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    what are everyones favorite college football preview magazines?

    i usually buy sporting news & athlon

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    I always get Lindy's ACC preview.


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      Phil Steele always is the best read for me. Tons of info and usually more accurate predictions.
      I'm a state.


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        i just got the Athlon Sports edition. Its really well put together with detailed rankings of each team. They also have a cheerleading section in the back. Which is ballin

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          I also get Street and Smith's. That and Lindy's and Athlon are about all these places offer down here...

          Thanks BoneKrusher! The Sig King!


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            I picked up Athlon's ACC one and Lindy's general one. Couldn't find Phil Steele's but I'll get that when I see one.

            That is correct comahan
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              we all know Rutgers is the best team in the nation, so save your money by knowing this fact.
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              BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
                we all know Rutgers is the best mediocre Big East team in the nation, so save your money by knowing this fact.
                Fixed it for you!
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                  only started getting these last year, but I'm sticking with Steele's...although I might snatch Athlon if Steele isn't around
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                    I really like Athlon, I've bought the Big Ten and National previews the past three years.



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