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Charles Scott playing FB for LSU?

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  • Charles Scott playing FB for LSU?

    Ridley was working as a first-team tailback for the first two practices of the spring, with Charles Scott sliding into Ridley’s “old” fullback position.


    A lot of people here really liked Scott. Why is he being moved to FB? Unless LSU's FB is different than a normal one...

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    I'll be PO'd if this is a permenate thing. Keiland Williamsand Charles Scott are ridiculously talented and perform well everytime they get a good amount of carries, and Les Miles keeps Fing with success. I'd call him an idiot, but he still wins. I'm begining to believe LSU wins despite Miles rather than because of him.


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      Well Jacob Hester was the "fullback", so if Scott is used like he was, he'll get plenty of carries, and will continue to flourish.
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        Charles Scott played some fullback last year. The only options we have at fullback this year are Scott, Ridley and a true freshman who won't be here until August. It will only make him a better football player because he'll become a better blocker. He is still going to lead the team in carries and score a ton of TDs.

        Also, blocking is easier on the body than rushing. Delivering a blow creates much less wear and tear than receiving one.

        Our primary set is single back, 1TE 3 WR. So he will be the back in that set. When we go I or Big, you could see him at FB.


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          QB - Jordan Jefferson
          RB - Keiland Williams
          RB2/FB - Charles Scott


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            yeah hester was a fb/hb hybrid and had alot of success. He looked good this year too for SD. Maybe LSU is breeding scott for further success in the NFL than just filling him with false hopes of nfl?


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              Charles Scott is my favorite back in college football. I hope this doesn't hurt his production.


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                He'll still be a great prospect for the NFL even if he does play FB all year, but pretty much like everyone said Hester was a FB last year for them and got plenty of carries...LSU has some talented guys in the backfield.

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                  It's a package they ran a little bit last year; he'll still get the ball even as a fullback, it just gives them more options to run the ball when they can have both he and Williams back there.


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                    I'm sure he will play a bit of both.

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                      I should probably clarify what I said, because looking at it now it looks like I said he's moving full-time.

                      He'll still be the #1 as far as I know, there's just a package they're fooling with (that they ran a bit last year) where he slides up a little bit and plays fullback because he's so damn big. It's like an option package or something.

                      LSU runs 3 wide-single back sets about half the time, so the fullback isn't really used all that much to begin with.
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                        Keiland Williams always looks like the best back imo when he gets to play, he must be a lazy practice player or something because he has to be in Miles dog house to not get more pt.


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                          Williams is the best athlete LSU has at running back but he still has problems hitting holes correctly and hard. If he can bounce it outside he's money, because he's big and FAST, but he tends to have problems going north and south.



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