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  • You know what I hate?

    after Vandy beat Scar, all ive heard was how bad Scar played and how they didnt take it "seriously" and all this other crap. why do they have to focus on a negative and say Scar played bad(even if they didish) and not on the fact that Vandy actually played really good and was "lucky" and had things going their way. I hate how they always focus on the Negatives, and it really doesnt just focus on the Vandy-Scar game, it happens whenever a team higher loses to a lower team, cant a team just be better then the other that day? Vandy shoulda beat georgia but fumbled, yet all they talked about was Georgia gw FG, but when scar loses its cause they were using dual qbs and the players didnt care? wtf is that lol rants are fun

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    I can see where you are coming from. Vanderbilt has some very talented individuals on the roster led by LB Jonathan Goff, and South Carolina on top of that isn't really a top 8 or so talent team and got that high becuase of much more talented teams losing ahead of them. I think it's a little bit of Vandy being better that people think and playing up to their potential and South Carolina just playing less than spectacular football.

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      Did you watch the ALDS and ALCS? If the Indians got a lead, it was all about the Yankees or BoSox trying to come back. If the Indians fell behind, it was all about the media darlings on Boston and NY that had done well. It's just a bigger market. More people follow big-market teams, so the commentators and analysts give the majority of people what they think they want so they'll keep their jobs.

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