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How do you define Heisman?

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  • How do you define Heisman?

    I define Heisman as being the best player on the best team. I am not at all surprised with Tebow winnig the Heisman, but I do disagree with it. I dont think he should have gotten. Florida lost 3 games this year, and in each game, Tebow was not his "usual" self. I really dont care what he does against teams like Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic or Troy, when the big games came, Tebow was not himself, putting up the gaudy stats. The Heisman shouldnt go to Tebow simply because I think there are better QB's who played this year. Considering he won it, I am sold that the award cares about stats more than anything.

    If I had to choose 4 candidates to bring to NY for the ceremony they would be:

    1. Sam Bradford-OKL lost 2 games, and 1 was without Bradford for most of that game. OKL won the big 12, beating Missouri twice, once for the Big XII Championship. He has the highest QB rating in the nation, top 5 in TD's, top 5 comp % and yards per attempt. He should be the top rated QB on one of the best teams in the country.
    2. Chris Wells- Wells had a outstanding season, rushing for over 1400 yards and going over 200 twice, not to mention his team is ranked #1 and lost only 1 game. He carried that team on his back more than once, and is undoubtedly the best player on the #1 team in the nation
    3. Darren Mcfadde- I did say this award belongs to the best player on the best team, but the job Mcfadden did at ARK was unbelievable. He throws the ball, probably better than their QB, he runs it, he catches it, he even kick returns, and he put up huge numbers against the top teams he faced. He is undoubtedly the top RB, and he has stats to back him up.
    4. Colt Brennan- Put up huge numbers and went undefeated. Yea, he played against some weak competition, but did his numbers change when he played better competition? Nope. Great stats and no losses.

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    Tebow played well in all of UF's losses. Against Auburn he struggled a little bit, but he made a key drive and UF's defense lost him the game. And he was killing LSU throughout the whole game but for some reason in the 4th quarter the UF play calling got terrible and they stopped letting him just make plays. And in UGA he was hurt. 3 losses also isn't a whole lot this year, thats just like a 1 loss or 2 loss team any other year considering a 2 loss team is playing in the NC. He might not have been his usual self but he still wasn't close to the reason they lost, and more often than not the reason they were even in the game. He was great against quality opponents such as Tenn, Kentucky, FSU and South Carolina (though they fell off). I think this whole 3 loss thing is being way overrated. Because UF is still a top 10 team.

    And I hate this whole best player on the best team crap, then the Heisman becomes a team award which its not. Its an individual award for the most outstanding player in college football. Sure its gone to the best player on the best team alot, but thats not what its suppose to be. Chris Wells shouldn't sniff this list, he had the one great game against an average Michigan defense. But he didn't show up against Illinois and while he was solid all year he certainly didn't ever make you say wow. To say he is clearly the best player on the best team is like kicking their defense in the balls, and even Todd Boeckman has played very well this year. And sure OSU is the number 1 team, but its only by default and their patsy schedule. To give it to a just a pretty good player on a pretty good team is making this award such a yawner.

    And the fact that you don't have Tebow even being invited is laughable, not only are his stats other wordly, but his passing effeciency is one of the tops in the country, he played in the toughest schedule in the country and even more so, he absolutely carried the UF team. UF got hit bad by injuries on D and their D was very average all year. Harvin spent time injured and Caldwell was coming back from injury. Not to mention they lost their number 1 reciever from last year. UF didn't use a traditional running back so Tebow was the main ball carrier and thrower. He was simply amazing this year and to say he shouldn't even be invited is a joke. And I'm an FSU student and hate UF with a passion, but you have to give the man respect.


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      since when does Heisman mean most valuable to his team? last time I checked the Heisman was awarded to the player that had the best season in D1A college football...Tebow is the only player in history to score 20+ TDs in 2 different ways (passing and rushing), he passed for 3000+ yards, had nearly a 70% completion rate (68.5%), and had nearly a 5-1 TD to INT ratio, and rushed for 800+ yards...oh, and his team finished top 10 in the you can argue whether or not Florida was good this year or deserved top 10 ranking, but Tebow was easily the best player on his team and turned in one of the most impressive statistical seasons in NCAA in my eyes, he absolutely deserved the Heisman


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        I define Heisman as most outstanding player at ANY position.


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          Kevin Smith should have at least been invited


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            I define it as the best player in the country.


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              Originally posted by BigJohn98 View Post
              I define it as the best player in the country.
              i agree, too bad run dmc couldnt take it :(


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                Originally posted by BigJohn98 View Post
                I define it as the best player in the country.

                I agree, I dont give a **** if hes on the best team in the country. People just fail to understand that football is a team sport, and no matter how good any one player is he can't single handedly "lead" a team to a championship. Its an individual award, not a team award.


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                  For me, it is not just the best player, but the player who had the best season. I think he (Tebow) was the most outstanding player in college football this year (which I believe is what the Heisman defines itself as). I expected Darren McFadden to win due to the backwards ideology of the Heisman community, but this is a refreshing step forward. College football is one of a number of sports competitions where rookies can make an immediate impact, even becoming game-breakers as first year players. Other leagues award such players, so why not college football?
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                    best player regardless of positions and/or stats

                    it seems it goes to the person who has the best stats----tebow/white; rather than the best player---mcfadden/fitz

                    and i dont care if its a freshman or the team is 0-11 if the player is dominating

                    but this year, it didnt bother me tebow won; you could make a strong case for him or mcfadden

                    cred 2 BoneKrusher


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                      The most impressive player to lead his team to consistent victory.


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                        The Heisman is defined as the going to the most outstanding player. Anyone who defines it as something else is thinking of a different award.


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                          I don't like that it's turned into the best player on the best team. Unfortunately, that's what the ESPN generation thinks it should be.

                          Don't get me wrong, I think that with the ease of access to information and all the info out there today allows some less-visible candidates (i.e. Brennan) gain more notoriety. But I also think the trophy's been tainted. It's not the best player on the best team, or even the most valuable player, it's supposed to be the best player regardless of position. I think those things can be used to help determine the Heisman winner, but shouldn't be used to determine who should win the Heisman.

                          MVP- Dennis Dixon
                          Best Player on Best Team- Who knows this year? A few years back, it was Jason White. The following year, it was Matt Leinart. Not the best players in the nation, but the best players on the best team.
                          Best Player- DMC, Dorsey, Chris Long, you get the picture. Dixon would've also fallen into this category.


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                            The heisman tradionally is supposed to go to the best BACK in the country primarily for RBs and QBs thats why its near impossible to win it if you play any other position


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                              Chris Wells!!!!!!!
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                              What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.



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