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Willie Williams Pro Day?

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    Originally posted by HindSight View Post
    The guy writes about eating lobsters and now you want him on your pro team because the best thing that can be said about him is that he "dominated" some place called Union College?

    Good luck with that

    What the **** is wrong with him writing about eating lobsters?


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      ''You know how it is, those girls are supposed to be there to cheer you up. But I told them, `I ain't no animal, and I ain't going to eat no plant. I'm from Miami. I don't eat that. You farm people are used to it, but not me.'' (After several female hosts, nicknamed the ‘Tigerettes,’ offered him some of their spinach dip)

      God I loved Willie Williams.


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        Originally posted by Hollywood View Post
        What the **** is wrong with him writing about eating lobsters?
        Not a thing. I never said there was.

        But it's pretty much the only thing he did that made him known. He certainly wasn't known for playing football. He couldn't even do anything worth mentioning at friggin Louisville. With the hype that kid had, he should have been the best defensive player in the Big East......and that's not even a hard thing to accomplish. I could probably be top 10.


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          I thought willie williams was like the loch ness monster or the moon landing or Jeff George: just an urban legend
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            I can't see him being drafted... probably invited to a camp, but thats it.
            I mean come on, its Willie Williams


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              I just found this article on YAHOO.


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