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QBs who ran the spread in college?

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    Originally posted by etk View Post
    If that's the case, then Matt Ryan and countless other QBs were also "spread QBs".
    That's the thing. Every single team runs at least some spread concepts. Hell, the spread is blowing up at the high school level as well. So I guess the question we have to ask is what makes one college offense any more or less legitimate than another when it comes to preparing a prospect for the NFL. To be honest, the only thing that separates all these spread offenses in college is their run to pass ratio and the type of running that they do out of the spread. Passingwise, there's not a whole hell of a lot of difference between Oklahoma to Texas to Florida to Hawaii.


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      Originally posted by etk View Post
      I thought about Brees, but Purdue is a different kind of spread. Their offense is not very different from what's run in NO...just a 3-4 wide pass heavy offense. When you talk about spread I think of the read option, bubble screens, QB draws, etc.

      Purdue is somewhere in the middle between pro style and spread.
      LOL you are confusing the spread with the spread option which is just a play of the spread.

      The actual spread offense actually became famous because of the school that Drew Brees came from in Purdue. Joe Tiller who just retired this year is considered the father of the spread.

      QBs who came from the spread in the NFL?

      Drew Brees and Kyle Orton from Purdue

      Ben Roethlisberger from Miami Ohio

      Joe Flacco at Delaware

      McNabb and Vick ran the option

      Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to run the USC pro style offense to make it to the NFL



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