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    RB-Darren McFadden-Oh boy would I love to see him in purple and gold. LSU has solid young tailbacks, but nothing on his level.

    WR DeSean Jackson-Just for his kick returning skill it nothing else. LSU has Trindon Holliday already, but it would be nice to have Jackson. Can you imagine him lined up next to Early Doucet?

    And..someone on the offensive line.


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      "someone on the offensive line."

      After the way Ciron Black was getting smacked around by MSU, I would call that a bit of an understatement.


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        Brian Brohm
        DeSean Jackson
        Adarius Bowman

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          Originally posted by SNIPER26 View Post
          Yeah because VT really needs a better D, that's their weak spot
          They are very weak (well, to V-Tech's standards) at OLB besides Adibi.

          They have a lot of young talent at DE across from Chris Ellis, but none that rival Campbell.

          Glennon sucks, start Tyrod Taylor!


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            screw players, we need Pete Carroll or Bob Stoops

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              Very good thread by the way, pretty creative

              For ND id love to have McFadden because we need a RB and QB

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                1. Sam Baker- OT/USC
                2. Colt McCoy- QB/Texas
                3a. Michael Oher- OL/Ole Miss
                3b. Cody Wallace- C/Texas A&M

                I'd love to have another DB also, but right now our biggest concerns are the line and whether or not Brandon Cox will ever show more than flashes. We don't necessarily need the best pro prospect on the map, we need a gutsy QB who's heady, can find the open receiver, and can stand in there even though he knows he's going to take a shot to the chin.

                Also, if our only weakness is DB, we can cover that up with pressure in the backfield. If our weakness is on the offensive line, then we'll never get that running game going. King Dunlap's a massive tackle and one of the better linemen in the SEC. Pair him up with Baker and Oher and that line doesn't look so bad anymore. Oher would help out our run blocking a ton and we could slide Dunlap over to the right side if Baker was playing on the left.


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                  For UNC

                  1 - Pat White
                  2- Darren McFadden
                  3- Jake Long

                  thanks Bengals1690


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                    For Iowa:

                    1. Brian Brohm
                    2. Desean Jackson
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                      Miami -

                      1. Pat White - I like dual threat QBs. Pat White is best dual threat in the league.
                      2. DeSean Jackson - I want another huge playmaker with the ball to follow Hester, Parrish, Buchanon etc. Coop is close to being there but not quite yet.
                      3. Aqib Talib - Miami still has some problems with the most basic play in the game, the slant. I'd like a burner type CB but I don't know of one in this draft class so I'd take Talib.


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                        The big weakness for Rutgers is an experienced playmaking TE. Give us someone who can catch passes over the middle, that's all I ask for.


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                          love this topic

                          for UCLA:
                          DeMarco Murray, RB Oklahoma
                          Brandon Spikes, LB Florida
                          Kenny Phillips, SS Miami


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                            Anyone who can play defense.


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                              1. Kenny Phillips- The Badgers are very weak and inexperienced at the safety spot. We really need a playmaker there and Kenny is exactly that

                              2. Malcom Jenkins- The player here may be interchangeable but another stud corner would be great to put along with Ike so Langford doesn't get burnt every play.

                              3. Calais Campbell/DeSean Jackson- I can't quite decide which but the next biggest needs are another d-lineman to put pressure on the quarterback or a stud receiver for Donovan to throw to.

                              another possibility would be a quarterback which I might say Brian Brohm

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                                OHIO STATE

                                1. QB Brain Brohm
                                2,3. OL's Jake Long & Andre Smith (Move them to Guard since our tackles are OK, but the interior of our line leaves much to be desired)



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