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    Wow this is a guy I really forgot about but it looks like he's getting a second chance. If he plays up to his potential, he'll really help the young Tennessee secondary.

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    Morely will be a great addition to the secondary. He's a good player, but he just couldn't get his grades up. He was dismissed from the team because of that, so he enrolled in a local community college and focused on his grades. He's gotten his GPA up, and has been accepted back on the team. I'm happy for the guy. He's shown his loyalty and the willingness to work hard for what he wants, so I welcome him back to the team with open arms.

    The only question now is if Eric Berry will stay at SS, where he earned All-SEC honors, or will Morely become the new SS, which is the position he played before he was dismissed. I'd say Berry will move to FS, and I have no doubt that he could be an All-American at FS. And depending on injuries, Berry could end up back at CB. But, I'd say the Vols start the season with a secondary of:

    CB: Brent Vinson*****
    FS: Eric Berry*****
    SS: Demetrice Morely*****
    CB: DeAngelo Willingham****

    Three 5-star players and one 4-star. Don't put too much emphasis on the star system. Just used it to show the relative talent level of the players, according to Rivals. Vinson is still learning the position, but has shown flashes. He'll be much better this year with the experience he has, and an entire summer to work on his craft. I'm curious to see how well Morely plays, and how good of shape he's in. Hopefully he'll be able to start. Willingham is a little sparatic. He stays close to the receiver, but seems to have poor ball skills. He can get beaten deep, though. And Eric Berry is a beast. Period.

    We should have a good secondary, and we have the talent at LB to replace Karl and Mayo. The question is the DLine, and if we can finally put out line to be proud of.
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      He would have in my opinion been the best player on Tennessee last year, so I'm pretty excited for his return.

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        Thats real good news, Morely is a beast and easily gives us the best pair of safties in the nation. Both in my opinion, are going to be first day draft picks in a couple of years, if morely worked that hard in school so he could play again, you know he was staying in good shape too. Our secondary should be pretty solid.
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          Brandon Warren is going to Tennessee.

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