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    Okay, don't think that I am being an unloyal Trojan by saying this but how many games can this guy throw before Sanchez is put in? Clearly his performance against staford was a critical reason why they lost. I know Patrick Turner pretty much had brick hands last night and dropped everything thrown at him but Booty throwing 4 or 5 picks (1 returned for a TD) against one of the worst college football teams is unexcuseable. He threw twice as many INTs as he did TDs! He probably has been averaging turning the ball over atleast 2 or 3 times a game. I am also quite tired of seeing him throwing little screen passes to his receivers. Although if improvement is not made I will be very concerned, I have a feeling he can never lose his starting position. I wish Pete Carroll would consider atleast bringing Sanchez in for a couple of plays a game kind of like what Florida did with Tebow and Leak. I guess I shouldnt expect too much against Cal and Oregon either now.

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