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The 2007 Heisman Watch Thread

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  • The 2007 Heisman Watch Thread

    Use this thread to track Heisman Trophy candidates.

    Congratulations! You have found your ninth Scavenger Hunt Ticket! Almost there!

    Below is a clue to finding your next ticket:

    "This 20 Man NFLDC Fantasy Football League is an all out WAR!"

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    EB 13 catches for 223yards and 3 TDs, 3 PR for 63 yards


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      damn i was gonna make a thread like this. You should have made a poll.


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        Originally posted by soybean View Post
        damn i was gonna make a thread like this. You should have made a poll.
        A poll would have been worthless because over the course of the season we could see as many as a dozen worthy candidates emerge


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          I think you have to throw Sam Bradford's name into this discussion for now.

          21-23 331 yards and 3 TDs in his first career start. I don't care who the opponent is, that's an impressive game


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            White 10/18 192 2 td 0

            had about 4 drops; slaton dropped 2 for td; schmitt dropped 1


            Slaton 16 108 3 td 58
            White 9 98 2 td 38

            Slaton 2 61 1 td 50

            cred 2 BoneKrusher


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              Raymell Rice

              25 carries 184 yards, 3 TD's(in 3 quarters)

              now he's not a candidate but if he has numbers like these all year who knows(doubt it though...) Tiquan Underwood had 10 catches, 248 yards, 2 TD's!!!
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              Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
              BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                The embarassing loss dents his chances, but Mike Hart had 23 carries for 188 yards and 3 td's, including a clutch 48 yarder to put Michigan up 32-31 late. One of the only players who played to win yesterday. If we can somehow put together a 9 win season, Hart should be going to NYC.
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                  McFadden---24 carries for 151 yards and a rushing TD, 1 for 1 42 yards and a passing TD, 2 receptions for 30 yards
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                    Colt Brennan- 34/40, 416 yards, 6 TDs, 3 for 23 on the ground. In the first half.

                    That is correct comahan
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                      Mike Hart again. 188 yards, 3 TD, BEASTLY go ahead TD....showed he's the heartbeat of this team. But yes, we need Ws.


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                        Andre Woodson: 20-29 250 Yards 3 TD's


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                          Originally posted by PalmerToCJ View Post
                          Andre Woodson: 20-29 250 Yards 3 TD's
                          Andre Woodson is the man. So beastly.


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                            Originally posted by SNIPER26 View Post
                            Andre Woodson is the man. So beastly.
                            Heisman winner and first overall draft pick right here.


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                              so far i think every heisman candidate has had a good game except John David Booty.



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