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  • Wow, that is nuts. Is there any word on what FCS school he is going to?

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    • Ervin Garner and Hunter Ovens are transferring from VT to Liberty. A win-win for both parties as they were buried on the depth chart and VT needs schollies. Here's hoping that they have plenty of success for the Flames.
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      • Sam McGuffie is officially gone...


        • Hes feeling homesick, come back to tejas!


          • Originally posted by holt_bruce81 View Post
            Heard Hazelton has listed Rutgers, Texas Tech and Missouri as his top 3 schools. probably going to go to Rutgers.
            I've got a question about the Hazelton situation; he said "Football had something to do with it, but my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and being closer to home is the main thing."

            So does this mean he wants to be closer to his home in New York, or closer to his grandfather in Georgia? Either way, if he wants to be close, I can't see Texas Tech or Missouri as possibilities.

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            • Vidal Hazelton is more than likely going to transfer to Missouri in the next couple of weeks, one of his best Friends (Josh Tatum) just committed to the Tigers a week ago. He's visiting Mizzou on the 19th.



                Former Iowa QB Arvell Nelson will be going to New Mexico State and playing safety.


                • Pat Devlin to Delaware


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                  • RB Shawnbrey McNeal and TE Daniel Adderley are transferring from Miami. Both have 2 years of eligibility left at the FBS level. McNeal is starting caliber at most mid-major schools, while Adderley is garbage.

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                    • Robert Marve to transfer


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                      • Marve is indeed gone. But he's unhappy with the release.

                        Kid is made for a spread offense. If he went somewhere like Mizzou or Oregon it could potentially be scary for his opponents.

                        Robert Marve got his release from Miami today.

                        But it wasn't quite the release the Marve family wanted.

                        "(Randy Shannon) is preventing Robert from playing for any team in the ACC and also trying to prevent him from playing for any SEC team and any team in Florida, all the teams," said Marve's father, Eugene. "It's vindictive. If he's that worried about the talent of Robert Marve he would have treated him with better respect.

                        "He's really cutting the young man's opportunities down to nothing."

                        Marve was reportedly interested in transferring to LSU and Tennessee, but Eugene Marve would not confirm that.

                        "We're exploring our options," Eugene Marve said.

                        Marve's decision to leave Miami was not an easy one, Eugene Marve told CaneSport in an exclusive interview.

                        Eugene Marve says Robert, who was suspended for the Emerald Bowl due to a series of missed classes during the season, asked Shannon for a waiver to transfer because it was clear that Jacory Harris was going to be the starter for next year.

                        "He never felt Randy Shannon had his back," Eugene Marve said even though Shannon gave Robert 11 starts this season. "That is all the reason (for the transfer). Robert never lost his starting position. But you cannot say one time you ever saw Randy talk to Robert Marve. Ever. He never talked to him once on the sideline. Never praised him once.

                        "I met with Randy Shannon (in November). At the meeting I asked Randy `Who is your starter?' He said `Robert Marve.' I said `Who is your starter going forward?' He said `Well, Robert is my starter going into the spring.' I said to myself `He kept his starting position through 12 games and can lose his position in the spring and summer? This is unheard of.'"

                        In fairness to Shannon, he never guaranteed Marve that he was permanently Miami's starter for three or four years. No good coach would do that before anybody has played a single game. Shannon simply stated that Marve was his starter "for the season" and Shannon lived up to that declaration with the exception of the two times Marve was suspended.

                        Shannon said that Harris would be given a fair opportunity to compete with Marve from the day Harris landed on campus. And both quarterbacks shared time this year.

                        It is understandable why that scenario might not be very comfortable or palatable for Marve, who started 11 games, or his father, who has the obvious bias of looking out for the interests of his son. But objective observers would note that Marve hardly seized the position with his play on the field and Harris truly does deserve a fair chance to continue competing in the spring and fall.

                        Eugene Marve says his son was particularly upset after the Texas A&M game, where he threw for 212 yards and played well and hoped to have earned permanent starting status. Eugene Marve said that Patrick Nix wanted to give Robert status as the full-time starter at that point but that he was overruled by Shannon, who was adamant about continuing to develop both quarterbacks.

                        Now that the results are in, how can you argue with the performances that Harris had in some games, such as road tests at Duke and Virginia?

                        Eugene Marve added that "(Robert) loved his teammates, stuck his head in there for his team."

                        Marve finished the year throwing for 1,293 yards on 116 of 213 completions with nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions; Harris hit on 93 of 153 passes for 1,001 yards with 10 touchdowns and only six interceptions.

                        Now Marve will be throwing passes for a new team in the spring.

                        "Robert has a fresh start," Eugene Marve said. "We felt that Randy wanted Jacory Harris to start, and Robert was just keeping his seat warm until he got ready to play.

                        "We didn't come here to transfer. It's terrible."

                        Yet Robert Marve has done just that, transferring before even finding out if his greatest fears of a Harris starting nod in 2009 would come to fruition.
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                        • Originally posted by djp4516 View Post
                          Marve is indeed gone. But he's unhappy with the release.

                          Kid is made for a spread offense. If he went somewhere like Mizzou or Oregon it could potentially be scary for his opponents.
                          Oregon is pretty loaded at Quarterback, so I don't see Marve going there. They have five pretty decent quarterbacks, all of them are Freshman or Sophomores. But I agree, he would be great in Eugene.


                          • HE should go TO UMASS!!!!!!
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                            What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


                            • Originally posted by bored of education View Post
                              HE should go TO UMASS!!!!!!
                              Octavious Hawkins>Marve.

                              That is correct comahan
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                              • idk if hes gonna wanna go to Tennesse, because i have a feeling that Kiffen is gonna start landing some Top QB recruits.



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