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WOW, Oregon loses with Dixon injured!!!

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  • WOW, Oregon loses with Dixon injured!!!

    LSU, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio St. and West Virginia are left standing.
    It is going to be pretty hard to deny a Big 12 school a place in the NCG no matter what. Come on Kansas, I'm going for the little guy! What are the odds on a Kansas/West Virginia NCG, can you imagine! This could be fun.
    And proud of it!!!

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    well we will see how good of a rb Stewart is now. How is the back up qb looking.


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      Brady Leaf is awful.

      Sig by me... Hold the applause.


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        The sad thing is Kansas, Missouri or Oklahoma will probably make the NCG game and then LSU will beat them by 50


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          DD was hurt in the first quarter, brady leaf can't throw and Johnathon Stewart still ran for 131 yards.


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            Only Oklahoma would give LSU a decent fight.
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              Missouri could put some points on them. LSU's secondary is really shaky at times.

              Not sure about Kansas. I haven't really seen much of them this year.


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                We'll see about LSU vs a Big 12 school. I'll admit that I have serious doubts about Kansas, but if they beat Missouri and Oklahoma back to back they are for real. LSU has come reaaaaal close to losing 4 times. They better make sure they don't lose to Arkansas or Tennessee/Georgia/Florida in the SEC Championship.

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