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Who will be the breakout Defensive Lineman of 09?

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    Originally posted by Michigan View Post
    He should play DE. He knows exactly what the quarterback is thinking!!
    He'd be a better DE than he is a QB.


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      Originally posted by JRTPlaya21 View Post
      I'm gonna include two freshman to watch out for. Sheldon Richardson if he's elligible & Devon Kennard if he isn't rusty from the injury.
      unfortunately, I think Sheldon isnt getting in and Kennard is gonna take awhile to get into form.

      If I had to pick a freshman DE, it would easily be Donte Moss. He's gonna see the field right away at UNC.


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        True. That kid is gonna be very good.

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          DE/DT Lamaar Houston from Texas as well.


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            I'll be a homer and say Ryan Van Bergan. By all accounts he looks great this spring, and has already become a vocal leader for the team.


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              Sice everybody picks homer i have two:
              Ethan Johnson (already kinda broken out last season)
              and a suprise for non domer-homers cuz he wasnt that high a recruit
              Kapron Lewis-Moore

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                Originally posted by ToldLikeItIs View Post

                Omar Hunter - Florida
                am i reading this correctly? I CANNOT believe that you didn't list someone from Iowa. I didn't even realize you knew there was football played outside of Iowa.

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                  Originally posted by JRTPlaya21 View Post
                  I'm gonna include two freshman to watch out for. Sheldon Richardson if he's elligible & Devon Kennard if he isn't rusty from the injury.

                  Don't, even if he was 100% healthy he would'nt be starting at DE now that Armondo Armstead has now been moved to DE from DT.


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                    Marvin Austin, UNC

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                      Name a starter for a BCS team and I'm probably pretty familiar with most of the things he brings to the table.

                      I just push my Hawkeyes.

                      Potential Breakout DL??

                      Jared Crick, Nebraska
                      JJ Watt, Wisconsin
                      Omar Hunter, Florida
                      William Campbell, Michigan
                      Mike Daniels, Iowa
                      Armond Armstead, USC
                      Ian Williams, Notre Dame

                      Eddie Jones, Texas
                      Malik Jackson, USC
                      Thad Gibson, Ohio State
                      Ben Martin, Tennessee
                      Marcus Robinson, Miami


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                        Greg Romeus had a pretty good season last year for Pitt (7.5 sacks) but I think he is going to be one of the elite DEs next season. The other Pitt DE Jabaal Sheard is pretty good too.

                        That is correct comahan
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                          Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                          Marvin Austin, UNC
                          I hope so, i want him to beast it out. Good pick.

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                            Allen Bailey can make himself a massive amount of money this year if he starts producing. He's one of the best physical specimen to ever play at Miami and has all the talent in the world.

                            Bowers from Clemson is a man amongst boys and he's the easy pick here.

                            He'll finish with around 10 sacks or so, but that's just because teams will have to understand that you can't single block this guy or he's gonna punish you.
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                              I'll give a homer pick and say Mike Martin from Michigan. I know he was already recognized as a freshman all american by a few places, so you could say he's already broken out. But I think he could have a much better year this year.

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                                Originally posted by TACKLE View Post
                                Jason Worilds already broke out though he won't get drafted that high because of his size.

                                Everson Griffen from USC had a alright season but he should break out with that ridiculous physical ability.

                                There are several guys from The U who could have breakout seasons. They are stacked at DE but the guy to look out for is Marcus Robinson. He's a great natural pass rusher. Also Allen Bailey is moving inside to DT where he should be able to penetrate and use his power to rush the passer. With the DE's and Fortson drawing double teams, Bailey will see a lot of one-on-one match-ups. If Bailey can improve his technique he should be a force in the middle with his freakish abilities
                                The Hurricanes are stacked at end? Other than Robinson who are the other guys. I'm kinda surprised that they are talented enough to push Bailey inside, he was really starting to play very well at the end of last season.

                                I'm gonna go with Buckeye Thad Gibson at DE and LSU Tiger Drake Nevis at DT.
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