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    anybody ever been to one? whats it like? just wondering cuz they could possibly come to wvu on nov 24 vs uconn (possible top 10 team)---only other ranked games that day are:

    #24 tennessee @ #25 uk---they've already been to uk though

    #11 vt @ #19 uva

    #6 mizzou @ #4 kansas---its a neutral field, and they usually dont go to those til championship games/bowl games

    #22 bama @ #18 auburn---both prob wont be ranked

    #13 uconn @ #7 wvu

    cuz if they dont come then, the next best chance would be the opening week next year when we play auburn---2 top 25 teams

    cred 2 BoneKrusher

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    I think they'll go to Jordan-Hare.

    Originally posted by kwilk103 View Post
    #22 bama @ #18 auburn---both prob wont be ranked
    They'll both be ranked. Bama has MSU and Monroe, while Auburn has Georgia and a bye.
    I'm a state.


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      I go to school here at UK so I went to the Florida @ UK one. It is an awesome experience and really gets you hyped up for the game. When I was walking to the library(where ours was held at) I could hear the crowd from like a mile away. Really an awesome atmosphere as there are so many fans there and it's really interesting to see all of the signs people bring. It's also awesome because they get the crowd involved when they have the segments where they show 3 camera angles at once over the crowd and also see how loud the crowd can get. Sucks that we lost that game later but really is a great way to get the crowd hyped up(and/or drunk) for the game.


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        I went last year to #1 OSU @ Iowa and it was crazy...the Friday before people were out at gameday all day, went and started drinking at the bars at like 4, came back at like 6 or 7 for Gameday later, then went out again...then on Sat. since it was a night game (our first in like 3-4 years) everyone went to gameday outside the stadium and started tailgating at like 8...I made a sign that said "Troy Smith loves fat chicks" but sadly it got less publicity than "Troy Smith likes unicorns" was great and wish Iowa could get it again



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