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Possible College Gameday Shake-up

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    Thank goodness.
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      Originally posted by Hokie_Pokie08 View Post
      Fowler is the man. I liked him a lot on Gameday. Replacing Corso with Holtz is a huge downgrade and would be a pretty big disappointment from a viewing standpoint.
      Right.... replacing Corso with Holtz, replacing a man with an overactive thyroid condition with an announcer with a speech impediment. Brilliant! <severe sarcasm> Corso is too hyper, true, but I would miss his theatricality & the mascot headgear ritual to finish the broadcast.

      If they actually make these changes it's typical of the decline to the point of circling the drain that ESPN has experienced since the Disney merger.

      Any ESPN suit producer who fires Fowler (points finger & screams: Bad producer! Bad!) or worse, fires Herbstreit s/b taken out behind the bldg. in Bristol & pistolwhipped.

      Any sentence that mentions "ESPN" & "sports journalism" together is listing purely coincidental & unrelated facts. Those guys could eff up a wet dream. Those of you who had their draft coverage inflicted on you know what I mean.


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        Thank god. Seeing Lou Holtz on Gameday would be nauseating

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        LOL props to Paul



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