraska 26-31 Loss

    Oct. 20 Kansas State 34-21 Win

    Nov. 3 Texas 27-35 Loss

    Nov. 10 Kansas 27-20 Win

    Nov. 17 at Baylor 41-13 Win

    Nov. 24 at Oklahoma 38-45 Loss

    Its hard for me to project them to finish this low, because I think Bobby Reid will be a special QB and Bowman is already a special WR. But the schedule is a daunting task, with games at Georgia, Texas A&M, Nebraska, and Oklahoma (yesh). Oklahoma State will go bowling, they are too talented not to, but getting there will be difficult for a team that is still relatively young.


    Baylor 3-9 (0-8) (0-5)

    Sept. 1 at TCU 23-38 Loss

    Sept.8 Rice 24-13 Win

    Sept. 15 Texas State 35-10 Win

    Sept. 22 at Buffalo 20-3 Win

    Sept. 29 at Texas A&M 3-24 Loss

    Oct. 6 Colorado 20-24 Loss

    Oct. 13 at Kansas 17-27 Loss

    Oct. 20 Texas 13-38 Loss

    Oct. 27 at Kansas State 17-31 Loss

    Nov. 3 Texas Tech 10-35 Loss

    Nov. 10 at Oklahoma 6-55 Loss

    Nov. 17 Oklahoma State 13-41 Loss

    Baylor loses a lot of offense, including their OL, QB and RB. That is never a good sign, especially for a program that has not been bowling since 1994.


    USC 11-1 (8-1)

    Sept. 1 Idaho 55-3 Win

    Sept. 15 at Nebraska 30-24 Win

    Sept. 22 Washington State 48-10 Win

    Sept. 29 at Washington 42-20 Win

    Oct. 6 Stanford 41-17 Win

    Oct. 13 Arizona 31-10 Win

    Oct. 20 at Notre Dame 38-17 Win

    Oct. 27 at Oregon 35-20 Win

    Nov. 3 Oregon State 45-13 Win

    Nov. 10 at California 27-31 Loss

    Nov. 23 at Arizona State 45-20 Win

    Dec. 1 UCLA 31-21 Win

    So here is the shocker, am I seriously predicting that USC will lose a regular season game? Call me crazy, but yeah, I am. As talented as they are, it has been shown time and time again in college football that you can be beaten. USC is stacked at every position on the team, and looks to have an All Conference or All America at every single position on the team. The defense is downright scary, with three potential first round picks, and the top rated LB coming in their recruiting class. The offense is home to the PARADE All American RB, and now home to a clone of Reggie Bush in Joe McKnight. But enough about their talent, lets see some intangible. I mean they did lose to Oregon State and UCLA (10 losses between them last season). Booty has to show that he can handle the pressure when things get nasty, and this team cant get overconfident. Anything less than a National Championshp game apperance will be a disappointment, but the Cal team will be ready for that hype and to play spoiler.


    Cal 9-3 (7-2)

    Sept. 1 Tennessee 26-28 Loss

    Sept. 8 at Colorado State 41-20 Win

    Sept. 15 Louisiana Tech 38-10 Win

    Sept. 22 Arizona 27-20 Win

    Sept. 29 at Oregon 21-38 Loss

    Oct. 13 Oregon State 35-14 Win

    Oct. 20 at UCLA 7-17 Loss

    Oct. 27 at Arizona State 38-10 Win

    Nov. 3 Washington State 55-27 Win

    Nov. 10 USC 31-27 Win

    Nov. 17 at Washington 45-10 Win

    Dec. 1 at Stanford 27-6 Win

    Cal is still trying to get over that hump into national power, but it seems USC stands in their way. This year, actually expect them to beat SC, but I also expect them to be flat in other games. Nate Longshore could be the next in a long line of Tedford QBís to be a 1st round pick, and he should be hooking up early and often with game breaker Desean Jackson. Losing Lynch isnt something you look forward to, but Forsett is a more than capable running back and Montgermery has gotten raves. Itís a tough call, I think Cal is the only team on SCís schedule with a realistic chance at beating them, yet I do not think they are the second best team in the Pac 10.


    UCLA 9-3 (8-1)

    Sept. 1 at Stanford 24-7 Win

    Sept.8 BYU 31-27 Win

    Sept. 15 at Utah 17-24 Loss

    Sept. 22 Washington 35-10 Win

    Sept. 29 at Oregon State 28-13 Win

    Oct. 6 Notre Dame 21-23 Loss

    Oct. 20 California 17-7 Win

    Oct. 27 at Washington St 55-20 Win

    Nov. 3 at Arizona 35-31 Win

    Nov. 10 Arizona State 28-3 Win

    Nov. 24 Oregon 45-41 Win

    Dec. 1 at USC 21-31 Loss

    UCLA is overated and underated at the same time. Meaning, no I do not think they will go the Rose Bowl, but many of their players do not get the shine that they deserve. Chris Markey is an emerging playmaker and even though he is undersized, Bruce Davis is a beast. I believe that Ben Olsen will break out this year as a 2,500 and 20+ TD type of passer, but he still has to make sure he is completely over injury and can take a hit. I think UCLA will play better down the stretch then they will at the beginning of the season with all of the pre-season publications anointing them. That is why I think they lose at Utah. In the end, expect a great defensive effort throughout the season, and an improved offense. Nine wins should be a every encouraging season.


    Oregon State 4-8 (1-8)

    Aug. 30 Utah 27-24 Win

    Sept. 6 at Cincinnati 31-16 Win

    Sept. 15 Idaho State 35-14 Win

    Sept. 22 at Arizona State 21-38 Loss

    Sept. 29 UCLA 13-28 Loss

    Oct. 6 Arizona 21-24 Loss

    Oct. 13 at California 13-35 Loss

    Oct. 27 Stanford 21-17 Win

    Nov. 3 at USC 13-45 Loss

    Nov. 10 Washington 21-22 Loss

    Nov. 17 at Washington State 40-45 Loss

    Dec. 1 at Oregon 28-30 Loss

    After an impressive 2006 season many would expect Oregon State to repeat its success. The Beavers are breaking in a new starter on offense and neither options are proven. I expect them to start the season off with some easy wins, but after that, Iím predicting just a tough run in conference. Most of the teams they will play are improved and Oregon State will struggle .RB Bernard is a player to build around, and if he goes off every game, this record be flipped to 8-4. This is a tough one to call, but I just donít see the Beavers even coming close to matching its production last season, and I credit that mostly to an improving Pac 10


    Arizona State 6-6 (3-6)

    Sept. 1 San Jose State 55-3 Win

    Sept. 8 Colorado 34-23 Win

    Sept. 15 San Diego State 63-37 Win

    Sept. 22 Oregon State 38-21 Win

    Sept. 29 at Stanford 42-13 Win

    Oct. 6 at Washington State 27-31 Loss

    Oct. 13 Washington 24-20 Win

    Oct. 27 California 10-38 Loss

    Nov. 3 at Oregon 24-27 Loss

    Nov. 10 at UCLA 3-28 Loss

    Nov. 22 USC 20-45 Loss

    Dec. 1 Arizona 24-26 Loss

    The Sun Devils decided their program needed a change and brought in Denis Erickson. The offense, led by Rudy Carpenter should still be high powered and RB Ryan Torian is underrated. The defense was surprisingly solid last season statistically, it was the offense that was not as good as advertised. This year should be the opposite with the defense losing 7 starters. I expect the offense to be potent, and in a few shootouts. At Oregon and UCLA down the stretch will be key games, and could be the determination factor to whether or not they go bowling


    Oregon 8-4 (6-3)

    Sept. 1 Houston 40-10 Win

    Sept. 8 at Michigan 16-27 Loss

    Sept. 15 Fresno State 38-30 Win

    Sept. 22 at Stanford 27-10 Win

    Sept. 29 California 28-21 Win

    Oct. 13 Washington State 42-13 Win

    Oct. 20 at Washington 28-6 Win

    Oct. 27 USC 20-35 Loss

    Nov. 3 Arizona State 27-24 Win

    Nov. 15 at Arizona 20-41 Loss

    Nov. 24 at UCLA 41-45 Loss

    Dec. 1 Oregon State 30-28 Win

    The Ducks has a very dissapointing season last year, and this year it starts with the QB. They need either Dixon or Leaf to step up and play consistently through an entire year. They have some weapons, including a potential Heisman candidate in RB John Stewert and a huge specimen at WR, 6'5 240 Jaison Williams. Oregon is trying to get the spread down, and the emergence of these players is essential. The game at Michigan should get them prepared for conference play and it helps that Cal and USC come to Oregon, a place that is known to be hard to win at. If oregon can have a winning conference record, and get to 8 wins, consider this season a great success.


    Arizona 8-4 (5-4)

    Sept. 1 at BYU 23-18 Win

    Sept. 8 Northern Arizona 31-0 Win

    Sept. 15 New Mexico 27-12 Win

    Sept. 22 at California 20-27 Loss

    Sept. 29 Washington State 31-24 Win

    Oct. 6 at Oregon State 24-21 Win

    Oct. 13 at USC 10-31 Loss

    Oct. 20 Stanford 27-13 Win

    Oct. 27 at Washington 21-24 Loss

    Nov. 3 UCLA 31-35 Loss

    Nov. 15 Oregon 41-20 Win

    Dec 1 at Arizona State 26-24 Win

    Arizona is now on the brink of becoming a new program to reckon with in the Pac 10. They showed flashes last season, including an upset of Cal. Willie Tuitama showed a lot of promise as a Freshman, and has the potential to become a big time QB in the new offense that has been installed (which will mimic the Texas Tech offense). The defense is the foundation of this team, and Stoops does have some playmakers including CB Antonie Cason and DE Louis Holmes. Arizona has a good schedule to work with, but have to travel to SC and Cal. They wont win the Pac 10, but I do expect them to make their first bowl appearance since 1998.


    Washington State 5-7 (3-6)

    Sept. 1at Wisconsin 10-30 Loss

    Sept. 8 San Diego State 28-10 Win

    Sept. 15 Idaho 41-17 Win

    Sept. 22 at USC 10-48 Loss

    Sept. 29 at Arizona 24-31 Loss

    Oct. 6 Arizona State 31-27 Win

    Oct. 13 at Oregon 13-42 Loss

    Oct. 27 UCLA 22-50 Loss

    Nov. 3 at California 27-55 Loss

    Nov. 10 Stanford 38-14 Win

    Nov. 17 Oregon State 45-40 Win

    Nov. 24 at Washington 30-31 Loss

    If there is anything to be exited about when watching this team, its QB Alex Brink. He is a four year starter that does not get the kind of pup you would expect from someone with his numbers and experience. He along with emerging RB Dwight Tardy should have their offenses as one of the best in the conference. Defensively, the must improve against the pass, as they gave up too many big plays in the secondary last year. I do not like the way the schedule sets up for them or the road games they will have. Getting back to 6 wins will be very challenging.


    Washington 4-8 (4-5)

    Aug. 31 at Syracuse 20-22 Loss

    Sept. 8 Boise State 21-27 Loss

    Sept. 15 Ohio State 13-28 Loss

    Sept. 22 at UCLA 10-35 Loss

    Sept. 29 USC 20-42 Loss

    Oct. 13 at Arizona State 20-24 Loss

    Oct. 20 Oregon 6-28 Loss

    Oct. 27 Arizona 24-21 Win

    Nov. 3 at Stanford 35-20 Win

    Nov. 10 at Oregon State 22-21 Win

    Nov. 17 California 10-45 Loss

    Nov. 24 Washington State 31-30 Win

    Dec. 1 at Hawaii 20-38 Loss

    Willingham is doing everything possible to get this team competitive, The fact is he took over a program that was struggling, so fans must be patient. They won five games in 2006, but I do not expect them to improve that record. Its possible to maybe tie that record, but they will have to win against Syracuse to open the season. They have to replace a senior QB, which is always hard to do, especially for a team that have had struggles like the Huskies.


    Stanford 2-10 (0-9)

    Sept. 1 UCLA 7-24 Loss

    Sept. 15 San Jose State 28-13 Win

    Sept. 22 Oregon 10-27 Loss

    Sept. 29 Arizona State 13-42 Loss

    Oct. 6 at USC 17-41 Loss

    Oct. 13 TCU 13-12 Win

    Oct. 20 at Arizona 13-27 Loss

    Oct. 27 at Oregon State 17-21 Loss

    Nov. 3 Washington 20-35 Loss

    Nov. 10 at Washington State 14-38 Loss

    Nov. 24 Notre Dame 7-28 Loss

    Dec. 1 California 6-27 Loss

    Stanford loses an NFL QB (its not like he was healthy for them anyway) and return an offense that averaged 10 points (TEN FREAKING POINTS) a game.....yikes


    West Virginia 10-2 (6-1)

    Sept. 1 Western Michigan 55-13 Win

    Sept. 8 at Marshall 31-7 Win

    Sept. 13 at Maryland 32-38 Loss

    Sept. 22 East Carolina 55-3 Win

    Sept. 29 at South Florida 45-41 Win

    Oct. 6 at Syracuse 38-7 Win

    Oct. 20 Mississippi State 41-16 Win

    Oct. 27 at Rutgers 31-20 Win

    Nov. 8 Louisville 31-38 Loss

    Nov. 17 at Cincinnati 45-7 Win

    Nov. 24 Connecticut 48-13 Win

    Dec. 1 Pitt 60-20 Win

    West Virginia has two of the most dynamic players in the country. Both Slaton and White might score over 20 TDís this season. Freshman Noel Devine has a lot of hype, and will only add to the speed this spread option employs. The run defense for WVU was one of the best in the country last season, holding opponents to under 100 a game, if they can limit the big plays through the air, then WVU could be an undefeated team. I am predicting a lost at Maryland, because of Heyward Bey having a big game against that secondary. The game against Luisville should be nationally televised, because it will not only decide a BCS Bowl Bid most likely, but could have National Title implications.


    Louisville 12-0 (7-0)

    Aug. 30 Murray State 55-10 Win

    Sept. 8 Middle Tennessee 63-3 Win

    Sept. 15 at Kentucky 38-24 Win

    Sept. 22 Syracuse 61-13 Win

    Sept. 29 at NC State 31-17 Win

    Oct. 6 Utah 41-28 Win

    Oct. 13 at Cincinnati 35-28 Win

    Oct. 20 at Connecticut 48-13 Win

    Oct. 27 Pitt 41-20 Win

    Nov. 8 at West Virginia 38-31 Win

    Nov. 17 at South Florida 21-16 Win

    Nov. 29 Rutgers 55-40 Win

    Here is one of my picks to reach the title game. Brohm is an incredible QB, and I think he fits in well with what new coach Kragthorpe is trying to do. They have a great stable of RBís and one of the best duo of receivers in college football. To put it simply, them averaging less than 500 yards a game will be a surprise. The defensive line looks to be very talented, and the LBís can fly. If Willie Williams ever comes around then watch out. Im expecting a pretty easy 9-0 start. The last three games for Louisville should all be against top 25 teams, and each game would give them more and more attention. Louisville likely will not even be in the BCS top 2 into the last BCS rankings come out. I like this team, the leader of the team, and Im going out on a limb to say they will go undefeated and go to the BCS title game


    Rutgers 9-3 (4-3)

    Aug. 30 Buffalo 31-10 Win

    Sept. 7 Navy 21-3 Win

    Sept. 15 Norfolk State 45-17 Win

    Sept. 29 Maryland 33-28 Win

    Oct. 6 Cincinnati 20-3 Win

    Oct. 13 at Syracuse 24-14 Win

    Oct. 18 South Florida 28-31 Loss

    Oct. 27 West Virginia 20-31 Loss

    Nov. 3 at Connecticut 21-13 Win

    Nov. 9 at Army 27-13 Win

    Nov. 17 Pitt 35-21 Win

    Nov. 29 at Louisville 40-55 Loss

    Rutgers enjoyed a magical year, and many expect a duplicate season. While they wont fall off the map with Heisman candidate Ray Rice, they still wont quite become a power. The defense played lights out last year and the secondary looks fantastic. Mike Teel is getting comfortable and progressing. But its clear this team belongs to Rice, and they go only as far as he takes them. You have to wonder will his body be able to take another season of bruise and battery. Maryland, USF, and WVU all come to New Jersey. Schiano is building something here, and even though I donít feel the project is quite complete, it still should be something fun to watch this season.


    South Florida 9-3 (5-2)

    Sept. 1 Elon 55-7 Win

    Sept. 8 at Auburn 26-30 Loss

    Sept. 22 North Carolina 23-13 Win

    Sept. 29 West Virginia 41-45 Loss

    Oct. 6 at Florida Atlantic 35-7 Win

    Oct. 13 Central Florida 27-20 Win

    Oct. 18 at Rutgers 31-28 Win

    Oct. 27 at Connecticut 41-20 Win

    Nov. 3 Cincinnati 21-0 Win

    Nov. 10 at Syracuse 17-0 Win

    Nov. 17 Louisville 16-21 Loss

    Nov. 24 at Pitt 27-13 Win

    USF is the only team the past few years to beat Louisville, WVU, and Rutgers, and they are the second most talented team in the Big East. QB Matt Grothe should be a 2,500 yard passer and 1,000 yard rusher and the running game will get a boost from former 5 star RB Mike Ford and Moise Plancher, who was injured last season. The defense is stacked, with Mike Jenkings looking like a 1st round CB in next years draft. The Auburn game will give them exposure, and its actually a winnable game, to win the Big East they must be able to take at least two wins out of three against Rutgers, Loisville, and WVU.


    Pittsburgh 6-6 (3-4)

    Sept. 1 Eastern Michigan 35-12 Win

    Sept. 8 Grambling 45-7 Win

    Sept. 13 at Michigan State 26-24 Win

    Sept. 22 Connecticut 20-14 Win

    Sept. 29 at Virginia 17-20 Loss

    Oct. 10 Navy 17-21 Loss

    Oct. 20 Cincinnati 21-10 Win

    Oct. 27 at Louisville 20-41 Loss

    Nov. 3 Syracuse 35-21 Win

    Nov. 17 at Rutger 21-35 Loss

    Nov. 24 South Florida 13-27 Loss

    Dec. 1 at West Virginia 20-60 Loss


    Cincinnati 4-8 (1-6)

    Aug. 30 SE Missouri St 37-10 Win

    Sept. 6 Oregon State 16-31 Loss

    Sept. 15 at Miami Univ. 24-27 Loss

    Sept. 22 Marshall 17-10 Win

    Sept. 29 at San Diego St 31-10 Win

    Oct. 6 at Rutgers 3-20 Loss

    Oct. 13 Louisville 28-35 Loss

    Oct. 20 at Pitt 10-21 Loss

    Nov. 3 at South Florida 0-21 Loss

    Nov. 10 Connecticut 38-10 Win

    Nov. 17 West Virginia 7-45 Loss

    Nov. 24 at Syracuse 6-7 Loss


    Connecticut 3-8 (0-7)

    Sept. 1at Duke 12-13 Loss

    Sept. 8 Maine 38-20 Win

    Sept. 15 Temple 41-28 Win

    Sept. 22 at Pitt 14-20 Loss

    Sept. 29 Akron 21-13 Win

    Oct. 13 at Virginia 21-24 Loss

    Oct. 20 Louisville 13-48 Loss

    Oct. 27 South Florida 20-41 Loss

    Nov. 3 Rutgers 13-21 Loss

    Nov. 10 at Cincinnati 10-38 Loss

    Nov. 17 Syracuse 10-13 Loss

    Nov. 24 at West Virginia 13-48 Loss


    Syracuse 5-7 (3-4)

    Aug. 31 Washington 22-20 Win

    Sept.8 at Iowa 21-31 Loss

    Sept. 15 Illinois 20-27 Loss

    Sept. 22 at Louisville 13-61 Loss

    Sept. 29 at Miami Univ. 24-20 Win

    Oct. 6 West Virginia 7-38 Loss

    Oct. 13 Rutgers 14-24 Loss

    Oct. 20 Buffalo 35-13 Win

    Nov. 3 at Pitt 21-35 Loss

    Nov. 10 South Florida 0-17 Loss

    Nov. 17 at Connecticut 13-10 Win

    Nov. 24 Cincinnati 7-6 Win


    Boise State 10-2 (6-2)

    Aug. 30 Weber State 41-20 Win

    Sept. 8 at Washington 27-21 Win

    Sept. 15 Wyoming 35-7 Win

    Sept. 27 Southern Miss 55-10 Win

    Oct. 7 New Mexico State 61-27 Win

    Oct. 14 Nevada 42-13 Win

    Oct. 20 at Louisiana Tech 45-28 Win

    Oct. 26 at Fresno State 30-33 Loss

    Nov. 3 San Jose State 56-45 Win

    Nov. 10 at Utah State 48-20 Win

    Nov. 17 Idaho 21-3 Win

    Nov. 23 at Hawaii 28-40 Loss


    Hawaii 12-0 (8-0)

    Sept. 1 Northern Colorado 77-13 Win

    Sept. 8 at Louisiana Tech 38-7 Win

    Sept. 15 at UNLV 48-20 Win

    Sept. 22 Charleston Southern 70-14 Win

    Sept. 29 at Idaho 55-13 Win

    Oct. 6 Utah State 48-28 Win

    Oct. 12 San Jose State 50-40 Win

    Oct. 27 New Mexico State 35-28 Win

    Nov. 10 Fresno State 58-41 Win

    Nov. 16 at Nevada 41-35 Win

    Nov. 23 Boise State 40-28 Win

    Dec. 1 Washington 58-20 Win

    Brennan leads Hawaii to an undefeated record, and I believe he wins the Heisman (and has every fan in Hawaii screaming that they should be in the National Championship...creating more BCS controversy)


    Notre Dame 9-3

    1. Georgia Tech 17-13 Win

    2. @ Penn State 6-27 Loss

    3. @ Michigan 20-35 Loss

    4. Michigan State 31-20 Win

    5. @ Purdue 27-23 Win

    6. @ UCLA 23-21 Win

    7. Boston College 28-27 Win

    8. USC 17-38 Loss

    9. Navy 35-20 Win

    10. Air Force 42-20 Win

    11. Duke 38-21 Win

    12. @ Stanford 28-7 Win

    Notre Dame lost some of its school record breakers, and many cant envision them matching last years win total. But no so fast my friend. Looking a lot closer, you see that they are much faster then they were last season. The OL returns only 2 starters, but that may not neccesarily be a bad thing. Sam Young will continue to progress as a possible top 10 draft pick. There is a question at who will be the QB, but I think Weis will handle the situation accordingly. The schedule is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be, and ND should be favored in all but maybe 2 of the first 7 games. All they have to do is get through October with four wins, and they should win their last four, which results in an 8-4 season. Steal a close game against a team like UCLA and they are looking at a New Years Day Bowl. I see anywhere between 7 and 9 wins.

    12/20 Poinsettia Bowl 9 PM ESPN

    Navy vs Wake Forest

    12/21 New Orleans Bowl 8 PM ESPN 2

    Troy vs SMU

    12/22 Papa John Bowl 1 PM ESPN2

    Tulsa vs Ball State

    12/22 New Mexico Bowl 4:30 ESPN

    New Mexico vs Colorado State

    12/22 Las Vegas Bowl 8 PM ESPN

    BYU vs Arizona State

    12/23 Hawaii Bowl 8 PM ESPN

    Houston vs Fresno State

    12/26 Motor City Bowl 7:30 ESPN

    Illinois vs Toledo

    12/27 Holiday Bowl 8 ESPN

    UCLA vs Nebraska

    12/28 Champs Sports Bowl 5 PM ESPN

    Maryland vs Northwestern

    12/28 Texas Bowl 5 ESPN2

    TCU vs Rice

    12/28 Emerald Bowl 8:30 ESPN

    Boston College vs Arizona

    12/29 Car Care Bowl 1 ESPN

    Virginia vs Pitt

    12/29 Liberty Bowl 4:30 ESPN

    UCF vs Alabama

    12/29 Alamo Bowl 8 ESPN

    Iowa vs Texas Tech

    12/30 Independence Bowl 8 ESPN

    Kansas vs South Carolina

    12/31 Bowl TBA

    Missouri vs Purdue

    12/31 Armed Forces Bowl 12:30 ESPN

    Utah vs Oregon

    12/31 MPU Computers Bowl 2 PM ESPN 2

    Georgia Tech vs Boise State

    12/31 Sun Bowl 2 PM CBS

    California vs Rutgers

    12/31 Music City Bowl 4 ESPN

    Auburn vs Clemson

    12/31 Peach Bowl 7:30 ESPN

    Florida State vs Arkansas

    1/1 Outback Bowl 11 AM ESPN

    Ohio State vs Tennessee

    1/1 Cotton Bowl 11:30 FOX

    Oklahoma vs Georgia

    1/1 Gator Bowl 1 CBS

    Miami (Fl) vs Notre Dame

    1/1 Capital One Bowl 1 PM ABC

    Florida vs Penn State

    1/6 International Bowl 12 ESPN

    USF vs Western Michigan

    1/6 GMAC Bowl 8 ESPN

    Ohio vs Central Michigan

    *******BCS BOWLS********

    1/1 4:30 ABC ROSE BOWL

    Michigan vs Texas

    1/1 8:30 FOX SUGAR BOWL

    West Virginia vs LSU

    1/02 8 FOX FIESTA BOWL

    Wisconsin vs Texas A&M

    1/3 8 PM Fox ORANGE BOWL

    Hawaii vs Virginia Tech


    Louisville vs USC

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    loss to Iowa?

    sig by me.. first in ages, pm with requests


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      John Stocco did not make the Badgers a good team in previous seasons; he can be replaced and Donavan will do just as good of a job if not better. Thus the Badgers will not lose to Iowa.

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        loss to Wisconsin?
        I'm a state.


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          Originally posted by Michigan View Post
          loss to Wisconsin?
          better get used to those words ;)

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            Originally posted by wiscbadgerfootball View Post
            better get used to those words ;)
            no doubt!!!!

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              LSU's not losing to Bama, sorry.


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                Who is Daniels? We lost 6 games last year by less than a TD. We also had 2 wins of less than a TD, so we could have easily been worse. Based off the W/L column of last year, I can't disagree with your projected record. But don't be surprised if/when you're completely wrong either. Should be a fun year at least!!!

                Thanks for your work on this though, +rep

                Originally posted by Morgan Freeman
                Titty sprinkles


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                  1---wvu will not lose to maryland; is heyward a 1st time starter? if you think he'll have a big game, just look what slaton/white did last year, and add in devine this year

                  2---wvu will not lose to louisville---wvu is undefeated in home night games with rodriguez as coach

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                    no way Rutgers loses AT HOME to wva. their D will get shredded
                    We ALL bleed scarlet
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                    Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                    BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                      Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
                      no way Rutgers loses AT HOME to wva. their D will get shredded
                      West Virginia is better than Rutgers and nobody will be taking Rutgers lightly this year either

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                        other "will never happens" in pre-season

                        USC will not lose to Oregon State and UCLA
                        Wake Forest Wiil not win the ACC
                        Texas will not lose at home to Texas A&M
                        Florida State will not get shut out at home by Wake Forest
                        Vandy Will not beat Georgia in Athens

                        the list goes on and on. Its pre-season, yet im hearing the "will not happen" or "never" responses because its not a consensus...according to that, upsets should not even exist in college football, right?

                        I prolly would have been laughed off the board if I would have stated any of them in a pre-season college football prediction discuss, dont tell me what will never happen, or "no way"...quite redundant

                        lol, keep the "will never happen"'s comming. Its the reason I love cfball
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                          Some of these "never will happens" are very possible and are what makes college football interesting.

                          With that said, if Ohio State loses to Purdue, Jim Tressel should quit on the spot.
                          Browns & Buckeyes <3


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                            Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                            West Virginia is better than Rutgers and nobody will be taking Rutgers lightly this year either
                            BLASPHEMY!!!!! WVA didnt take Rutgers lightly after they beat Louisville and RU only lost by 2 in 3OT in WVA
                            We ALL bleed scarlet
                            New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
                            UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
                            Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                            BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                              cmon, there is no way we lose to purdue and also no way we get blown out by PSU. Nice job though, this must have taken you quite some time.



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