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    Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
    For Ole Miss, freshman early enrollee DE Craig Drummond has shown a ton of ability and the coaches think he could make an impact this fall, even with our depth at DE.

    Illinois admissions dropped the ball big time on this one, especially considering Illinois needs more ready big bodies at DE. Drummond is going to be ready THIS season.


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      Anyone have any duck spring stuff?


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        True freshman Vlad Emilien has been practicing with the 1st string defense and has been tearing it up. He might actually start at safety for us. Troy Woolfork has been playing the other safety spot.
        I'm a state.


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          Originally posted by BRAVEHEART View Post

          Impressive showings
          Stafon Johnson
          Curtis Mcneal
          Chris Galippo
          Drew McAllister
          Kevin Thomas

          Not so much
          Everson Griffen (Disciplined, academic reasons)
          Anthony McCoy (Disciplined, academic reasons)
          Joe houston (all-kickers and punters sucked)
          Of course Galippo is going to be impressive he's a beast.. I have a feeling he'll end up being a top 10 pick when he enters the draft if nothing serious like a injury happens.

          Originally posted by Tebowfan85
          too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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            Lots and lots of talk about the DL and its coaching. Many of the DL are praising new coach Jethro Franklin, and are clearly happier with him in as coach. Remarks about Holt are not very good, this seems to be showing up on the field tho, Averell Spicer who was always talented but raw as blown up in his final year and has been great, Griffen after overcoming his academic suspension has been also dominant. Last practice every DL on the team had a sack, with griffen managing 3. Could be just an off day on the OL but.

            Corp seems like the early leader.
            The OL is battling with most players in contention for a job, even with all the starters coming back.
            David Ausberry seems like the no.3 WR as of today.
            LB has been good nothing spectacular but.
            DB have been excellent.


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              Originally posted by OregonDucks View Post
              Anyone have any duck spring stuff?
              Blount has been out with a sprained foot.

              Nate Costa, D.J. Davis, Bo Thran, CE Kaiser, Talmadge Jackson, Willie Glasper, Lamichael James, Titus Jackson and Dominic Glover have all been limited by injuries as well.

              Now healthy, Thurmond has been lights out and back to his '07 form. Kelly said he's the best player on the team right now.

              Jamere Holland has been shining as well, particularly with his catching ability. He no longer appears to be just a track star. Safe to pencil him in on the outside barring injury or unforeseen circumstance.

              Ed Dickson has been dominant. Probably our most NFL-ready player.

              Chris Harper has been practicing exclusively at WR and looks the part much more so than last year. He'll be a matchup nightmare for most teams.

              JC transfer Lavasier Tuinei is skinny as hell but has impressed with his eagerness to finish blocks, and Masoli likes that he can rifle it in high to him. Blocking has always been a big priority for our WR's.

              Tyrell Irvin has been moved from LB to DE, due to abundance and need.

              Nate Costa still looks like a great QB, perhaps even our best. I expect he'll be the primary backup this year if his knee holds up.

              Kelly has changed the pace and timing of practice. They now use 6 minute intervals as opposed to 5, and there's less hitting. He's really stressing speed. He wants to be the fastest team in the nation.

              Kenjon Barner has stepped up nicely at CB in place of Talmadge Jackson/Willie Glasper, who are both limited. He's separating himself from Scott Grady.

              Coach Azzinaro is very loud and much more animated than coach Gray was. The DT's have looked unexpectedly solid thus far. I expect we'll bring better pressure from the middle this year, though bulk is a concern. That's what all those linebackers and man coverage on the outside are for though.

              Holland, James, Thurmond, Barner, Boyett and Peppars have been the guys returning kicks thus far.

              Coach Aliotti has taken over direct responsibility for the SLB's. This is a smart move by Kelly, imo.

              Oh yeah, and if you haven't heard yet, Bellotti is coaching QB's for the spring. Big time emphasis on fundamentals early on. Whoever Kelly plans to bring in is tied up with spring practices right now and didn't want to leave their team hanging like that.


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                Sweet Duckseason! Thanks a lot man. I have really have high hopes for La michael james, and its good to see thurmond doing good. Man I cant eait for the season to start. its a bummer it has to start on that blue field. Thanks again man!


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                  Originally posted by kwilk103 View Post
                  devine 5 carries 168 yds, 2 tds (65yds and 1 yd)

                  That's a pretty decent 33 YPC...


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                    Originally posted by Hollywood View Post
                    That's a pretty decent 33 YPC...
                    PlayStation numbers

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                      Ole Miss scrimmaged yesterday and the defense beat up on the offense. The O had some key players out (3 OL and McCluster), so that had a lot to do with it, but the landsharks are looking very tough. Our OL needs to get healthy because we are still trying to find a set unit since we lost 3 starters from last year.


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                        Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
                        we lost 3 starters from last year.
                        We lost 4 starters after the '07 season. When you lose more than 2, it's going to be much harder, regardless of who steps up.

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                          UM already finished spring practice but some random things I can remember.

                          Oliver Vernon has a good spring, should definitely be in the rotation at DE next year.

                          Mike James got praise from just about everyone, tough runner that always has a big play every practice, great all around back, a lot of hype around him already.

                          Jacory has a lot more zip on his balls than last year, still an average arm though. Aldarius Johnson is down 10 or so pounds from last year, Tommy Streeter and Kendall Thompkins redshirted last year but both had very good springs (Streeter is supposed to have sub 4.4 speed at 6-6, was burning CBs a decent amount through out spring).

                          Starting OL should be Fox/Franklin/Trump/Figueroa/Pipho. Pipho had a good spring, RT was a concern going in, Gunn, Jermaine Johnson, Washington and Symonette should see a good amount of PT as well.

                          Vaughn Telemaque had a very good spring at FS and likely has that spot locked down. Randy Phillips will likely start at SS. Sam Shields made a nice transition to CB from WR and should see PT there. Not a lot of stand outs here (at least not from the practice reports). Robinson/Ojomo/Wesley/Smith/Vernon all got some praise at DE. Didn't hear much of anything from DT, Bailey and Forston are the likely starters there. Spence, Sharpton and McCarthy will probably start at LB, hopefully Arthur can take over for Sharpton at MLB soon though.

                          Was a good spring overall, new OC and DC but both units picked up the playbooks well. A lot of hype about Whipple's new offense. Depth is the best it's been in a while, a lot of the issues the last few years was the lack of depth (especially down the stretch last year).

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                            Texas Spring Game on ESPNU tonight at 8:30 CST


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                              VT is trying to find a back up QB, the offense is looking like it has a ton more depth besides that.

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                                pic of jarrett brown

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