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Did Tim Teabow look like a future #1 overall pick in his debut?

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    Originally posted by TigerBait45 View Post
    Western Kentucky's in the SunBelt now aren't they?

    Regardless, it was Western Kentucky. If he goes 13-17 for 300 yards against LSU or Auburn then hes the real deal.
    They are a D1A Independent this year


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      Ah. Their basketball and baseball teams are in the sun belt so I figured they went ahead and made the jump in football too.


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        im not a fan of his but, he looked really good. He proved he can throw the ball, and far too. I don't like how he's "overly passionate" though.

        that being said I doubt he becomes a no.1 pick. First round maybe.


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          Originally posted by Forenci View Post
          Who the hell is Tim Teabow?

          If you mean Tim Tebow, then who knows? He's only a sophmore that played against weak competition. Let's wait to see how he does against LSU and Auburn.
          I think he meant Tim Tbag

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            Yeah but he did that against western kentucky, even Drew Weatherford could do that good against them. Not saying hes not good just saying wait til he plays a decent team.


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              Anyone know if his high yds/completion was due to him finding receivers downfield, receivers doing something after the catch, or a little of both?


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                it was due to him throwing down field to wide open receivers who smoked the db's...anyone could have made those throws. Regardless, he's still a pretty good passer, but shouldn't you wait at least a little while before this is even discussed?



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