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  • Heisman Watch 10/10


    I updated the Heisman Watch so feel free to check it out. Lots of changes once again.

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    Swap DeSean with D-Mac and Tebow with Ryan and you have my rankings. I honestly think DeSean is the leader at this point.


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      Originally posted by Ewing View Post
      Swap DeSean with D-Mac and Tebow with Ryan and you have my rankings. I honestly think DeSean is the leader at this point.
      I think there is a very good chance that Dorsey wins it this season. None of the guys on your list deserve it and it is a perfect year for a defensive player to win.
      And proud of it!!!


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        I just laughed out loud when I seen Colt Brennan at number 4. Come on Scott he threw 5 interceptions against IDAHO. He didnt play the 2nd half of that game or against Utah State. I said it before and i'll say it again he has 0% chance of winning the Heisman.
        Originally posted by nvot9
        I'm going to personally PM you when the Mets win the NL East and the Phillies don't even make the playoffs.

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          I'm really hoping we can see Dorsey at least get invited to the Heisman ceremony. Like was said before, this year is stacking up to be a year when a defensive player has a legitimate shot. Nobody is putting up extremely gaudy numbers on a team that is competing for a BCS Bowl(a combination of the two is generally needed, as has been discussed ad nauseum).

          However, there is still a lot of time remaining for an offensive player to step up and take the Heisman. Usually the middle of the season and nearing the end holds a lot more water for Heisman voters than does the beginning of the season.

          But, I think Heisman voters want to give it to a defensive player. And rarely is there a defensive player that is getting the level of hype that Dorsey has been this year.

          Not that it matters, but I for one would love to see it.


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            Drop Brennan and push up Chase Daniels... either way, this is McFadden's to lose

            Mad props to Houshyamomma on


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              Originally posted by MaddHatter View Post
              Drop Brennan and push up Chase Daniels... either way, this is Arkansas' to lose
              Fixed it for you. Arkansas by blowing it can lose this for D-Mac, no doubt.

              If Matt Ryan keeps winning and Boston College dominates the ACC, goes undefeated, he takes it.

              If Cal goes undefeated, DeSean Jackson takes it.

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                where's john david booty?


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                  Originally posted by soybean View Post
                  where's john david booty?
                  72nd I believe.

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                    D-Mac should not be winning. His stats are good, but they aren't good enough to be the #1 Heisman candidate on a 3-2 team. Too much preseason hype factors into the Heisman voting.

                    My Ballot:

                    1. Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
                    2. DeSean Jackson, WR, California
                    3. Mike Hart, RB, Michigan
                    4. Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
                    5. Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri


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                      No Chase Daniels?


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                        I have to wonder out loud how DeSean Jackson gets so much love. He's had one game where he caught a TD pass, has one TD run, and only one TD on returns. That adds up to 4 TDs in 5 games. He also has only 312 receiving yards. I know people are afraid to kick to him, and he has amazing talent, but this award should not go to who CAN make all the plays, but rather who actually makes them.


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                          I say they just not pass it out this year. LMAO.


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                            Colt Brennan in my eyes dropped out of the first round...probably to mid second...early third...with that performance last night...he needed 5 total touchdowns, 75 pass attempts and four interceptions to beat San Jose State last night...and they are supposed to be a top 15 team?

                            I truly believe he is a system quarterback team tries to throw 75 passes and almost loses...pathetic...


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                              Andre Woodson if he can beat Florida next week should be top 3 in the running.

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