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Favorite College Football players from the past..

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    Rodgers. (i get chills thinking about the USC game he almost won for us)

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      I forgot about.

      Ricky Williams
      Kevin Jones
      Marcedes Lewis


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        Damian Anderson
        David Palmer
        Jabar Gaffney
        Tommie Frazier
        Eric Crouch
        Cadillac Williams
        Desmond Howard
        Garrison Hearst
        Adrian Peterson
        Darren McFadden
        Drew Brees

        i could go all day with this.....


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          Originally posted by gpngc View Post
          Funny thing about Charles Rogers is that he scored two touchdowns in his first NFL game...
          I still hold the opinion that if Charles Rogers didn't suffer season-ending injuries 5 games into his first season and 3 plays into his second season, he would be just as good as Andre Johnson. The dude showed amazing potential before his injuries and weed problems. I mean c'mon, 6'3 217 with a 4.28? Those are Calvin measurables.

          Then again, he had weed problems all throughout college, so maybe not...

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            Caddy and Ronnie
            Junior Rosegreen
            Derrick Johnson
            Sean Taylor obviously

            RIP, Sean Taylor.


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              I attended Northwestern State University. For being a small school, it does have some known names attached to it as far as football is concerned (Bobby Hebert, Craig Nall). There were two guys who I loved to watch play while I was there; a RB by the name of Tony Taylor and Terrence McGee. Both of them were electric, had moves on moves and could straight up move. Taylor played a year for Dallas as a PR/KR and McGee spent several years with Buffalo.

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                I was a Cal fan from the time I was a child until I went off to college, so...

                Kyle Boller
                Aaron Rodgers
                Adimchinobe Echemandu
                J.J. Arrington
                Marshawn Lynch
                DeSean Jackson
                Geoff McArthur
                Andre Carter
                Daymeion Hughes

                Reggie McNeal
                Dustin Long
                Martellus Bennett
                Bethel Johnson
                Terrence Murphy

                Non Cal or TAMU guys
                Joey Harrington
                David Carr
                Craig Ochs
                Cody Pickett
                Willis McGahee
                Adrian Peterson
                Dave Ragone
                Onterrio Smith
                Charlie Frye
                Barrick Nealy
                Mike Hass

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                  Dave Ragone, hah that's a great one. I liked him at Louisville too, badly wanted the Dolphins to draft him as I thought he was a sure thing in the NFL at QB. He did win the Euro League MVP one year...


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                    Originally posted by Hollywood View Post
                    Dave Ragone, hah that's a great one. I liked him at Louisville too, badly wanted the Dolphins to draft him as I thought he was a sure thing in the NFL at QB. He did win the Euro League MVP one year...
                    That game when they beat FSU was awesome; so much fun to watch.

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                      Speaking of Louisville QBs...

                      Stefan Lefors.

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                        orlando pace
                        charles woodson (esp vs david boston)
                        courtney brown
                        lavar arrington
                        Andy Katzenmoyer
                        william green
                        kordell stewert
                        warrick dunn
                        peter warrick
                        mike vick
                        adrian peterson
                        roy williams -both of them
                        tommy frazier
                        kelly washington


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                          I loved watching this guy play in college. One of my fave college players for sure.


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                            Charles Woodson

                            Braylon Edwards


                            Some non Michigan players:

                            Ronnie Brown

                            Adrian Peterson

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                            i am literally gonna kick a baby to death!


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                              Watching Brad Smith in college was a treat. When he ran it looked like he was gliding. He didn't look that fast, but no one could catch him. I remember being at the Mizzou/Nebraska game in 2003. Missouri hadn't beat Nebraska in like 30 years. When Smith Lateraled a pass to Darius Outlaw who then threw it back to Smith who ran for a 50 yard touchdown, I thought the place was going to Explode.

                              (1:25 of the vid)


                              Chase Daniel, Jeremy Maclin, Will Franklin, Martin Rucker, Chase Coffman may get the credit for taking the Missouri program to the next level. But Brad Smith is the reason the program is where it is today.
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