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  • USC LB Michael Morgan

    USC guys, how is he looking?Is he going to start? Has he got his weight up?

    I remember hoping that he would end up at Texas.

    ***Also***one more question, do y'all think Freshman LB Jarvis Jones will play any/much next season or do y'all think he shirts?

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    He will start (barring serious injury)and his wieght is up (but not as much as I'd like only at 225). He's not just one of the fastest LB'rs on the team, but one of the fastest players on the team regardless of posistion (ran in the 4.3 range before the spring and really wowed/surprised his teammates). He said he's slowly adding on weight (wants to stay fast and gain weight naturally) while working out with taylor mays.

    I personally believe this group of USC LB'rs (Malcolm Smith, Chris Galippo, and Michael Morgan) will be better than the last bunch (Clay,Cush,Rey). While they might not be the big hulking LB'rs, they are faster and better in coverage (well, Galippo and Smith atleast). As for Jarvis Jones, nobody would really know right now. He's not at SC yet, so I don't where he's at. My guess is that he'll play as a true fresh, but only play in garbage time (USC is still stacked at LB).



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